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My family loves books! They are very visual and love to see big colourful pictures along with stories and information. My dad is into how to books where my boys love to read about sports, music and pop culture. My oldest loves recipes and tips on cooking where my youngest is just starting to read. She loves easy to read print with big pictures. A little bit of every book you can imagine, is what we as a family love. 

Every year I try to get each of them a new book for the holidays. Sometimes I even find something for myself.


For the busy mom in your life the you can get the Mom’s Family Calendar that has large spaces to write everything your family needs daily. This 17 month calendar has a fridge magnet for phone numbers and emergency information as well as two sheets of stickers. Finally a fun way to organize the family day to day. Each month has a cute colourful cartoon picture themed for the month. There is also an envelope for coupons and any stray noted you may need to keep handy. 



It’s the super calendar for super moms. Mom’s Family combines the usefulness of a planner with Sandra Boynton’s funny, colorful, and energetic animal illustrations. The generous, ingeniously designed grids allow parents to see what each family member is doing every day of the month. Add a lively crew of silly chickens, tumbling cats, marching reindeer, and befuddled frogs, and it’s total Boynton charm.

This calendar is $17.99 and found in store and online at bookstores everywhere. 

A few books I picked out for the family are below

Peanuts: A Scanimation BOOK  Good grief, the gang’s all here! Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Sally, and, of course, Snoopy—these cherished characters from the most popular comic strip of all time meet the magic of Scanimation.

Ten memorable scenes—in clear and colorful Scanimations, with smooth-flowing, detailed images—are brought to life in the book, each accompanied by the inspiring words of wisdom from Charles M. Schulz that make PEANUTS so special. Charlie Brown runs to launch his kite, with the caption “Sometimes there are things you just can’t resist doing.” Snoopy does his happy dance: “To dance is to live.” Lucy skips rope: “Life is more than just lying around.” Plus Schroeder plays the piano, Snoopy battles the Red Baron, Sally dances with Linus, and Charlie Brown tries to kick—and of course, as he will for all eternity, misses—the football.

This book is a must have for Peanuts fans everywhere! Each image moves as you turn the page creating the look or animation. Full of fun, memorable scenes every fan will remember. This book retails for $18.95 and is available at all major Canadian retailers. 

peanuts pics

Loom Magic Creatures $16.50

From the authors of bestselling titles Loom Magic! and Loom Magic Xtreme! comesLoom Magic Creatures!: 25 Awesome Animals and Mythical Beings for a Rainbow of Critters. According to the New York Times, Rainbow Looms are the hottest trend on the market, and it is continuously growing in popularity. New and crazy designs are being created every day, and now you can astound all of your friends with these fun and wacky critters.

This book is great for getting all those creative juices flowing again. So many kids have their looms just sitting there collecting dust, bored of the same old same old. This book is sure to inspire your child to bring out their rainbow loom and start using it again. 

For busy parents or people who love to cook there is 

How to Cook Everything Fast  $45.00

The secret to cooking fast is cooking smart—how you choose and prepare your ingredients and make use of your time in the kitchen. In How to Cook Everything Fast, Mark Bittman’s latest innovative, comprehensive, must-have culinary reference, he shows how anyone can spend just a little time cooking and be able to make 2,000 innovative recipes that are delicious, varied, exciting, made from scratch, and ready in anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. The new kitchen counter reference for the modern cook.

My youngest who is loving to learn to read, I have found this great book

The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie $24.99

Sweetie Pie escapes the confines of his hamster cage (and several insufferable owners) to find a new home in the wild. Another instant picture book classic from two-time Caldecott-winner Chris Van Allsburg.

All of these books will make great gifts this holiday season! Thomas Allen & Son Ltd is a Canadian distributor with books from leading publishers throughout USA and UK. Their books are affordable and great quality

Do you know someone who would love one of these books?



  1. I would love to get the Peanuts book! Love Peanuts so much!

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