Old Electronics – #WhereAreYoursHiding

Time to fess up, where are you hiding your old electronics? 

Many of us have items from our first apartment, wedding gifts, or just plain out dated electronics. I remember when the DVD player came out. It was the best thing, just like a CD player. Then shortly after, replaced with Blue-rays and video streamers. But those electronics cost a fortune! They may be outdated but they will get used again, some day (that is what I thought). Wrong! So we pack them away and store them for another day. They collect dust, get buried away under boxes and forgotten. Then one day we find them, plug them in and feel like they are ancient and ugly. So now what? 

Recycle them of course!

Dig out your basement, your storage locker and your attic and chances are you will find some old electronics. Once you do , check out the list here to see what can be recycled. Then do your part. Take back your space.


Recycling your end of life electronics with Ontario Electronic Stewardship is great for the environment. It means that fewer old televisions, computers, phones and other devices end up in our landfills. It also means valuable materials like copper and gold can be reclaimed and used for new products.



Did you know that when you recycle your old electronics you are helping families?

At this time to do a treasure hunt to find where all your old electronics may be hiding around the house. Once you’ve put them all in one place, visit RecycleYourElectronics.ca to find out where to drop them off.

So tell me, where are yours hiding?

This is the second in three posts. Watch for the third soon!

Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by recycleyourelectronics.ca All opinions are my own


  1. I did not know this. I probably have a few electronics that could be recycled.

  2. Florence C says

    Lots of old electronics in my house to be recycled. The problem is my husband is a bit of a hoarder.

  3. I am a huge purger! I don't hold onto a lot of stuff! I hate clutter and get rid of it ASAP! I either put it out on the curb (non garbage day!) and its gone by morning or take it to my local Bibles for Missions store and donate it!
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  4. touristmeetstravel says

    I've got a couple of electronics that could be recycled.

  5. MapleMouseMama says

    I recently learned of the various Stewardships Ontario has for recycling and I must admit I am impressed and love it! I hate clutter and having things hang around forever (unlike the hubby) so in the coming weeks we will be utilizing the Ontario Stewardships quite a bit..
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  6. babystylista says

    I'm embarrassed to say we either keep them in storage or give them away. I've recycled a few electronics items but not enough to say I made a difference, sadly. It really helps when you can find a recycling depot specifically for electronics conveniently located in the city. That has helped us a ton!
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  7. mamanloupsden says

    I am very VERY insistent on correctly disposing of our old electronics, and I use this site and refer people to it regularly! Nothing enrages me more the TVs left on the side of the road in my neighbourhood 🙁

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