How much money does the tooth fairy leave?

I seriously forgot how exciting it is to a child to lose their first tooth! Having three older children there was a time it seemed we had a loose tooth in the family every week for months. Now little one is almost six and has her first wiggly tooth. We discovered this over the weekend while she was chewing on crusty bread. 

Her “mom, my tooth hurts when I bite

Me “Which tooth?”

Her pointing to the front one “This one here. Ouch!” 

Me (knowing she has no cavities because we recently saw the dentist) “Oh , maybe it is a loose tooth

Her *dancing and singing* “The Tooth fairy is going to come!!! YAY!” 

You see last year most of her friends started to lose their teeth. She is very tall, but her birthday is end of year, so she is often behind them when it comes to milestones like this. I remember her asking me when she will lose a tooth. She could not wait! Now the time is here and it will be any day. The school has special bags they put the tooth in if she loses it while there. I am hoping it will be a few days still as I am leaving on a work related trip and do not want to miss out on the excitement. 

Since it has been a few years, I am honestly clueless how much a Tooth Fairy should leave. I know it is important to be consistent and I am going to make sure to have some change on hand. This is hard since I use my bank card most days. I asked on Facebook, How much money does the tooth fairy leave? And the answers I got had quite a range. But for the most part $5 for a first tooth and a Twoonie ($2 coin) or Loonie ($1 coin) for every tooth after seemed to be the norm. I even Googled to see How much money does the tooth fairy leave? to get an idea and found this post that is pretty much what I was told when I asked. 

The only down side to this, other than realizing the baby of the family is growing up, is that many parents leave unrealistic amounts for their children. Kids talk and I know the conversation on the playground will be “What did the tooth fairy leave you?”  I am not looking forward to answering why my daughter gets a $2 coin and others get a $20 bill. But this is life and each family is different. 

So tell me, how much money does the tooth fairy leave in your home?



  1. $5 seams pretty fair to me. But I do remember as a kid, and there was always that ONE kid who got some crazy obscene amount….

  2. For us it's $5 for the first and a twoonie for the later ones. I did a poll of some other parents at his daycare when his first tooth was loose, to get an idea of what I was in for.

    When he lost one at Disney he got $2 US and 2 Disney trading pins, because that seemed like a special time.
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