How to Peel a Pomegranate


We love Pomegranates as they are the miracle food with powerful health benefits! I put them in smoothies, mix with yogurt and juice them. We also eat them on their own. They are bright purplish red so it can get messy. When I buy them I usually find them for .95 cents but have paid $2.50. So it is important I use them as much as I can. 

When I first started eating them I had no idea how to peel and eat. We often would break them up and lose many seeds in the process.

Recently I Googled how to peel a pomegranate and was pleasantly surprised there were many tutorials. I gave them a try and had much success. So I want to share with you the step by step.


Above is a pomegranate and as you can see it is not the prettiest. The skin is thick and leather like and can not be peeled easily by hand. First sep is to cut into the skin and remove the top layer in a circle. 

Then slice down along the white thin soft filling


Pull apart the wedges and remove the inner skin. The crunchy pods easily come out and can be used for anything you require. 


The pods casing is easy to remove. Once you do you can rinse the seeds



There is about a cup of seeds in each pomegranate. I like to peel them, wash them and leave them in the fridge for easy usage.

What do you use Pomegranates for? 


  1. Elva Roberts says

    I 'found' pomegranates in my local grocery store about four years ago and have eaten them with delight since then. I was never sure how to open them without a big mess on my counter. Your tutorial seems to be easier than any of the ways that I have tried. Thank you .

  2. I always find I make a mess when I peel Pomegranates. I will give this a try next time. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I find these a challenging but fun fruit to eat. I will try your suggestion

  4. Elaine Buonsante says

    I tried it and it worked beautifully so now we buy pomegranates regularly.

  5. My kids love pomegranates. I have watched a few youtube videos also on how to peel them without making a huge mess. I recently discovered frozen pomegranate seeds at freshco and they taste just as good as fresh without the mess!

  6. Treen Goodwin says

    Wow , thats cool i have never bought one , but thought of buying one often , thanks for the info , cuz i would have never knew what to do 🙂

  7. kathy downey says

    Thanks I never knew

  8. my mother used to give them to me when I was younger and I think it was to keep me quiet and busy working on

  9. I always buy pomegranate that is already peeled because I did not know how to peel a pomegranate! Thanks for sharing!

  10. alexanernberg says

    I always wanted to know how to do this properly. Thanks for sharing. Now I won't have a big mess to clean up.

  11. Wow — wish I had seen this post before my last attempt at getting at those ruby red nuggets! We sometimes sprinkle them on tossed salads to add some colour, flavour and nutrition.

  12. Erika Belanger says

    I have not eaten a pomegranate since I was a kid!! I have always wondered though how to peel them and I think that's why I haven't bought them, its too intimidating lol! Thanks for this, now I want to go buy some!!! 🙂

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I can remember as a child, getting these regularly from my mother to eat. We would sit there with a needle of all things and use that to pick out the seeds. This way is much easier and safer too I'd say 🙂

  14. Thanks for the great tip.

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