GLAD OdorShield Neutralizing Holiday odors with Febreze Freshness


This time of year my home is filled with all kinds of different smells. Some good and some bad. The more we cook the more we have to throw out. I find we tend to eat some stinkier than usual foods this time of year. Shrimp, crab, old cheeses and meats to name a few. Toss the waste out and the garbage stinks up the kitchen. If you are smart you planned ahead, GLAD OdorShield helps with this stink problem. Nobody wants unwanted smells when guests can show up!

Ready and prepared to handle even your smelliest kitchen garbage, this bag helps neutralize the worst trash odors. And with the Easy-Tie®closure you just tie, grab, toss, and you’re done.

For me having a house full of children, dogs and a bird I do not want anymore smells than I already have. This time of year we have enough to worry about as it is. GLAD has so many great products to add great smells to your home. Items such as candles, greenery, fresh flowers, open windows, and using GLAD odour guard bags to neutralize any trash odours that might get in the way are all ways to lesson the smells in your home.



We ate a lot of smelly rich foods and it was great to be able to throw out the waste without worrying about additional smells in the kitchen. Turkey left in the garbage over night is the worst! But not this year thanks to GLAD!

GLAD OdorShield garbage bags come in many sizes to fit your many needs.

A few I tried out were

Easy-Tie® Regular Kitchen Catchers® Bags and Easy-Tie® Small Kitchen Compostable Bags

With all the stresses of the holidays, not worrying about unwanted smells was great! Have you tried GLAD garbage bags with Febreze OdorGuard?

No matter what your garbage worry is GLAD has you covered. These bags are great for the kitchen bathroom and any other room you want to keep odor free.



Disclosure-This post was brought to you by GLAD. All opinions are my own


  1. Florence Cochrane says

    I have not tried them. Sounds like a great bag to use all year round.

  2. I have tried the Glad Kitchen bags and they are great!

  3. I buy Glad garbage bags with Febreze OdorGuard all the time. They are the best and really do control the odors, I love the compostable bags also for my food scraps.

  4. We use these occasionally and absolutely love the way they smell and how much they mask odors. Great product!

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