Create an art Gallery on your walls with Canon PIXMA PRO printer

Do you have amazing pictures of your family, your trips and your memories just sitting in your camera, or computer? Images you have never done anything with, because you just are not sure what to do with them? I love taking pictures of my children and their milestones and our fun family vacations. Until recently, I was never inspired to do much with them. Now, after seeing the possibilities I am so excited to print them and display them for all to see. 


Design & DIY Expert Leigh-Ann Perrault says, “Creating a collage wall to display personal photography is the ultimate way to celebrate some of life’s most memorable moments and add a unique personality to any space” See how a few tips & tricks along with a PIXMA PRO printer can help you make it happen at today!

The PIXMA PRO Printer is the quintessential tool for the professional photographer that gives you the ability to print the images you captured with your Canon EOS Digital SLR, exactly as you envisioned it.

Isn’t that amazing! Now that you are inspired what are you going to print out and display?


  1. Ok I LOVE this idea. This would mean that I could actually change up our family feature wall

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to change my collage wall!

  3. I've been meaning to create something like this for far too long. I need to put this on priority!

  4. This would be perfect for my new family room!
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  5. Printer importance are increasing day by day.

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