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You may have heard me mention my techie son. He is always helping me figure out the latest gadgets and loves robotics. So this year I had to really think when it came to finding him the perfect gift. I wanted something affordable and challenging. He recently took the opportunity to create robotics at an after school event. He loves to create and build and figure out things work.

I recently saw this great HEXBUG VEX Robotic 

The VEX Robotics Bundle encourages STEM learning and hands on play this holiday season. These kits allow you to build your own giant HEXBUG and customize its programming.

This bundle includes a build-it-yourself Strandbeast and Scarab for the price of the Strandbeast alone! All VEX Robotics kits are cross-compatible.

The Hexbug VEX Robotic Strandbeast is for ages 8+ and retails for $89.99 Assembly required as there are many pieces. But you know the hours of fun will be worth it. 

My son is a teen, but I know this will be a great start to his Robotics collection

You can find these fun Robotics the techie in your life will love. You can buy online or at a store near you

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