Holiday baking pack from Hallmark & other great stuff #FlashGiveaway

Every year Hallmark brings out the most festive products that add all the extra details to holiday decorating. Fun nostalgic items and cute festive characters. A little bit of everything for all those people on your list. 

A few more surprises from Hallmark #hallmarkpresspause

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Ever since I can remember Hallmark has been part of our Christmas traditions. The go to place for fun, unique characters and great gifts! hallmark-baking This holiday season Hallmark introduced a great selection of fun festive and super cute items for the home. Some of my favourites are below.  Tabletop Tree table-top-tree The Perfect Tree Techno Plush perfect-tree-techno-plush Northpole Cookie Spooner Spoon Stir and spoon up your kitchen concoction just like an elf! This spoon is straight from a cozy Northpole kitchen to yours. Northpole-Cookie-Spooner-Spoon Northpole Cookie Wonder Wheel Rolling Cookie Cutter cookie-wonder-wheel-rolling-cookie-cutter   Now you can have the secret weapon of busy elf bakers in Northpole. Create perfect elf-sized cookies in lots of holiday shapes with a single roll over your dough. Experience even more Northpole magic.

    • Creates perfect rolled cookies in multiple shapes every time by cutting out three cookies in one pass of the wheel.


  • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe.



  • Plastic.



Northpole Cozy Nesting Bowls Northpole-Cozy-Nesting-Bowls These Northpole nesting bowls make for a totally unique hostess gift. Northpole Sprinkle Bell Northpole-Sprinkle-Bell Spruce up your cookies with this game-changing Northpole kitchen gadget. Fill the bell with your favorite sugary sprinkles and watch it release the perfect pre-measured amount over your yummy cookies. Experience even more Northpole magic.

    • Cookie-sized portion of sprinkles dispensed for each cookie.


  • Holds one standard-size container of sprinkles (10 oz.).



  • Recommended sprinkles are nonpareils.



  • Sprinkles not included.



  • Plastic.



Northpole Big Elf Apron for Adults little-elf-apronElves love baking tasty and sweet creations. Tie this apron on your little cookie taster, grab your favorite super-secret recipe and enjoy a little bit of kitchen magic. Tie on the coordinating Cookie Maker apron to make it a family affair. Like you can see, Hallmark has everything you need to do your holiday baking and entertaining.  giveaway time I have a fabulous flash giveaway for one lucky Canadian reader. The prize pack is open to Canadians and contains  Northpole Cookie Spooner Spoon, $4.95 Northpole Cookie Wonder Wheel Rolling Cookie Cutter, $9.95 Northpole Cozy Nesting Bowls, $9.95 Northpole Sprinkle Bell, $7.95 Northpole Big Elf Apron for Adults, $9.95 


  1. cheesecake

  2. I attempted to bake bread…

  3. I made pear cake a few weeks ago.

  4. nicolthepickle says

    I made peanut butter fudge a few minutes ago. Technically not baking…does it still count?

  5. Last thing I've baked was a delicious spice cake with cream cheese icing .

  6. I baked cinnamon buns the other day.

  7. Banana bread, yesterday.

  8. I just finished baking cherry chocolate chip shortbread cookies!

  9. Florence Cochrane says

    A pan of Date Crumbles yesterday.

  10. I made cherry walnut butter tart squares today!

  11. apple crisp and apple sauce and shortbread

  12. Jeannie Lam says

    I baked some shortbread cookies.

  13. angie andrews says

    The last thing I baked were zucchini muffins

  14. last thing i baked was cupcakes!

  15. Pumpkin cake!

  16. Chocolate cakepops

  17. cottagebunny says

    I made some maple butter tarts and some ginger snaps are on my baking list too.

  18. stacey dempsey says

    The last thing we baked was gingerbread cookies, we made a bunch this week

  19. Erika Belanger says

    I baked Chocolate cake mix cookies!

  20. Tammy Dalley says


  21. Chris Stockford says


  22. cookies!

  23. Gingerbread cookies last night.

  24. Erin McSweeney says


  25. oatbran muffins

  26. I baked cranberry bran muffins today 🙂

  27. biscotti. thanks

  28. Dinner rolls!!

  29. fishinmom04 says

    I just made some chocolate mocha chocolate chip cookies yesterday

  30. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    That had to be Christmas cookies – Snowflakes

  31. Juliee Fitze says

    Last thing I baked was skor cookies.

  32. sschool2010 says

    Does Jello count?*l* If not then it was cookies! 🙂

  33. Banana chocolate chip muffins

  34. The last thing I baked in the kitchen was gingerbread cookies and whipped short bread all on the same day.

  35. I'm in the process of making Italian rum cake

  36. Doris Calvert says

    I made some banana bread

  37. MADE A DISASTROUS cake 🙁

  38. Cinnamon rolls

  39. Christmas Tarts

  40. Buttertart squares

  41. cheesecake

  42. Last night I made my first batch of holiday shortbread!

  43. seham merzib says

    shortbread cookies

  44. I made shortbread yesterday-6 dozen!

  45. Carol Denny says

    I made a carrot cake!

  46. the last thing I made was chocolate chip cookies

  47. I baked banana loaf yesterday


  48. amber Stankowski says

    Rice krisprie treat christmas trees

  49. I baked thumb print cookies last week

  50. The last thing that I bake was banana muffin

  51. cherry tarts and peanut butter bark!

  52. kathy downey says

    Chicken pot pie this afternoon

  53. ginger bread men

  54. Flourless Pumpkin muffins last week.

  55. Victoria Ess says

    I last baked gingerbread!

  56. Karry Knisley says

    The last thing I baked was peanut butter cookie

  57. kimm Coleman says

    Gingerbread cookies

  58. chocolate chip cookies!

  59. Chocolate chip cookies

  60. brownies for hubby

  61. harmonyfawn says


  62. Darlene Schuller says

    Yesterday we made peanut butter cookies!

  63. I made pecan pie yesterday 🙂

  64. Brenda Lacourciere says

    Gingerbread men

  65. banana bread and oatmeal cookies

  66. I baked banana bread two nights ago.

  67. We baked a Banana Bread last

  68. I just baked short bread men.

  69. The cookies for Christmas are all done and in the freezer.

  70. choc chip cookies

  71. Belinda McNabb says

    My son and I baked some chocolate chip cookies last week

  72. Chocolate chip cookies

  73. I 'baked' rice krispie treats. I'm AMAZING!
    My recent post Walk Off The Earth, Shores of Erie International Wine Festival 2014

  74. Shortbreads made today.

  75. My girls and I baked chocolate chip cookies tonight.

  76. A citrus cheesecake.

  77. chocolate chip muffins

  78. I made smores pie 2 weeks ago and pudding last night.

  79. cinnamon buns 🙂

  80. Chicken, rice & mushroom casserole topped with melted cheese

  81. I made shortbread cookies for the teachers!

  82. carinharris says

    Last thing I made was mini chocolate croissants.

  83. carinharris says

    Last thing I made was mini chocolate croissants

  84. cookies

  85. Kayla Gilbert says

    The last thing I baked was french-style crepes!

  86. Brenda Penton says

    I baked a gingerbread Oreo cheesecake

  87. karinespace says

    Sugar cookies in shapes of christmas tree, snowman and snowflake haha

  88. I made homemade oatmeal whole wheat cookies for my daughter. they were horrible

  89. I just made mini cheesecakes for my daughter to take to her school. 🙂

  90. i baked some gingerbread cookies

  91. Sugar Cookies!

  92. Last week I baked chocolate chip cookies for my pregnant daughter 🙂

  93. We baked some delicious oatmeal cookies

  94. Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  95. banana chip muffins

  96. I just finished making chocolate chip cookies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. We had gingerbread men not long ago.

  98. butterflyamyc says

    I baked chocolate chip cookies last.

  99. jessica eapen says

    sugar cookies =)

  100. i made sugar cookies yesterday!

  101. Elva Roberts says

    I baked two lemon pies for my family -my daughter and her husband visited us and it's her fav pie.

  102. I made walnut blondies and toffee bars on Saturday night.

  103. Tricia Hope says

    Whipped shortbread

  104. I like your blog so…

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