Recycle your electronics! It is worth it! #WhatsInsideYours

Back in the day if someone said recycle your television many of us would have thought they were joking. Or maybe if you are like me, visions of a fish bowl TV would come to mind. I personally am big on recycling at home, but never really thought about my electronics. Usually my blue box is over filled with cardboard, bottles and glass. Where would I recycle them? What would they do with them anyway?


Having a tech savvy family we are always updating electronics and adding to our collection. For years we had old cell phones, computers, printers and other items just sitting in the shed. Sitting there waiting for a place to put them. We knew they were not meant to go into the garbage, but we had no idea we could recycle them. These electronics contain valuable materials such as gold, copper and other rare metals. I recently learned recycling your electronics helps ensure fewer of these materials are taken out of the earth.

What’s inside your old electronics that may be valuable?

Take an inventory of everything you’re sitting on, including all the rare metals. Then visit to find out where to drop it off.

Recycle Your Electronics is an Ontario-based service and web resource that enables address and postal code look up for where and how in a convenient manner. Most people know Ontario’s electronic waste (e-waste) diversion program as, operated by Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES).

Why recycle your electronics?

Recycling your end of life electronics with Ontario Electronic Stewardship is great for the environment. It means that fewer old televisions, computers, phones and other devices end up in our landfills. It also means valuable materials like cooper and gold can be reclaimed and used for new products.

Turning in out-of-use electronics for reuse helps families and kids who could otherwise not afford them.

There is no charge for dropping off items at an OES-approved collection site or event. 

Take a look around your house and see what electronics can be recycled. As cool as the old Fish Bowl TV is, wouldn’t you want to see your electronics put to better use?

This post is part one of a three part series. Watch for the next two posts here soon!


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  1. Masshole Mommy says

    This is so much better than throwing them away! We have places to recycle old phones around here, but that’s about it.

  2. We always make sure to do this and there's SO many people who don't realize that this can be done. I see so many people put out electronics in their trash when they could be recycling them through this program.

  3. What a great program! I never know what to do with old electronics – they just pile up.

  4. Yes, we try to recycle all gadgets we aren't using.
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  5. Amber Edwards says

    we have been working to clean out the house and we have a lot of electronics that need to be recycled. I love that there are programs like this!

  6. My husband uses my old cellphone to listen to music on since he lost his iPod. We do try to actually recycle as many electronics as we can. I hate to think of the digital LANDFILL! Blah!

  7. jennifer378 says

    What a great thing, I love to recycle anything that I can. I will share this with my husband, he works in IT so they have lots of electronics to get rid of.

  8. We recycle whatever we can! I even try to donate our older electronics that still work too.

  9. Great ideas, love the t..v. the old saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure!
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  10. mistywright271471215 says

    How cool. Now I'm curious about all of my old electronics.
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  11. katrinagehman says

    I have a few that could probably to something with instead of just throwing away. very cool.

  12. What a great way to recycle your old electronics. I love knowing they are going to those who could use them and couldn't have them otherwise.

  13. I've never thought about them being donated off to lower income families! what a great, easy way to give back!
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  14. We've just recently started recycling. Never thought about recycling our old electronics though. This is very helpful as we have a few old cell phones and a couple of old computers that have been sitting in storage forever! Great to know we have a place to take them at no cost.

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  15. I just keep storing them in my garage and dooming my poor car to a life outdoors. It's good to know what you're supposed to do with all of that stuff.
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  16. Can I just say I'm totally showing this to my husband now!! He refuses to get rid of the old electronics. They are piled high in the garage. He'd so go for this though, and I'd have a clean garage! 😉

  17. This is super cool. I did not know it existed.

  18. Jenna Wood says

    We are always looking for free electronics recycling days near us- there is one sponsored by Walgreens coming up soon in our area. While we have reverted mostly to rechargeable batteries, we seem to accumulate old cell phones quickly.

  19. This is such a better way of getting rid of electronics you don't need. I think they had something like that similar in my area.
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  20. This is a great post – thanks for sharing the info! I always know that we can recycle our electronics but never know exactly where and how, so they just all accumulate! Definitely will be recycling them when we gather them all up after our big clean up this weekend.

  21. It is great that old electronics can be recycled! I have so many old ones that I didn't know what to do with! Thanks for the post! It is really nice that these things are reusable!

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