Pay it Forward with Tim Hortons #WarmWishes Giveaway #CanWin


Tim Hortons’ annual to-go holiday cups have arrived newly dressed for the season and, for the first time, featuring a celebratory hashtag: #WarmWishes. The distinctly bold, yet cozy, festive sweater design comes in a variety of colours and patterns to reflect the different cup sizes. To celebrate the new warm and cozy cup, Tim Hortons has launched a social media campaign around the hashtag to encourage Canadians to do good for others this holiday season. Each time a guest shares a good deed using the #WarmWishes hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, Tim Hortons will pay-it-forward and donate a toque to a child in need through the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Tim Hortons’ goal is to provide to 10,000 children with a warm and cozy toque.



Paying it forward in the Tim Hortons Drive thru is quite popular. I have had the people ahead of me buy me a coffee and I too have bought a coffee for the person behind me. Quite often a pay it forward chain evolves and many patrons enjoy this kind gesture. 

Last night my youngest had swimming and I brought coffees for all the parents. We are there for half an hour and many do not talk. It was an ice breaker and made me feel good to give to others. 

Tim Hortons is not only a yummy place to stop in but a great destination for your holiday shopping. Full of gift ideas like gift cards, ornaments, coffee and more. 

It would be great if you all helped Tim Hortons reach their goal and tweeted how you paid it forward this holiday season. Be sure to use the hashtag ‪#‎WarmWishes

giveaway time

In celebration of the Pay it Forward initiative Tim Hortons is giving 5 (five) lucky Canadian readers a $25 gift card to Tim Hortons. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!


Disclosure-I am part of the Timfluencer program. All opinions are my own


  1. I was pregnant, hungry and super cranky. Running late for work and someone cut in front of me as I was about to turn my vehicle into the drive thru. That made me more cranky. The line moved quickly, and when I got to the window my order (bagel, muffin and drink) had been paid for by the car that cut in front. It made the day a little better, and I passed on what I would have paid to the car behind me.
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  2. Treen Goodwin says

    I was in the line up at Tim's waiting for my coffee and the car ahead of me paid for my Order , the next time i went i paid for the car behind me .. it really makes your day 🙂

  3. sabrina worrall says

    Paid it forward last year by buying Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for someone in need

  4. michelle tremblett says

    Just last month I was going through the timmy's drive thru and the person in front of me paid for my order, so I paid in forward and covered the car behind mine, made my day 🙂

  5. jennifer lucas says

    I pay it forward at Tim Horton's drive thru by paying for coffee for the car behind me

  6. I don't think anyone has done it for me! I am kind of shy to do this, but I should sometime, right?!

  7. Kayla Schmitke says

    Just a few weeks ago we donated all of our cans and bottles ( 2 HUGE garbage bags full ) to support our local scouts!

  8. We used to be big couponers and would often give coupons to people standing in line for products they were going to purchase. We've also bought a round of coffee for the car behind us at Tims.

  9. I currently don't have a lot of extra money to buy someone a turkey dinner but I like to send cards to the elderly over the holidays…people that don't get a lot of visitors

  10. I havn't paid it forward yet but not to late to start ty
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  11. I bought someone i didn't know a christmas gift once.

  12. Lisa Neutel says

    I have helped someone in front of me at the grocery store ..she was a dollar short and I gave it to her

  13. I just paid it forward by donating $50 to my local food bank. 🙂

  14. we invited friends to our house for thanksgiving and i had someone buy my drink at tim hortons the other day!

  15. Heather Sacher says

    i had to put some groceries back while going through the checkout .

    A man in line behind me in line quietly passed me $20 and smiled and nodded towards the food I had moved to the side.

    What a blessing!!!

  16. I love getting caught up in the chain reaction of showing up at the drive thru window, and someone has paid for my coffee! I buy for behind me!

  17. I keep my coupons with me at all times. If I see someone purchasing sometime that I have a coupon for I will offer it to them. One was a free hair dry product a few weeks ago and I gave a lady a $10 off at Mark's only last week.

  18. Sylvia Mollison says

    I was at a local pool where payment was cash only. The mother in front of me, after being told they don't take debit, fished around in her purse to come up with enough change for her kids to swim, but not herself. I leaned forward with the amount she needed so she could swim with her kids. Good feelings all around!

  19. Doris Calvert says

    I had it happen to me at a Tim Horton years ago and thought what a nice gesture so we do it every year, we go to Tims daily so only do it for 2 weeks before Christmas, some order a lot of food so can get expensive.

  20. Brenda Penton says

    I occasionally pay it forward at Tim Hortons. I've also had it done to me there too. Love how it brightens someone's day

  21. I been blessed many times

  22. I haven't yet paid it forward to anyone but this post is inspiring to start!

  23. I have had the car in front of me at Tim's pay for my coffee before and I have also paid for the car behind us. It makes you feel good!

  24. teressabignell says

    Last week I saw a woman with 3 younger kids in the dairy section of my grocery store. She was putting a couple of containers of the Soy Milk into her cart, When I started talking to her I found out that all 3 of her kids have a milk allergy & they could only drink the Soy milk. I went into my coupon binder & pulled out all of my Soy & Almond milk coupons & gave them to the woman.

  25. seham merzib says

    paying for the car behind me in drive thru

  26. stacey dempsey says

    Well I have paid it forward many times and had it back at me lots too but the most recent was actually at Tim Hortons. I ordered my coffee and when it was time to pay the cashier said it was paid for by the person that was ahead of me. I didnt know them and they were already gone so I couldnt even say thanks . The cashier said it actually happens alot

  27. I couldn't afford a Christmas tree a few years ago, as it was a very tough time in my life. Friends/family came together to get me one as a surprise & it was heartwarming. I will never forget how special it was.

  28. I made a shoebox!
    It's easy to make a shoebox and to have it delivered to a women in a shelter. … … #SHOEBOXDREAM #Christmas
    I also PIF with food donation at loblaws & a gift for a child in one of the donation boxs, donate to Humane Society.
    Christmas cards to seniors in my mothers building. Just a Hello to someone who looks sad & seeing a smile on there face when you do.

  29. I gave someone money so they could plug their parking meter

  30. Samantha seymour says

    A few xmas' ago someone did the kind gesture and it filled me with joy 🙂 we have paid it forward often too by buying coffee for everyone at work, this year im doing it at the drive thru

  31. Our Elderly Neighbor had some serious Back surgery so we pay it forward making him meals Picking up Groceries for him and helping in anyway we can. Nothing worse than having to go through something like that alone. He is a bit of a curmudgeon which makes the pay it forward feeling even better because we know he truly appreciate it and needs the help. I believe in Good Karma and Hope that if I were in that position someone would do the same for me. Calgary is such a great city for thing like this.

  32. I paid for someones coffee in the drive thru at Tim's. It is such a good feeling to do a good deed.

  33. Isabel Topps says

    I do a lot of knitting and entering it in my local fall fair. Having extra mitts, hats,scarves so I donated them to a local drop in place for mentally challenged adults.

  34. I was in line to buy movie tickets and the kids in front of me didn't have enough money so I gave them what they needed.

  35. Erika Belanger says

    Last year after the devastating floods in our town of High River AB, very generous people were dropping off money to our local Tim Hortons in town, for all the next 500-1000 coffees, so the people (me a cuple times) didn't have to pay for their coffee!! I have paid for 2 coffees and a sandwich since then.

  36. I have only done it for friends and family and vice versa.

  37. Wendy Hutton says

    it happens at Tim Hortons lots when they get big lineups, it hasn't hapened to me but to others in our town all the time

  38. I have bought quite a few people a coffee at Tim Hortons. I like to pay for the person behind me every now and then and I have had a couple do it for me as well

  39. Karry Knisley says

    I occasionally pay it forward at Tim Horton’s as I have had it happen to me

  40. I had a guy ahead of me at Starbucks leave $100 for those behind him so my mom and I got our drinks for free. It was super nice!

  41. erin mcsweeney says

    At work i like to bring in coffee for my friends as a surprise.

  42. Last year on Christmas eve We had stopped in at mcdonalds for a coffee on our way to a christmas dinner that was a few hours away. Outside I noticed a man who was asking for money. People just walked by or made comments towards him. After getting our coffee I watched as the man walked in and ordered a kids meal. The cashier told him he was short 50 cents. My heart broke. I couldn't stand by and watch him be denied food because of 50 cents!! I walked over to the man, asked him if he could order anything on the menu what would it be. He replied a big mac and a coffee. Without even thinking about it I ordered two double big mac meals, a lg coffee and a $25 gift card for him. I couldn't believe how crule people were to this man. You never know what someones past was, you only look at their present, but if you stop to think about it some people just end up down on their luck and need a hand up.

  43. SueSueper Sue says

    Waiting at McDonalds, someone ahead of me gave me a free fry they had and weren't going to use. Very nice of them.

  44. got in on the last Tim Horton's paying it forward episode. thanks

  45. butterflyamyc says

    I donated all our cans and bottles to our schools bottle drive.

  46. I had a nice thing happen to me last week. Although it was a little gesture, the experience was heartwarming. I was paying for my items and I was 10 cents short. How embarrassing. The lady behind me just put a dime on the counter and said here you go. It was a nice thing to do and a reminder to be generous.

  47. Tricia Cooper says

    I have bought the coffee of the person in the car behind me at Tim Hortons drive through and have had that done to me as well! A couple of weeks ago I had an extra ticket to a show and gave it to a complete stranger — worth it for the smile on her face!

  48. I love to help out people when I can I recently helped an elderly lady in the grocery line who was short of money.

  49. holly messana says

    I have so much stuff givin to me. Clothes, furniture….so when I have stuff to get rid of I don't sell it, I give it to someone who I think could use it.

  50. InezbyDesign says

    Paid it forward to a neighbour just yesterday. Good feeling

  51. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I've heard of it being done but it has never happened to me. I love Timmie's but I seldom get to go these days

  52. Lori Jackson says

    I was working in a restaurant and a customer gave me $100 tip…now that was paying it forward!

  53. allyson tice says

    I paid for the coffee and donuts for the car behind me! it was a great feeling!

  54. I pay it forward by paying for coffee orders behind me once in a while but have never had it happen to me yet. I did have a lady offer me her space in a busy check out line. I was alone with my girl and a cartload of stuff. You never know how patient a five year old will be so I was very grateful.

  55. Kudos to Tim Hortons!

  56. On a few occasions I've covered the end of someones grocery bill if they come up a short. There's nothing worse than having to put something back especially when it comes to groceries. If I can spare it I do.

  57. I did it to friends a few time paying for there lunch 🙂

  58. I don't have such story 🙁

  59. Anna Johnson says

    Someone was in need of a job. I saw the post on a pay it forward site. The person didn't drive so I picked him up and drove him to apply where my husband works. He was hired! I have heard about people buying coffees and such, but I haven't had that happen to me yet. 🙁

  60. kathy downey says

    Paid it forward last week when I payed for a kids lunch who was with his friends and was left out with no money

  61. missbobloblaw says

    We always do RAOKs at Tims, and pay it forward by doing little things like leaving the quarter in a shopping cart at the store.
    My recent post The Great Canadian Friday #Giveaway #Linky! (November 14, 2014)

  62. I paid for the person behind me in the Tim hortons drive thru line as someone paid for my order infront of me

  63. I loaned my tire iron and jack to a guy with a flat. Years later someone (stronger) helped me get stubborn lug nuts off so I could my tire change

  64. I've bought coffee for someone – they were certainly surprised!

  65. Emily Linton says

    I haven't had anyone pay it forward to me, nor have I payed it forward to anyone yet. I think it's such a neat idea, though! 🙂

  66. I cut someone off getting into the Tims Drive Thru totally by accident. So I bought their order. 🙂
    My recent post Peppermint Kiss Cookies

  67. trish hyde-leyte says

    would be awesome to win 🙂

  68. I know it is simple but a person gave me a shopping cart with a quarter in it (unlocks cart) so when I was done I passed it on to another person

  69. I sometimes give money to street people, but never in my own city – only in other cities and always on vacation.

  70. over the years I have given children/child money for candy that they didn't have enough money for
    or at work I give a child candy from the candy jars.

  71. Susanne McCarthy says

    We don't have a lot of extra this time of year, but I always make a point of donating the the local food bank and donating at least one toy to the local Christmas bureau. Even a small token can make a world of difference to someone else.

  72. I was shopping at a lingerie store, and I had a coupon for $10 off a bra that I wasn't going to use that was expiring that do, so I offerred it to the woman behind me at the cash..she looked surprised, but was delighted

  73. Terri O'Donnell says

    A local family was having a hard time just before Christmas so a few friends & I got together and mailed them some gift cards to go shopping with, being a Secret Santa is the best!

  74. Many times I have paid for the person behind me. I keep all my bottles for bottle drives as well.

  75. nadene coleman says

    Sometimes I pay for the person behind me at Tim Hortons

  76. I always help at the grocery store or at WalMart with reaching items on the top shelf for the elderly or the ones in wheelchairs, and I have paid for others coffee as well!!

  77. I give money to those who are on the street and always to one with a pet.

  78. someone paying for my coffee

  79. Giving coupons to people in stores 🙂

  80. With the cold temperature we had today & snow coming any day now… this would be perfect!

  81. I just gave out a bunch of free coffee coupons to coworkers two days ago!

  82. Karla Sceviour says

    I brought a bag of cereal,and snacks up to a family that didn`t have much groceries.

  83. Jeff Skidmore says

    I paid it forward by paying for 25 people behind me at Timmies to get free coffee after having this happen to me twice before!

  84. I have paid it forward to a Paramedic in Tim Horton's because of the job they do.

  85. Jeannie Lam says

    Funny how this giveaway came up today. I just bought someone behind a coffee at Tim Horton's yesterday because it was so cold and I remembered a time someone bought me coffee at a drive thru.

  86. When we don't need or use stuff anymore we usually post on facebook to see if any friends are in need of said items and five it away to them, if not then we donate it to our local Value Village.
    My recent post Shhh!!! I'm Trying to Sleep!!!

  87. I have bought coffees for the people behind me in line a couple of times. It is fun.

  88. This morning, we started collecting coats, hats, mittens and scarves to give to the homeless. We're hoping to be finished tomorrow.

  89. One time in the tims drive thru the person ahead of me paid for my order and in return I paid for the person after me. The tims worker said that this had happened for a good 2 hours!

  90. When I left one job to go to another one morning when I was going through drive thru I got my coffee for free. The car behind me was a former co-worker wishing me luck on the new job.

  91. I have never had anyone pay it forward to me, but I have paid it forward at the arena before & bought someone else some hot chocolate. They were tickled with this gesture.

  92. I also pay it forward when I am coupon shopping. If I see someone in the store for a particular item that I may have an extra coupon for I will offer to them. They always appreciate it. Even the cashiers will ask if I have extra. As you can read I am a huge coupon shopper and I will sometimes just leave one on the shelf!

  93. I haven't really had the chance yet but we do have a few charities that we donate to once or twice a year & my hubby gives to his church.

  94. Bailey Dexter Parr says

    I have had it done for me but my favorite was when I was at a mall TH line up and the guy behind me was telling his buddy what a rotten day he was having, so I paid it forward to him and as I was leaving with my coffee I could hear him so excited and happy that someone had thought of hiim! Paying forward doesnt only make the person receiving feel great but also the one giving.

  95. I paid for the person in front of me's prescription when she had left her purse at home

  96. I paid it forward by giving a financially strapped family a $25 gift certificate for a Butterball turkey for them to enjoy on Thanksgiving

  97. I have not paid it forward in a Tim Horton's but I have helped out a friend of mine who is a single mom with grocery gift cards and clothing gift cards.

  98. I recently bougt the guy behind me in the tim hortons drive thru his order. On the weekend I helped someone by taking a horse that they could no longer care for

  99. I love to pay it forward , it feels so good ! I always try to donate what I can !

  100. I often pay it forward in the Tim Hortons drive thru 🙂

  101. Leaving a fair with a ton of left over ride coupons. Walked up to a family waiting in line for tickets and handed over everything we had left. Someone should use them!

  102. One time a stranger gave us 4 tickets for my family to go to a Blue Jay game. While we were at the game we purchased $100 in jays merchandise and handed it out to families that came in the door.

  103. I had someone pay for my coffee and I, in turned, passed it on!

  104. Actually today! I let someone in front of me in the drive-thru and they paid for my drink

  105. Carey Hurst says

    I always Pay It Forward . it feels great to do it. I give coffees , I have paid someone's groceries, I give most of the things I win to other people who need them . I coupon fairy while I am shopping all the time.

  106. Dayna Wilson says

    Last week a friend gave me over $250 worth of cloth diapers for free, because someone had given them to her free. I plan to pass them along when i’m done too.

  107. I helped someone bring home a large parcel home from the post office. All I asked was for them to do a favor for someone else

  108. I had just paid for a Tea and donuts, and was walking over to a table where my friends were sitting, when the older gent, who had been waiting in line after me, gave the cashier alot of bills and said, give people free coffee till the money is gone. I thought to myself, what a nice gesture as the people after him..and so forth got their coffee for free and had a "well, what do you no about that", smile on their faces.

  109. Cahley Tod-Tims says

    I paid it forward one day when a woman came up to me in a panic asking where the closest cash machine was but we were 30mins away from anywhere and I asked if she was ok and she said I have no money to get on a bus. So without a second thought I just gave her the $4 because it wasn't a big deal to me but I know she really needed it and I hope that if I was in the same situation someone would help me out.

  110. A tourist ended up buying me chocolate after I had a conversation with them

  111. One time I had a coupon (for a free product) that was about to expire. The woman in line behind me at the grocery store looked like she had fallen on hard times, so I gave the coupon to her.

  112. Earlier this year a wonderful friend surprised me with a grocery trip during a time when we had no money for groceries. It really helped get us through a very very rough month, and I hope one day to be able to pay it forward to someone in need like she did for me.

  113. I have not dome it yet because I have not found an opportunity.

  114. I give my children's good quality hand me down clothes to 2 of my nieghbours. We don't have a lot of extra money, so this is the way we can afford to pay it forward.

  115. I was in the line up at Tim's waiting for my coffee and the car ahead of me paid for my Order , so I paid for the car behind me. It happen a lot in my city.

  116. Kristy Short says

    Recently I bought the car behind me in the drive throughs coffee

  117. I saw a couple with children at a restaurant trying to pay for dinner, and their credit card declined – they were mortified and panicked. I paid for their dinner and left before they could know it was me – we've all been in a pinch before!

  118. When I was at Starbucks once, I ordered a coffee but realized I forgot my wallet. The lady behind me paid for it! I was so grateful!

  119. I gave to our community womens shelter for thanksgiving.

  120. I paid it forward by surprising a group of people with a round of coffee from Tim Hortons.

  121. I offered a seat on the subway to an elderly woman

  122. Victoria Ess says

    I bought a coffee for the next person in line at the drive-thru after someone did it for me.

  123. Just yesterday a woman at the grocery store who didn't have an Air Miles card offered to give her points to me as I was next in line. I told her I would do this for someone else the next time I was shopping there.

  124. Sabrina Tong says

    I've never paid it forward or had it paid forward to me in a Tim's line… might be because I don't drive… I try and do a random act of kindness everyday.

  125. I just received a cloth diaper last week that someone sent to me to PIF!

  126. I buy McDonalds once a week for a young gentleman who sits outside our local Shoppers..bless him

  127. I was at timmes and i had forgot my bank card at home and the guy behind me paid for My 2 xl coffee's it was so nice of him ,still going to pay it forward ,soon ,

  128. Christina B. says

    It's not a big thing, but my friend wanted me to go shopping with her last minute, so I got in the car and she had 2 coffees and 2 wraps from Mcdonalds for us. It was a nice surprise, and tasty! :p

  129. I have pay it forward at Tim Hortons and have had someonedo it to me also!

  130. I pay it forward by volunteering.

  131. I was running late for work and had no time to make a lunch. I pulled into the Tim's drive thru to get a quick lunch. I handed the employee a $20 took my order and said to her pass it on to the next person and drove off to work, arrived on time too!

  132. I paid it forward by donating a box of toys to our local toy drive.
    My recent post LeapBand Gets Kids Moving Giveaway #GiftGuide

  133. nicolthepickle says

    Someone paid for my coffee once. It was lovely.

  134. I had extra tickets to the women's show so I gave them to some people in line

  135. Belinda Swim says

    My hubby and I pay it forward for a lot of the holidays. We know of this young lady who is going to school and she is struggling to make ends meet. She is on her own. We invite her over to spend the holiday's with us. We buy her a gift and give her a stocking full of useful items. I have seen hard times when my boys were young and there were many times that there was someone helping us to have a Merry Christmas. Now it makes my Christmas merry by helping out someone else. I'm sure when our young lady gets on her feet she'll help someone else out. I don't have a lot but I do have enough to give a little.

  136. Especially in the winter, I give money or coffee cards.

  137. I as well will purchase someones order that is behind me

  138. Jamie Glenn says

    Someone hit my car and did a little damage. Small dent and a scratch. Lady was very upset and was trying to give me for the damage. it was not that bad. I told her to have a great day!!

  139. Carol Denny says

    I was at Tims in the drive through and someone paid for my order.

  140. Charlene Lucas says

    I saw a student get on the bus who didn't have any change and who was about to be kicked off the bus so I stood up and paid the fair for her and asked that next time she do the same for someone else.

  141. I paid it forward by donating to my local food bank

  142. I had a person payed for our stuff that we got at the Goodwill just shows you that sometimes that most needy people still help when they can :')

  143. one time someone paid for my coffee while I was in the drive-thru line up at Tim Hortons! I have no idea who it was, but it was a huge surprise! Very nice too!

  144. We make monthly donation to three organizations and we also donate food to food bank. I remember one time when I was about 12 years old, I was hurried to board on a bus but only to find out that I forgot to bring my wallet. A nice lady paid the bus fare for me.

  145. I like to win giveaways for items I don't need so I can gift them to friends 🙂

  146. I have paid for the person behind mes coffee or even holding the door open for someone struggling with a stroller is much appreciated

  147. I give extra coupons I have to people at the store-or just leave them on products I don't buy for someone else to use.

  148. My car broke down on the highway once and a woman showed up with several cans of soda to drink while I waited for a ride.

  149. Sarah Forrester says

    I went to Tim Hortons and ordered two coffees and then when I pulled up to the window to pay the server said it was paid for by the person behind me in the drive thru. So that is when I decided to pay for the person behind me.

  150. I always pay for the car behind me in the Tim Hortons drive-thru because I've had the same done for me. Lately, there have been several occasions where people insisted I go ahead of them in line at the grocery store because I only had a few items and they had full carts – it really made my day each time!


  151. Audrey Skinner says

    I buy Christmas gifts for local groups who distribute to the needy.

  152. christy eldred says

    A couple years ago a lady in front of me at Starbucks asked if I was going to order my usual. She worked there so I didn't think much of it. When it was her turn to order she ordered my drink too. I was so shocked! It was the first time something like that had happened, and first time I had even heard of it. I still see her to this day and think how sweet that was!

  153. I paid it forward this September in Porter's Lake because a person let me go first…i thought it was so generous of that person, it lets you know that there are good people in this's not all bad..

  154. Tim Horton's is awesome

  155. Donna Dufresne says

    I donate all my used clothing to local families in need

  156. Nathan Lapointe says

    I've paid it forward by buying a random person a coffee.

  157. Jennifer P. says

    I've paid it forward by bringing in surprise coffees for my coworkers when we are working the night shifts. They have done it in return too, and it is so nice because most of us are moms with little ones who have worked all day at home before going in to work at night as well, and we often don't get a chance to stop to get a coffee on our way to work. When one of gets a few extra minutes to stop and pick something up it really makes the night!

  158. Alayne Langford says

    It was in a Timmies drive thru and we had a lot on our order. It was so refreshing and unexpected. It happened to us recently and I would like to do the same! 🙂

  159. I shovelled the neighbours front sidewalk and stairs, they are older and appreciated it, I threw melt away on the stairs and sidewalk too to make sure it didn’t ice over

  160. Bring meal to my elderly neighborou , leave $1 in a shopping cart for next person.

  161. Definitely pay it forward and would continue with this GC as well!


  163. I always leave my loonie in my shopping cart for the next person!

  164. holly ogorman says

    I've had someone pay it forward for me at Baskin Robbins when I forgot my wallet.

  165. I like to take my shopping pals for a coffee at Tims, even a snack sometimes, they do the driving and its nice to give them a treat

  166. A few weeks ago when i was in the line up, the car in front of me paid for mine and then I paid for the car behind me.

  167. Susan Patterson says

    I pay it forward by doing helpful things for oher people – thanks

  168. Dwayne Taylor says

    I pay it forwards alot, but never get it in return 🙁

  169. When a found a twoonie outside Timmie's on my way in I thought it would be appropriate to pay it forward.

  170. Someone had left me a loonie for a shopping cart at the grocery store, so I did the same thing for the next person.

  171. Tammy Dalley says

    I paid it forward at Tim Horton's drive thru a few days ago

  172. Del Deschamps says

    It is a joy to pay for someone’s order and see their face. 🙂 I wish I could do it more often.

  173. Cheryl Almas says

    Someone gave me a quarter for a grocery cart when i was having trouble finding one.

  174. I put change in parking meters if I see they're expiring

  175. i paid it forward by buying coffee for the car behind me

  176. When I'm driving I try to be nice and let people who need to get in my lane go in front of me. It's crazy but sometimes someone can be trying to get out of a gas station, but nobody will let them on the road.

  177. Kelly Oinonen says

    Bought breakfast and coffee for a homeless man outside of a Tims! It felt soo good to do something for someone. As for someone paying it forward to me… I had a gentleman buy my coffee in the car in front of me! Feels good being on the recipient end too!

  178. We help our neighbours shovel their snow and vice versa. Thankfully we don’t have as much as Buffalo!

  179. Took part in a pay it forward Tim Hortons line about a year ago. Amazing how it made the rest of the day seem more cheerful.

  180. truckerofbc says

    Ive paid it forward a couple times this year and surprisingly it was at a Tim Hortons drive thru where I paid for the vehicle behind me when I paid for my coffee with a $5 bill I said apply the balance to the vehicle behind me.

  181. Just dropped off our old coats and shoes to the local homeless shelter.

  182. nancy stokell says

    I paid for a donut and coffee for the lady behind me

  183. Leaving mystry gifts on my neighbours doorstep at christmas!

  184. i paid for the next order in the drive thru

  185. somebody at starbucks paid for my coffee

  186. I paid for the coffee of the car behind me at Mcdonalds a couple weeks ago.

  187. Juliee Fitze says

    I had someone that put money into my account.

  188. I never paid it forward as times are really tight, but i will when i have $

  189. Elva Robertsf says

    I am not a regular coffee drinker but I have family and friends that do so. My charity is helping a child in Bolivia to have good food and schooling.

  190. I've paid it forward a few times in the Tim Horton's drive-thru!

  191. I bought a young man lunch when he had ran out of money and was trying to get home. A friend bought my meditation group all a book and didn't take the cash for it.

  192. Done

  193. I havnt seen it yet,and this would be great to watch with the grandkids at christmas

  194. I have done peoples hair for free when they were in the hospital

  195. I paid it forward just this week by brushing off several cars in our parking lot

  196. someone paid for my coffee through drive thru – so I just paid for the guy behind me

  197. One time I won $100 on a scratch ticket and I payed $50 of it forward at Timmie's

  198. Margaret MacKenzie says

    Someone ran into my car several years ago while I was parked and in at my physio apt and then drove away. Another person got the license plate and make of the car and left it on a note on my windshield. Faith in human nature restored.

  199. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******Just recently in McDonalds I was short $1.50 and the customer in front of me gave me the change*******

  200. jeannine glen says

    last year two weeks before Christmas went at the check out at the grocery store. lady ahead of me with her two small boys went to pay for her groceries and her card was declined. she had no money and the oldest boy said to his mother, mom what are we going to do for food. you could tell that the boys were hungry so when the cashier told the mother that she would have to call someone to put back all of her groceries away I step in and paid for it. I will always remember the expression and the smiles that mother and her two boys gave me. that was the best Christmas gift I received that year.

  201. I've paid for the coffee behind me, and had it happen to me, always a nice way to start the morning, 🙂 also I've brush off someone elses car just because I thought it would help a little

  202. all canadian coffee

  203. Beverly smith says

    I pay for someone’s order at least once a month if not more at Tim Horton’s…if I have spare cash I pay for the order behind me 🙂 have had it happen in return a few times also 🙂

  204. I really love Tim Hortons and would love to win

  205. I pulled in front of a van at a drive-thru and paid for their entire order…it was a few days before Christmas, so I wanted to give someone a little Christmas cheer!

  206. I like paying for the people's coffee behind me 🙂

  207. I was three dollars short on a prescription and I asked the people behind for me the money, it was for my child, and they gave it up no problems. I hope my little prayer paid it forward to them.

  208. I had no car insurance and had a lice scare with my little one. My friend rushed over with supplies even though it turned out to be a false alarm. Whew! I was thankful nonetheless.

  209. Wendy Jensen says

    I helped out a lady in the grocery line who was putting items back she couldn't pay for – they were staples – she wasn't buying a bunch of chips etc.

  210. Gave a lady quarter for a payphone and refused her loonie that she tried to give me.

  211. Belinda McNabb says

    Someone ahead of me in the grocery store a few months ago was a couple dollars short to pay for their groceries and I gave them the money they needed to pay for the remainder

  212. Colleen Rose says

    When I can afford to I always pay for the order behind me at Tim Hortons. I will also,pay most of this,prize forward to my coworker who,is going through a difficult time if so am lucky enough to win, I beleive life is like a boomerang. What you throw out comes back to you

  213. billiondollarprincesss says

    I'm trying to do it all Christmas season by participating and food and toy drives.

  214. I never go in the drive thru for Tim Hortons, but eat inside with my client. The two of us put together a gift box for Operation Christmas Child this year.

  215. Teresa Claire says

    I went to Tim's a few months ago and noticed a fellow standing outside. I bought an extra coffee and gave it to him. The look on his face was priceless!

  216. I play it forward by paying for the woman behind me, coffee and meal at Tim Hortons.

  217. I was at a restaurant on my birthday and someone at another table heard that it was my birthday and sent over a bottle of wine to our table – such a surprise and very generous act.

  218. valerie darsigny says

    once with my husband we were in the line in the drive-thru at the tim hortons and the car before us took 8 minutes to order, my husband was really mad (and I) after at the window same thing they talked about an other 6-7 minutes… when it was our turn the women gave us our coffee and say the guy in the car before you paid your order…enjoy…. I was so shame to been mad about them 2 minutes before lol

  219. My sister just had a baby boy. She also has a 2.5 year old little boy. I have been watching my nephew so she can get some sleep with the baby sleeps. 🙂

  220. Maria McLachlan says

    I was at a double driv thru and the lady in other car wss ready to move up at same time so I polit waved her ahead then she bought my drink.

  221. LondonsMissMia says

    Ive paid for drivethroughs before and handed out gift cards to people who needed food. This post was inspiring though so Im going to do more 🙂 Thanks

  222. someone left a christmas present on my desk @ work, so i did the same for somebody else

  223. I payed it forward by donating food to my local food bank

  224. When I was working at a gas station, someone bought a coffee one day and when they went outside they gave it to a homeless man sitting on the corner. I thought that was so nice. So the next day I bought a coffee at the end of my shift and went to the corner and gave it to the same homeless man.

  225. At least weekly, on my way to work. Hey, it only costs a couple of bucks!!

  226. I donated food last week after I finished my groceries at Walmart.

  227. Sarah Stickney says

    someone bought my coffee at the timmies drive thru a few weeks ago

  228. A few days ago a Tim Horton's bag came with our fliers to fill up and donate to the local food bank ( take back to Tim Horton's). My hubby and I filled it with pasta and sauces, along with a few instant puddings and rice.

  229. Vonnie Chong says

    I donated food to the Food Bank.

  230. We donated all our excess good quality winter clothes early n the season this year

  231. I am in the middle of paying it forward right now! When I had my last baby I was in a parenting group that brought my family food for the first two weeks so I’m baking banana bread to take to my friend who had her baby this morning!

  232. Last year I was lucky enough to have a very large win from Cineplex. I paid it forward by donating half of my gift cards to our local toy drive and women's shelter.

  233. cottagebunny says

    I pay it forward at the Tim Hortons at the Queensway Carlton Hospital.I always look for someone who has trouble standing in the line-up.

  234. On time when I was at school someone ahead paid for my coffee

  235. Kristi Renout says

    We did a shoebox for operation christmas child this year.

  236. I volunteered my time teaching seniors to use computers.

  237. We Coupon and make back packs for the Homeless.

  238. josephine evans says

    purchased someones order 🙂

  239. Well right now I pay it forward in little ways like leaving coupons beside the product its for, giving the cashier a freebie, donating to a few moms in need with baby items my son no longer needs, I've been preparing meals for my grandma and freezing them for her since shes going to have major surgery Dec 1st.. I also raise money for a local shelter for animals too.. Just the small things I am able to afford.

  240. I pay it forward by helping to clear the snow from our elderly neighbhour's driveway

  241. kristineewald says

    We are help with a soup kitchen on Christmas morning to feed homeless people of our inlaws small town.

  242. Deb Dorrington says

    We paid it forward by adopting a family for Christmas. We bought them gifts and a grocery order for their holiday meal and treats after.

  243. angie andrews says

    I've paid coffee for the car behind me at Timmies before

  244. I bought a coffee and a bagel for homeless man

  245. I've had someone buy my coffee ahead of me, so I bought the person behind me coffee too! It was great.

  246. I like to pick up coffee for my friends but aim to do it for a stranger…I love that people actually do this!

  247. I have bought and have had bought by others coffee at the tim hortons drive thru!

  248. Someone paid my parking meter recently after it ran out and I was at the hospital… how awesome!

  249. I paid for someone's sushi dinner the other night. It was a very popular restaurant but this one teenager had the confident to eat by himself! (Also, he reminded me of someone I know!)

  250. It happened once to me , I got my coffee paid for and I find what Tim Horton does is a brilliant idea , If i had a car still I would be doing the same this year , cause that is how I am I'm so giving.

  251. Someone paid for my Hubby's gas this week

  252. Kayla Gilbert says

    I paid it forward by helping an elderly woman with her groceries.

  253. susanne scheper says

    A friend gives me ALL their baby clothes and we pass ours on as well

  254. I try to pay for the order behind me in the drive thru at least once a month. 🙂 Just because.

  255. Allison Whit says

    Love Tim Hortons and this would make a lovely gift!

  256. I have paid it forward by paying for someone else coffee.

  257. I try to help out my local food bank with donations and encouraging others to also donate
    My recent post Food Bank Friday Challenge #59

  258. I was in a hurry at the grocery store and the person in front of me in line offered to let me go first (I didn't say I was in a hurry and I didn't think I was non-verbally saying it either). The guy was being nice on a day I needed it. The next time at the grocery store I let the person behind me go first. It was nice.

  259. I gave to Salvational Army Kettle and bought my friend breakfast Donated a bunch of items to charity and gave a guy bus money at the mall recently
    My recent post Practicing #RandomActsOfKindness this #Holiday Season with help from @MuchoBurritoHQ #Giveaway CAN 12/16

  260. on my way home from work i saw a homeless man with a sign that said 'God bless you' so i got out of my car gave him some money and told him 'Jesus loves you brother'.

  261. I hand out coupons or leave them in the stores next to the products.

  262. I pay it forward with buying coffee for the person behind me in drive thu also by adopting a family at christmas time

  263. Gave several coupons for free products that I had in my purse to a fellow with his kids –

  264. i try to do good every day. Sometimes it’s a genuine compliment to a stranger a cup of coffee to a less fortunate person. I try to help people if they need change while in the check out at the market, to pen a door offer my seat to another. Little things and big things. I gave my tablet to our toddler Sunday School this week. But I’m not worried.. I’m sure I’ll get another device from somewhere… Besides my phone

  265. I've had someone pay for my coffee before it was sweet!

  266. One time my husband and I went into Tim Hortons and ordered coffees for ourselves. We went to pay and our debit card would not work (we found out later it was an issue with the bank itself and tons of people were affected and everyone had to go get new debit cards). The man in line behind us was SO nice and offered to pay for our drinks for us. I was so grateful.

  267. Stopped to help a father and son who had battery trouble with their car. gave them a boost they wanted to pay me, I told them to just help someone else out when they saw them in need, that was all the payment I needed!


  269. I gave a friend with twins a couple years younger than my twins their outgrown bikes that were still in perfect shape – she cried!

  270. I was at the grocery store and the woman in front of me was trying to pay for her groceries but her card wouldnt work. After several minutes of trying to make it work I offered to pay for her groceries for her. She was so happy and grateful and I just just told her to pay it forward 😀

  271. I pay it forward by treating the person behind me in the Timmies line up!

  272. justaddwatersilly says

    When we lived in Ottawa Ontario, the police department did a car stop to check for alcohol consumption at Christmas. The stop was done only blocks away from us so at least once every year when this was going on, we'd stop at a fast food restaurant like Tims and pick up coffee & goodies for all the officers who worked the evening shift. It sure made us feel good. With cops in our family, we always appreciated that they were trying to keep the public safe from drunk drivers.

  273. AnniePelletier says

    Someone just paid for my order beacause I had 4 kids with me. It's always good to have some gift like this. So, I did the same to someone who had some kids too.

  274. Lisa Morrison says

    Bought someone behind me coffee at Tim Horton's drive through.

  275. Natasha M. says

    I'm pretty big into couponing. When I have FPC's that I know I won't use, I'll take them to the store and either give them to someone or leave it on the shelf where the product is so someone can use it.

  276. fishinmom04 says

    I haven't paid it forward yet but I've been wanting to. I had someone in front of me at a Tim Hortons Drive through pay for my coffee before. I was shocked when I got up to the window to pay.

  277. brenda lacourciere says

    I made fudge for a stranger.

  278. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says

    I have payed it forward for someone by donating books,toys and food to someone in need:)

  279. Miriam Wilton says

    I had some really good luck with some contests last year while i was on Mat leave. A friend of mine was struggling after her leave was up because going back to work was very difficult for her. I took some of my contest winnings and told her that she wasn't to tell her husband about it. it was just for her, to buy anything she wanted, not for bills and that she never needed to worry about paying me back. that it all comes out in the wash.

  280. Billy Truong says

    Tim Hortons good stuff.

  281. Treated a Mum friend who had been having a rough day to a starbucks latte and hugs 🙂

  282. Caroline M. says

    I bought two homeless men fish n chips on my way to get some for my family. They were so happy!

  283. someone didn't have enough for a bus fare, so I gave them a bus ticket

  284. Jaclyn Bell says

    A couple weeks ago I offered to put together a gift basket on behalf of everyone at my place of work to bring to a coworker who was in the hospital recovering from a serious head-on collision. It brought me more joy than any gift I've ever received when I saw how grateful she was when I surprised her and dropped in off when visiting the other day.

  285. I paid it forward for elderly lady behind me at Tim Horton's once.

  286. I pay it forward by offering my time to friends who are lonely
    and need someone to care about them during the holidays.

  287. love coffee

  288. Last week I had an extra ticket to the One of a Kind show, and gave it to someone who was going to buy their ticket at the door. They tried to pay me for it, but I said they should use the money to buy themselves a treat instead.
    My recent post Kick Off Your Holiday Travels with the #MerryKids Twitter Party on Dec 11!

  289. Joanne Saunders says

    I paid for a mother and baby's bus fare just yesterday after the mom lost her wallet.

  290. cheryl hodgkins says

    I was entering the grocery store and there was an older man outside who was begging for money..he really looked down on his luck but rather than give him money I took him over to the restaurant and bought him lunch..he was very thankful and it felt good to give to someone who was less fortunate

  291. Kelly Bouma says

    Try at least once a week to pay it forward in the Tim Hortons drive thru

  292. James Rader says

    I do alot of little things like hold the door open for people and get things for the elderly that they cant do like reach something weather it be too high or on the floor.

  293. joanne darrell says

    I paid it forward by donating to the food bank and donating used clothes and household items.

  294. rose langill says

    I've giving people in stores coupons to save on something they are buying. Last year a family (strangers) bought my family our christmas dinner and one day I hope we can do the same.

  295. My family was at a restaurant once and we had our meal paid for by someone else who was there.

  296. I paid it forward by putting hockey tickets in a Christmas card and leaving it in my neighbours mail box. Hope their little kids would like it

  297. Katy Emanuel says

    Every third time I go through a drive thru for coffee I pay for the car behind me. Has not been done for me in a few years, but at least I am making someone else's day a little brighter. During the holidays, we also as a family purchase items for the food bank (we try to buy good quality baking supplies, gluten free, organic baby food items, quality diapers, etc) as well as encouraging our 3 year old daughter to donate a new toy. She loves it and is so happy to be able to give something to someone who might not have things.

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