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During the holiday seasons many people travel. If you’re one of the millions you know the worst thing that can happen before or during your adventures is to get sick. Whether it’s picking up a bad cold prior to departure or ending up with a case of food poisoning while you’re on the road, there are any number of ways to turn this exciting time into a miserable experience. You can’t prevent every ailment or illness that may come your way but you can take some steps to stave some off.

Eat and Sleep Well

With so much happening you will be trying to pack in as much as possible. One of the quickest ways to get sick is by wearing down your immune system. Sleep allows our bodies to recharge and reboot. If you’re not sleeping well then your chances of getting sick will go up. The same goes for eating. Holidays are a great time to indulge in treats you may overlook during the rest of the year, but the key is moderation. If your body isn’t used to eating certain types of foods having too much at once will cause a bad reaction.

Take Your Vitamins

Some people swear by vitamins. During busy travel times they are a good secret weapon to have. A boost of Vitamin C if you start to feel a bit sniffly, an iron supplement if you’re lethargic or weak. There are many different vitamins that can help you start feeling better. You also can stick with a good multivitamin for all around well-being. If you plan to travel and aren’t sure about vitamins talk to your doctor or the pharmacist as they may be able to recommend some that would be helpful.  There are also homeopathic medications that can help with things like difficulty sleeping, motion sickness, or other ailments you may experience while traveling. It’s worth exploring these before setting out.

Don’t Overdo It

Keep your schedule and yourself in check while you’re traveling. If you have a flight bright and early, don’t stay out all night. Build time into your schedule that will allow you to keep things as normal as possible. Keeping to a routine that is somewhat similar to what your body is used to will help you remain balanced and avoid falling ill.

Time Time to Recharge

Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important but so is simply taking time to relax. It can be very easy to spend your entire time traveling, actually moving about. This is especially true during the holiday season when you’ve got plenty of friends and family to visit. But, too much can be too much. Having windows of time where there is nothing expected of you, and you’re able to simply sit back and relax is important. This time helps your body recharge and keeps you healthy.

These are just some of the ways travelers can remain healthy while on the road. I’d love to know what some of your favorite tips to staying healthy while traveling are, or remedies you have to turn back the clock when you start to feel a bit under the weather.



  1. Masshole Mommy says

    I have been sick on vacation and its NO fun at all. These are great ideas.

  2. I think these are great tips. I am always watching and doing my best for healthy choices when I travel.

  3. These are great tips! I tend to not do any of those when I travel which is probably why I end up sick after every trip I take.
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  4. What great tips! I don’t travel often but if I do I’m happy to know all this!

  5. These are great tips. Unfortunately, the most important one is the hardest to do. Don't overdo it. That's really hard when you're trying to see all the sights and what not.
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  6. It's so easy to wear your body out so it can't fight germs while traveling. I always try to relax at least 1-2 hours a day when we are away from home.
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  7. ninasaysblog says

    i need to work on eating better and actually going to sleep at a reasonable hour. It is way too easy to slip into bad habits in that area.

  8. My entire family was sick on our latest trip. It was absolutely miserable. I even remembered to take my vitamins, but the upper respiratory virus spread through us like wildfire! Today is our first fever free day since before Thanksgiving!

  9. I was terribly sick on one of our days at Disney earlier this year. It was NOT fun. It was day 4 and I probably wasn't getting enough rest, so I should have done that and avoided the whole day of illness!
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  10. Catherine S says

    Being sick on vacation is never fun. These are all really great suggestions to help avoid getting sick.

  11. ascendingbutterfly says

    It is definitely a drag getting sick while on vacation. Sadly the airplane tends to get everyone if folks on your flight have a cold or flu because of the recycled air.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  12. What's funny is that I always seem to sleep better on vacation. No kiddo. No pets to take care of. No chores. Just fun and rest. I always pack a little emergency kit though cause I never know when I am going to start feeling poorly.
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  13. asmithblogs says

    What great ideas. It's easy to indulge while traveling. But I do find myself more active because I want to get out and see everything!

  14. The Harried Mom says

    I always take some probiotics while I"m on vacation, I find it helps me out. Getting enough rest too is important so you're not worn out!
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  15. Windows of time where there is nothing expected of you. Ahhh…say it again, it sounds so wonderful. 😉
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  16. I like relaxinf vacations. This is why we cruise, there is no where we have to be

  17. These are great points to make about traveling. People try to jam so much stuff in to there vacations. You should make sure you have time to just relax.

  18. Being sick on vacation is the absolute worst! These are great tips!

  19. Very good advice. No matter where you are, you have to get enough sleep.
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  20. casavilorainteriors says

    It is important to take precautions before travel. Thanks for the great advice

  21. fabmomblog says

    Great points! I got sick while on vacation back in September.

  22. fancygrlnancy says

    Great tips. Sometimes enjoying a vacation we forget these things.

  23. We don't travel much. But I wish we did. These are great tips to keep your healthy when traveling.

  24. I try to pack too much into a vacation sometimes. I know I need to get more sleep.

  25. traveling can be a tough time to stay on track. thank you for these tips!

  26. Get enough sleep. That is where I fall short. I need about 3 extra hours in the day just for sleeping.

  27. Not over doing it is always challenging for me. I don’t want to waste any time not doing something awesome!

  28. This is great advice here. This time of year it seems we are always getting sick!

  29. brandyellen says

    These are such easy and wonderful ways to stay healthy while traveling. We don't really travel, but I know friends who do so I must share this with them so they stop coming back drained!
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  30. themommyfiles03 says

    These are some great tips! I definitely think that eating and sleeping well is so important when you're traveling.
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  31. themommyfiles03 says

    These are some great tips! I definitely think that eating and sleeping well is so important when you're traveling.
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  32. I don't do much traveling, but I really don't get near enough sleep anymore. Great tips!
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