How Parents are keeping Informed by Ontario College of Teachers

We have four children each at different levels in their education. One daughter who is in her third year of college, two boys in high school and our youngest who is in grade one. Each child is at a different stage in their life and a very different level in their education. So of course their teachers are all very different. When I sit back and think about this, I start to wonder how teachers prepare for different ages, grades and subjects. I also started to wonder what qualifications they needed. But where would I look for this info? I guess I could just ask them, but I think it would be much easier to research and learn more on my own in the comfort of my home. Plus they will not be looking at me thinking I am all crazy for asking.

I know there is no way I am the only mom who has thought about this. If you would like to know more about the teachers in your child’s schools you can sign up for The Standard – A free electronic newsletter for parents.

Information included in the e-newsletter:

– Discover College services that help you learn more about teacher qualifications.

– Read about how the College works to ensure high standards in education.

– Be the first to see College reports on trends in education.

– Learn about changes in education legislation.

Did you know teachers who wish to teach in Ontario’s publicly funded elementary or secondary schools must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers? Prospective teachers must first complete a teacher education program in Ontario and then apply to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.

As parents we should know more about the people who are spending so much time with our children, who are influencing them. Wouldn’t you agree? 

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Members of the Ontario College of Teachers (teachers) are committed to professional development even after becoming a teacher. Ongoing professional learning is an integral part of teaching. The profession’s standards reflect the expectation that all members will participate in ongoing learning. Adding to professional knowledge enhances teaching practice, which improves student learning.

Each year, thousands of Ontario teachers engage in a wide range of learning activities that help members expand their knowledge, increase their skills and prepare for career changes. Many valuable courses and opportunities are offered by universities, colleges, , principals’ organizations, school boards, subject organizations and community organizations.

It is great that they keep up to date and are constantly learning new ways to reach our children. The world around us is changing and growing so it is important they do as well!

When there is a teacher who excels the Ontario College of Teachers highlights them in their official magazine Professionally Speaking. The magazine features stories and videos of some great teachers. Being a teacher is one of the most important positions anyone can have. Influencing the generations to come and molding our children.

Because of that I was happy to see the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession are:

● Care

● Trust

● Respect

● Integrity

I think it is safe to say that the teachers who are in our children’s school are definitely qualified. Our family has been blessed over and over with teachers who go above and beyond making our school and my child’s classroom a great place to be!

Sign up for the newsletter and get informed. Knowledge is power after all!


Disclosure- This post is brought to you by Ontario College of Teachers as part of Main Street Creative. All opinions expressed are my own


  1. I'm definitely always curious to know more about my daughter's teachers. I want to sign up for this newsletter! Is there a link?
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  2. I've never been more curious than this year, we have a new principal and it feels like the school is on lock down. Everytime I go in, I feel like I am being swiftly ushered back out. Thanks for the info

  3. What a fabulous resource! Its the nephew’s first year to school ever, which has left us all concerned if the school is right, are the teachers okay, etc. I never knew that The Standard existed, but it totally makes sense and will be checking it out now. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  4. massholemommy says

    That is just awesome. We should know who our kids are spending THAT much time with!!

  5. I wish my son's school would keep us more informed. The things that are going on these days are scary and I would love a more open line of communication with the Principal.

  6. Sounds very informative. All of my kids are in elementary school. We're happy with their teachers.

  7. I wish we had something like this here in the states. If they do, I have no idea about it.

  8. Shop with Me Dad says

    oh yes, I love knowing about the people who are teaching my precious treasures! This sounds like a great resource!

    Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

  9. I wonder if there is anything like this here in the USA? It sounds like it would be a great resource.

  10. Thanks for the information. We are in a good situation here which I'm happy about. I'll share your post!
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  11. I have been grateful to have great teachers for my son. Sounds like a great newsletter to stay informed.

  12. It is such a necessity to be in constant contact with teachers. These are our babies, we have to know how they're doing.

  13. casavilorainteriors says

    i am not sure if there is such an organization here in the US, but there needs to be.

  14. This is really a good service. Knowing about your child's teacher is so important.

  15. Does the US have this? I dont have any kids (I have a nephew) but this would be great if he had it in his school!

  16. Not only are they qualified but their going above and beyond really shows how dedicated they are to their students.

  17. Wow, that desk picture takes me back to school! Of course I'd want to know what a teacher qualified to teach my kids!
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  18. ericabuteau says

    Members of the Ontario College of Teachers appear to be really committed to education and their students. Thanks for sharing this great information!

  19. It's always good to know what your child will face with a new teacher. Finding details from a legitimate source is much better than the rumor mill and gives parents the chance to know how to approach and talk with their kid's instructor.
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  20. Having high rated teachers that care about students is my top priority too! Glad that folks in Ontario are taking the steps to ensure this!

  21. thechattymomma says

    This is great. There's something comforting about knowing more about your children's teachers.
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  22. The newsletter sounds very helpful. It can be tough being a parent or a teacher!
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  23. A fellow Canadian! I loved reading about this…there were some facts I didn't even know!

  24. Debbie Denny says

    This is great. Wonderful to get information.

  25. That is a great resource, wow you have them at a lot of different stages in their lives! That seems like a lot to keep fresh on!
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