Cut back on Food waste with the #GLADFreshFoodChallenge

Having three children at home, two being growing teen boys, my grocery bill is huge! I buy double what I use to weekly just to feed these children who are growing so rapidly. Even when they were younger they always had a great appetite. For the longest time I would try to budget my meals and stick to the small packs that were not really made for big growing families. Then eventually after eating, my children would be looking for more dinner, I knew I needed to cook more. Often this means cooking more than they will eat, but at least once dinner was done, it was done. Leftovers can always be warmed up and eaten later that night or the next day. Eating leftovers and wrapping foods properly saves money and time.

Working from home I often have the leftovers myself for lunch. Way easier to warm something up than cook a new meal. Last week I put GLAD to the test and found I needed to use cling wrap daily. GLAD has been in my home since I was a child and is a product we trust and count on.


On the weekend we have big meals that feed us all and have plenty of leftovers for days after. Great for sandwiches and quick meals. I cooked a roast beef with veggies, potatoes and gravy. 


I cooked lots so there was plenty to wrap up and put away for later. GLAD has so many products to help with all my food storage needs.


Another day I cooked a ham. It was so good for sandwiches the next day. Great for the kids lunches. 


GLAD has a great selection of sandwich bags, storage bags and freezer bags to use along side with their wraps. 

Of course we sill buy sandwich meat. When needing to wrap the lunches up in a hurry, sandwich bags are great. Easy to seal and re-usable. 



We eat a lot of chicken and potatoes. One night we had baked chicken with mashed potatoes with lots of leftovers. As you can see below I stored the leftovers in different containers and had no problem getting the GLAD Press’ N Seal to stick.



One evening we had homemade burgers and they were so good! I prepared extra patties to be cooked the next day. Sealing them to keep in the fridge was safe and odorless with GLAD. 



Some nights life gets busy and we all eat something different. I had some sauces in the cupboard and wanted to make my dinner a bit spicy. Nobody else likes spicey. So I cooked up boneless, skinless chicken breast, added the sauce with some white rice. I enjoyed a yummy meal with lots left over. I think it is impossible for me to not cook more than needed. Again I found I was putting GLAD to the test. 


There was raw chicken left that I wanted to freeze. I used the freezer bags to put it away for future use. 


Dinner was very tasty and flavourful with garlic mango curry sauce and rice. 


Again I had lots to set aside for the next day. 

I was very happy to have so many options on hand for sealing food and storing for later. Whether it was the next day or two days later, all foods tasted fresh and great. 

I bet many of you face similar issues when it comes to cooking for your family. Nobody wants to have food waste. That just does not help the grocery budget. You can see the GLAD products I used above and more at These items helped cut back on our food waste.

GLAD is also on Facebook, check them out

Have you tried GLAD lately? How do you cut back on food waste? 


Disclosure- This post was brought to you by GLAD, all opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. Grace Hodgin says

    I do like Glad products and can tell a difference in their quality over other brands. I didn't know they had a press and seal so will have to find that at the supermarket.

  2. LOVE these products. We use the cling wrap for travel, using it on the toilets in the hotels too! LOL
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  3. I love using Glad products for my leftovers. They make it so easy!

  4. Food waste is a constant battle for us also. Seems like we end up throwing away over 10% of our leftovers.
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  5. 1heart1family says

    Glad is my go to product of choice! Not only do they work well but they are tough and durable!

  6. massholemommy says

    I will have to try this. We waste WAY too much food in our house.

  7. We freeze meat (after buying in bulk.) We also eat a lot of leftovers. We try not to allow our meals to go to waste.

  8. I have Glad plastic wrap in my kitchen and I use it all the time! I can't stand wasting food!
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  9. I use Glad bags in my kitchen all the time to store leftovers. I hate wasting food so I do everything I can not to.

  10. We love glad. I use a ton of Freezer bags. Buy bulk and save.

  11. We love glad products! Seriously so heavy duty and last!

  12. Love Glad bags. I am totally against food waste and will use whatever needed to save the food! Yay! Thanks for the great review and Glad Fresh Food Challenge.
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  13. I love Glad products. We use the freezer bags often when we buy meat in bulk.
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  14. Glad is our go to for food saving! I love their regular plastic wrap, though I have had a little difficulty with the Press N Seal in the past. I'd be willing to give it another try though!
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  15. I am always trying to not waste food. Just wish the husband was better about eating leftovers.
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  16. So cool that Glad blocks the odor. Nothing worse than a smelly fridge.
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  17. I use a lot of Glad products. They are always cheaper than Ziplock here and they are better than store bought. Usually aren't much more expensive. For some foods I can wash the Glad bag and use it again. I try to reuse as much as possible.

  18. I like that it really sticks. It's so annoying when a wrap easily and instantly comes loose.
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  19. I love when a product saves you from wasting food! Glad is always a great product to have
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  20. I love Glad products. So handy and helpful.

  21. The Harried Mom says

    I love Glad Press and Seal – I use it all the time here. It works so well!

  22. This sounds like a great challenge! With our big family, we would love to cut out food waste!

  23. We’ve used glad for years. It works great for leftovers.

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love Glad products. They are great quality and I know that I am getting a great product when I buy it.

  25. KiwiTheBeauty says

    GLAD is an awesome brand. In love with their cling wraps!
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  26. I would be totally lost without my Glad products in the house! We always have leftovers and I am always baking something that needs to be stored. We go through a lot of press and seal!

  27. I love Glad products. I feel better knowing I'm not wasting food and keeping it fresh longer.

  28. Glad is my go to! We buy the freezer bags and freeze our leftovers.

  29. I have not bought Glad brand in ages, but when I used to they were the best for sure. I save and use up our leftovers here. Sometimes we just have a left over night, sometimes I use it for lunches. Great post and great campaign to share!
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