YP ShopWise App for your Holiday shopping needs

How would you like to access flyers to all your favourite retailers whenever you want to? No matter where you are you can see the latest and greatest deals from all your fave stores! This app is perfect for winter shopping and gift buying. 
The ShopWise app from Yellow Pages now has this handy Flyer feature so you can do this. Grocery stores and retail stores like Marks, Mastermind Toys and more. 
The YP ShopWise app keeps improving and introducing new functions and features. You can see a list of available retailers and click on each to enlarge. Once there you can see all of the deals for the week. Being winter we need coats for the boys.
This easy to use and quick to install app is available on Android ,  iPhone as well as Blackberry l. The new functionality that will be available soon « Gift Finder » allows  the opportunity to access the “flyers” on your mobile device for your area. This surely will help you get ready for Christmas pain free! ShopWise is releasing interesting new editorial content users will be able to see everyday a gift list according to the people you have on your shopping list,  taking into account the best deals around you. A real helper for the last minute shopper this will help you to find presents for everyone.
Download ShopWise today to;
• Find the hottest deals around you
• Look for a particular product, store or brand near you
• Have the best offers displayed on an interactive map or a dynamic list
• Stay up-to-date with the best deals for you
• Access the flyers of the most popular retail stores
Gifts are not the only thing you can find with ShopWise. My boys are growing like weeds and both need new winter coats. Using the ShopWise app I was able to find the best deals on winter coats for my teen boys. Name brand coats as well! I first used the flyers feature to find sales in my area. Then used the search feature and looked for ‘Mens coats’ as well as ‘coats’ to find a great deal at Old Navy for 50% off. Being able to shop at the closest location to me was super handy as well. The application allows me to search by store name in the flyers, or key word and by city or location near me. So when we are in the city and not sure where to go, we just use the app.
Still not sure what we wanted, I also searched using the store name ‘West 49’ . My boys really like their clothes and I figured it was worth a shot. I found a great deal on a pullover sweater for winter that I think they will love.
Saving money has never been THIS easy with the enhanced presentation of ShopWise and their improved navigation! Not seeing all these great features? Download the latest update to experience the great new look and features. Your Fall and winter shopping will be trouble-free when you do. 
Saving money these days is so important as it seems our budgets are shrinking. Having the tools needed to help us parents and consumers do this are priceless. If you have holiday shopping to do still or just want to get some retail therapy in, download YP ShopWise today and save what you can, where you can!


  1. ninjamommers says

    Oh so cool! I really want to try this app out. Thanks for letting us know about this!
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  2. Thanks for sharing Kim! I had not heard about ShopWise yet. I always have my phone on me and always try to get the best deal when shopping. I'm going to download this app for my phone right away!

  3. This seems like a pretty awesome app. I will download it right now!
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