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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of visiting Washing D.C. for the first time ever. I was very excited and somewhat nervous. I had no idea what to expect of this city but had so many ideas in my head being such a well known location and all. A quick drive from the airport and I was at my hotel located right in the heart of the action. Walking distance to many major attractions including the White House. 

First impressions make the biggest impact on me when traveling. I was thrilled to walk into this elegant and historic building with a huge entrance way and super tall ceilings. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was lively, energetic and hip and very modern since it has so much history (I looked up the hotels history before arriving). With a roof top restaurant, living room (community lounge in lobby) and another restaurant on the main level, this great spot went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. Every detail from the secured elevator to the complimentary coffee maker and pods in my room were appreciated and made my stay great. 

The decor throughout the building was beautiful and somewhat fancy, I felt like a princess in my castle.

A great view from the rooftop terrace allows you to look over at the White House and the Washington Monument. 


During a social cocktail hour we were able to see the president land on the front lawn. It was dark, but very exciting.  The view was breathtaking and will always be remembered. 

Dinner with a view #travel

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My room was great with lots of space to move around and store my stuff. A huge bathroom with shower (no tub), a lounge chair and huge King sized bed. There was also a desk, mini bar and lots of snacks that could be purchased. Of course I ordered room service too! Having a big family it is not very often I have a bed to myself. I wish I took more advantage of the big comfy bed but I stayed over on my side like hubs or the kids were there. Makes me laugh that I do that 🙂




With 317 rooms and WiFi in room and throughout the hotel, this is a great spot for business and pleasure. The small touches like this lamp in my room were great. Really fit in with the theme of the location. The bits of purple in the rooms were a pretty touch.


Built in 1917 across the street from the White House, the Historic D.C. Hotel, Hotel Washington was the closest neighbor to the First Family. Hosting everyone from presidents to politicians, celebrities to CEOs, socialites to superstars, this was where Elvis met with President Nixon serendipitously in the 1970s and asked to be a federal agent. Where Harrison Ford bought rounds of drinks for everyone. Where Presidents Clinton and Reagan attended balls. Where the President’s Thanksgiving turkey trotted on the rooftop before receiving its pardon. Where calls to the White House were connected and “The Godfather Part II” was shot on the storied rooftop.

For me above and beyond was the staff. I was treated with such care that I highly recommend anyone who visits the area stay at W Washington. The staff was kind, generous and attentive. They made my stay a great one!



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Have you ever been to Washington? Watch for my post on fun things to do coming soon.


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