Stuffed with Nothing but Thanksgiving Delight


Green bean casseroles, mashed potatoes and the mouth-watering 15-pound turkey that sits in the centre of your dinner table. Eyes are glued and forks are ready. Let’s face it, the turkey isn’t the only thing that will be stuffed this Thanksgiving weekend.

With all the deliciously savory meals coming this October, it’s only natural for your friends and family to want to empty their plates. But while taste buds may be overjoyed, there is nothing worse than a bad case of indigestion, heartburn and bloated discomfort to ruin the rest of your evening. That’s why Diovol Liquid™ and Ovol™ softgels are ideal to prepare you and your guests for Thanksgiving feasts and overstuffed bellies.


Diovol Liquid™ acts as a neutralizer and buffer to counter all excess stomach acid that leads to heartburn and indigestion. Handy for all you or your guests, this antacid comes in mint, tropical fruit and aluminum-free.

For a similar fast-relief solution, Ovol™ is also available for those wanting to specifically target abdominal pain and discomfort caused by gas. This means you can combat the unbearable feeling of being over-stuffed or bloated, and more importantly, not regret that one extra slice of pumpkin pie you had after dinner.

Avoid the hassle and discomfort of a stubborn stomach. This year, don’t be distracted by the funny noises your stomach makes and let your family do all the talking.

Share the spirit of giving thanks. 



Disclosure- This post is brought to you by Church & Dwight Canada


  1. This is great! We love all the yummy Thanksgiving foods just not the tummy issues after.

  2. hmrcarlson says

    I have lived off of Diovol during reflux flare-ups and have found it to work well.

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