Things Not to Complain about When Traveling & what is worth Mentioning #Travel


Have you ever been on a trip where everything felt like it was going wrong? It rained the entire time, you forgot to pack a jacket, the wait staff was rude, an exhibit you really wanted to see wasn’t open? It happens to all of us. As soon as one thing starts to go wrong it’s easy to see a domino effect start to happen. Before you know it your travels are complete and you’re going home with nothing but a bad experience to share.

Before you bemoan the misfortune you’re encountering it can help to take a step back and assess whether or not it’s truly worth complaining about. For example, a long weekend to the northeast to see the fall colors is perfect in theory. But, if it rains all weekend or the leaves haven’t changed colors yet should you complain? Of course not! What’s the adage –making lemonade out of lemons?

There’s always a certain degree of risk when you travel and keeping a positive perspective about what can go wrong will help you minimize negative outcomes.

Here are a few things that you should reconsider complaining about;

The weather. Sure it might not be ideal but that’s subjective! Plan for the worst, hope for the best and make do with whatever Mother Nature sends your way!

Things outside staff control. Did you make a reservation at a restaurant or hotel only to find out there was an error? Instead of berating the person greeting you, who more than likely had nothing to do with the mix up, use kindness to help come up with a resolution.

Last Minute Cancellations. Things happen. Sure, it can throw a wrench in your plans but often times we’re not privy to the reasons for cancellations. Perhaps there was an emergency or things weren’t up to par for your visit. Roll with the punches and find a new plan.

However, there are some situations where it makes sense to speak up. Be judicious with how and when you do this and always make sure you’re addressing the appropriate person.

Poor Customer Service. If you receive poor service than you should let the persons supervisor or manager know what happened. Avoid pointing fingers but let them know the events and how they failed to meet your expectations.

Dangerous Situations. If you have a food allergy for example and have given advance notice and were assured that the food would be safe for you to eat, however once it arrives you find otherwise then you need to speak up. Likewise if you are staying in a hotel or are on a cruise and discover a staff member (or guest!) is too aggressive or threatening then you need to alert the proper authorities.

Above and Beyond Normal Delays or Issues. There are times when one thing after another goes wrong. For example your plane is delayed, and then you discover that there’s not enough seats, you are bumped off the flight without any type of compensation or vouchers for food or hotels. This would be an example of where a breakdown happened and it should be conveyed to supervisors and customer service representatives.

Chances are the more flexible you are, the more likely you will be not only to have a great time while traveling but when issues do arise you will be able to work with people in a way to get things back on track without skipping a beat!

Do you have a travel story to share of a time you had to complain?


  1. Just keep a positive attitude and don't think they are just doing it to peeve you off

  2. Oh goodness, yes. We've been there. Twice on our last vacation our airline overbooked and wanted people to give up their seats. It was horrible.
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  3. This is a great post. There are things to complain about and things to let go. When I travel, unless it's something dire, I just let everything slide. I'm there to relax, not mix it up.
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  4. I have done a lot of traveling but have always been fortunate to not have any horror stories. Now that i have said that i bet my next trip will be filled with mess ups.

  5. Way too many people complain about the weather or things which are just out of anyones control. You need to let this stuff slide, and perhaps travel more since these people are way too stressed! lol

  6. I don't really have any complaints that weren't resolved in a timely manner. I kind of just go with the flow on vacation.

  7. Amber Edwards says

    I think just being the most positive through any situation is bound to help reduce the stress with hishaps happen while traveling. I think it also makes it so people want to help you out more and get you what you need a lot more thoroughly than the one who is having the melt down and yelling and pointing fingers at others for the mishap. Great ideas!

  8. I would most certainly speak up if I had bad service. Thank God my vacations have all been wonderful.

  9. Been there yes! Then I look at hey I am away – a nice break from the mundane life.
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  10. Hate trips like that. I always say it will get better the next day and it always ends up being a trip from…. well you know.

  11. Great tips! Yes, poor customer service should ALWAYS be reported. You summed it up perfectly. Don't sweat the small stuff!
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  12. great tips. I agree that some of those are things to not complain about. most of those you can't control anyways so why not jsut enjoy your trip and make the best of it. thanks for the reminder!
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  13. jennifer378 says

    Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when it all seems to be going wrong. I try but I am human!

  14. While I don't have a travel story of my own I do understand the need for being flexible! Flexible AND kind. I've noticed that during any sort of issue, approaching it with a positive, kind attitude has gotten me quite a bit further than the alternative.

  15. Great post! My rule of thumb is never complain. If it's something important, I'll politely bring it to someone's attention. But I never complain. No one likes it when someone puts up a stink.
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  16. It's a bit of a 'pick your battles' deal, right? On 1 hand… TRAVEL FUN… why make a little thing like rain make it a bummer, right?

  17. Yes, always being positive and upbeat will make the trip seem wonderful even if bad things to happen.
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  18. Danielle Stewart says

    Often if you focus only on what's going wrong…you just get more of it. If you can just take it as it is, and move on…the whole experience improves greatly.

  19. springmount6pack says

    I never have really had any bad room service on a vacation, and I'm so thankful for that.

  20. Catherine S says

    Thanks for the great post. I have had my share of not so great vacations. I just try to keep a positive attitude and be glad I am not back home at work.

  21. Weather does play a part in enjoying vacation but hey you gotta deal what you have been given and make the most it.

  22. bonniegowen says

    Yes everytime we try to do anything it never turns out right. We just make the best of it.

  23. These are such good points! I hate when people complain the whole time they travel!

  24. ninasaysblog says

    I am so guilty of complaining about service. I really need to stop that.
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  25. vegetarianmamma says

    These are great things to keep in mind when traveling. I hope to be traveling soon.

  26. Regarding about dangerous situations (food allergies), when traveling, I suggest carrying a first aid kit that includes the anti-allergic medicines if you already know you have the risk of eating those food that are not in "good terms with your body." My mom is always complaining so we're getting more flexible and adaptable now during travels.

  27. makeupbylaurag says

    I always speak my mind when I have bad service. My husband hates that about me.

  28. You always have to be flexible. I always like to say something good to the staff because most are overworked and under appreciated.

  29. Great Tips Here

  30. I love the info here

  31. Agree! I always think of the weather as part of the experience and that we're lucky to get the unique conditions

  32. Erica @ Healthy Family Matters says

    Good travel tips. Sometimes emotions take over when something on the "perfect vacation" you've planned goes wrong but you still need to keep cool and enjoy yourself.

  33. Great list! I hate when people complain about the weather on a trip, like we can change it!
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  34. Yes, I agree. You got to know how to pick your battles.

  35. Rebecca Swenor says

    Great list of things not to complain about. It is the best to thing to do expect the worst but think the best. Positive brings positive and negative brings negative.

  36. weather is a biggie….nobody can control it.

  37. seasidemermaid says

    This reminds me of a fun, yet hectic cruise I went on back in May. My trip went more smoothly when I went to management since I was getting charged for things I wasn't supposed to get charged for. Also, some of the staff was downright rude. 🙁

    HilLesha O'Nan

  38. Aww.. been there.. But I tried to enjoy the trip despite the bad things happened! 🙂

  39. So far all my trips have been wonderful and the hotel staff is amazing. I don't really complain, but when I do, it become's right fast. I always plan for not so great weather when I travel in the fall or winter.

  40. MommyPehpot says

    I never complain during our travel, I believe that every misfortune or mishaps is an added experience to our travel 🙂

  41. Planning when it comes to travel is very crucial – taking into consideration of anything that could happen – even by bringing medications just in case you get sick of a family member does, etc.
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  42. there's a difference between a vacation and a trip. if all went to crap on a vacation I"d be upset…. On a trip, I kind of expect it lol
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  43. Great article. I’m gearing up for a trip to Disneyland with my family and in-laws and I’m nervous about my mil, but that’s not something I can complain about so like you said, I need to roll with the punches. 🙂

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