Keep the Magic in Christmas and put Santa on a Budget


We are not religious in any way but we celebrate Christmas.  We have many traditions and have a lot of fun every year. For us Christmas is about family, love, giving and magic. The sparkle in a child’s eye Christmas morning is the best! We have a Christmas tree, put out stockings and Santa comes for a visit while we sleep. Three of our children are old enough not to have Santa visit, but one is six, so he still leaves gifts for her. Of course she is excited for the big guys visit!

Recently I saw a few updates on social media reminding people or maybe suggesting people to limit gifts from Santa. These updates were not telling people what to do, but gentle suggestions. These updates made me rethink about how I do things. Over the years I have had more than my share of keeping up with the Jones’ scenarios. Comparing my life to others, my car and my house etc. But adults do that and we get over it. Kids on the other hand do not understand finances. 

For children, Christmas is magical.

Santa is generous and kind.


So please remember that children talk. When they see each other after the holidays they will brag about what they got. How sad would it be if Santa brought one child a small toy and socks when others get a huge amazing expensive gift?

They will not understand.

Save the big gifts to be from YOU. 

Of course it is your right to spoil your child. You work hard and you deserve to spoil your children. They deserve to be spoiled, all children do. But when you are wrapping gifts and adding name tags, consider the big gifts being “from Mom & dad” not “from Santa” (or just mom or dad whatever works for your family). 

With the world being what it is, magic is all some children have. Parents are already stressed this time of year and keeping up with Santa is not easy. Having had three small children eagerly awaiting the visit in previous years, I know. 

Children grow up so fast and stop believing in the magic before we realize. 

Over the years I have seen this play out before. Christmas and other holidays as well as visits from the Tooth Fairy. Some are modest and practical and others are not. 

This year jammies and a game will be from Santa in my home. All the other gifts will be from Mom and Dad. 

I want to keep the magic in Christmas and am putting Santa on a Budget in my home 🙂

Please consider the feelings of other children in your child’s life when you are writing up gift tags for presents this year.

I am not telling you what to do, just giving you another way to think of things. I am happy this was suggested to me xo

Happy Holidays! 


  1. What a great article. Sometimes we go overboard and this is a great way!

  2. Yes, I definitely have Santa on a budget. Great post, sometimes we have to do what we have to do

  3. Jacqui Odell says

    It is possible to do on a budget. We do!

  4. I hadn't really considered that. We try to make sure that the kids will be excited about what we purchase for them, but Santa could help share the spotlight.

  5. I JUST had this conversation with my mom this week and I agree 100%. I think it is important that the big gifts come from family, not from Santa… in our home Santa stuffs the stockings and leaves smaller gifts around the tree. My husband's mom used to say EVERYTHING was from Santa, she didn't wrap anything!! So so weird to me.

  6. I honestly never thought of this until last year. Growing up it was always the assumption that Santa brought the bigger gifts. I don't recall anyone ever saying "Santa got me this" but nowadays it's all about what you have. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  7. I agree, santa puts a few items in the stockings and gives the kids one or two items that was on their letter to santa. This year they received skates and one book from Santa.

  8. Tara Gauthier says

    I have always done things this way! Not only do I want the credit for getting my kids things that they love and enjoy, having been through times when we didn't have a lot of money I get it when can't give your kids everything that their friends get.

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