6 Gifts to give for the Person who has everything

You have all your Christmas shopping planned, but you can’t figure out what to get that one person. Maybe it’s your significant other. Maybe it’s a Secret Santa. Either way, this person has everything. What do you get a person who has everything? Check out these ideas below.

A Personalized Photo Gift

If you can make a gift unique with a personal photo, then it’s clearly something the gift recipient doesn’t have. With sites like Shutterfly, you can create gifts friends and family will love. It’s not all about photo books and framed pictures, though. You can create other things like:

  • Giant wall decals
  • Personalized stockings
  • Custom iPhone covers
  • A heritage cookbook made out of old family photos and recipe cards
  • Blankets
  • Ornaments
  • Plates
  • A vintage family photo album scanned and made digital
  • And much more!

Even create personalized gift paper for wrapping your present to make it extra special.


If the person on your list likes to read, there’s no way he or she has enough books to fill his or her Kindle shelf. Why not gift them a Kindle book that they can read on their tablet? It’s easy! All you have to do is go to Amazon and choose the book you want to send them. On the right-hand side, click “Give as a Gift.” Enter the person’s email address that’s registered with Kindle, and it will be delivered to their device.

If they don’t have a tablet, and you’re looking for a more extravagant gift, there are several tablets that are affordable from carriers with reliable coverage like T-Mobile.  A tablet is perfect for your tech-loving family member who has it all. The iPad Mini 3 is small enough to fit in their purse or briefcase, and it’s perfect for reading eBooks.

With eBooks, you can also choose to email the gift to yourself and then forward the gift email to your recipient. If your recipient isn’t much of a reader, then consider gifting him or her a digital magazine subscription or something along those lines.

Phone Accessories


Image via Flickr by AshtonPal

Okay, so maybe this person already has the latest and greatest smartphone, but have you explored the accessories that go along with that? Consider getting them a portable smartphone photo printer. Maybe they could use a solar-powered phone or tablet case, too.

Do they already have a smartphone car cellphone holder? If not, there’s an idea. They might love a bluetooth keyboard to connect to their phone, too. What about a smartphone sanitizer that uses UV light to kill germs? Note the latest gadget that they have and give them gifts that will make their recent purchase even more fantastic.


What do you give to someone who has everything? Forget about the physical gifts that you can hand over. Instead, give them the experience of a lifetime. Schedule a Segway or helicopter tour of the city. If your gift recipient is a daredevil, give them the gift of a skydiving experience.

Other ideas include whitewater rafting, a hot air balloon ride, or an ATV tour. You can also opt for buying tickets to popular attractions or providing concert tickets to see a band you know the person loves. It’s best to check with them first, subtly or through a friend, if your recipient will be available the day of the tour.

Gift Cards

So, you think your person has everything? Then provide them the opportunity to choose their own present. A gift card from a major clothes retailer will allow a woman to buy those shoes she’s had her eye on, even though she already has a closet full of them. A gift card to a hardware store gives a man a chance to pick out that one tool he’s missing from his collection. What about a gift card to a restaurant? It’s like giving the gift of a night out, and that’s something that everyone could use!

Crazy Gifts

If the person for whom you’re trying to find a gift really seems to have everything, explore the many unique gifts that they likely don’t have. An alarm clock that jumps off your nightstand and rolls around the room until you get up and turn it off? It’s called Clocky, and yes, it’s a real thing. Is your recipient a guitar player? Maybe he or she would like a Pick Punch, a device that punches out guitar picks from old credit cards. Check out this extensive list of unique Christmas gifts. You’re sure to find something that the person who has everything doesn’t actually have.

Choosing gifts can be a tough ordeal. Which one of these options will you go with?


  1. lyndac1968 says

    Some pretty good ideas listed here, I always get stumped on that one person..lol

  2. Next year I really have to plan better and do some personalized stuff!! Great ideas thanks 🙂

  3. Totally agree with blankets!! that is the perfect present…even a throw for the couch. They are always appreciated.

  4. This is a great list! We make personalized stockings every year. It's awesome receiving 1 big gift that contains many small ones and you can make each one to the persons liking.

  5. I have a few hard to buy people on my list and I have to admit I usually go the easy way out and give them gift cards, maybe next year I will do some personalized gifts.

  6. Can't go wrong with phone accessories!!! Gift cards too! especially for teens, they like being in the mall more than I do lol

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