5 Best UK Road Trips

One of my must see places to visit is the United Kingdom. Having family from England I have always wanted to travel to UK. I have been interested in history and culture and food for years. What other place would you find all of that? Add in the family ties and I know this would be the perfect destination for me. The United Kingdom is the 22nd-most populous country, with an estimated 64.1 million inhabitants. 

While thinking about my future trip and planning I think themed roads trips would be fun. The following 5 Best UK Road Trips are geared towards themes I think fit the area perfectly. If you fly in you can start your road trip with a rented car. With cheap car rental Edinburgh airport is a great starting point.


Country side

Rolling hills and winding roads make for the perfect road trip setting. Let the top down and enjoy the country side. The rural escapes with its patchwork hills, dramatic dales, ancient woodlands and winding country roads. Take in the scenery and all the beautiful castles along the way. A step back in time mixed in with live stock and simpler times. 

Castle viewing

I have been told you do not need to go far to see a real genuine castle. Many have disappeared and many are now in ruins. A castle is a type of fortified structure, developed in Europe during the Middle Ages. Typically, a castle was the residence of a feudal lord, providing the owner with a secure base from which to control his lands, and also a symbol of wealth and power. Mapping out the castles and visiting them all would be a history filled route to visit. 


I think seeing Royalty is on many peoples to do list when visiting the area. You an take self guided tours, walking tours or guided tours. What ever fits into your schedule and interests, there is sure to be something great. There is more to Royalty in England and the United Kingdom than the Royal family itself. Themed Royalty tours can include residences of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry V, Henry VIII, Richard II, Queen Victoria, Edward VI and VII, George VI, Jamestown, Virginia, the Wesleys and Methodism, Quakers and William Penn. 

Food lovers 

I know many think UK and do not think food,. However my grandmother who was born and raised in UK was an amazing cook. I love so many foods from my families heritage. Traditionally based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish and generally served with potatoes and one other vegetable. The most common and typical foods eaten in Britain include the sandwich, fish and chips, pies like the cornish pasty, trifle and roasts dinners

The Ocean side

England also has shores on the Irish Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Pack a picnic and smell the ocean air. With mild temperatures you can spend hours discovering the coastline. Watch the boats and wildlife while enjoying this unique atmosphere. 

What road trip would you choose?


  1. I am all about the castles! I can't wait to go explore the UK
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  2. My sister took a tour of the UK last year, visiting the home of our ancestors and meeting distant family for the first time. Along the way, she toured and say Buckingham Castle, ate and drank like a regular

  3. Teresa Claire says

    My Mum is from England. She met my Dad there while he was training with the Canadian military. She came to Canada in 1963. I would love to go to the UK because I have so many relatives that I have never met before. Making a road trip out of it is such a great idea!!

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