When is it okay to re-gift? #ok2regift

Re-gifting defined

Verb- give (a gift one has received) to someone else.

Some may say giving a gift one received to another is poor taste. But we all do this often when we donate items we no longer use or need to others. So why is re-gifting frowned upon? Why shouldn’t others get pleasure from items one person no longer uses? I am not talking about re-gifting a sweater or fruit cake or even a toaster oven your mother in-law JUST gave you because you did not like the colour. 

So when is re-gifting okay? Does the value of the item matter? What about how long you had it or who you are gifting it to? Does any of this matter? 

For many of us funds are low this time of year and we all can use to save where we can when we can. Giving away your out-of-use electronics for reuse is a great thing to do around the holiday season. It will make the holidays brighter for somebody in need. You can either give them away to somebody you know or donate them to a charity. Places like shelters and daycare would also make good new homes for old electronics.

Having teens, my kids seem to outgrow a lot of electronics before they are worn out. Often they are great for younger children who are just getting into video games and electronics. So gifting them for their use is a win win for all. Electronics contain valuable materials such as gold, copper and other rare metals. Reusing electronics helps ensure fewer of these materials are taken out of the earth.

When our youngest started getting interested in apps, there was no way we were going to buy a new iPad for her. So we purchased a used model. One of the first. It was super cheap and 3 years later is still used daily by her. She has dropped it, spilled stuff on it and added all kinds of pictures and apps to it. Still works and was previously someone else’s. It was the perfect gift!


One of my teens is pretty big on gaming and is always wanting the latest and greatest games and gaming system. So he sells his old stuff to make money for new. That is not really “re-gifting” but it still shows how there is a use for old electronics. 

If you have old electronics laying around, I bet there is a child or even ‘new to electronics’ senior who would love them. Many elderly people are interested in learning how to use electronics but afraid to spend the money on something new while learning. So used is a great option for them.


The end of the year is great for considering ‘in the new and old with the old’ as is, so make room for what Santa may be placing under the tree. Re-gift or donate your out-of-use electronics this holiday season. If a gadget can’t be re-used, visit RecycleYourElectronics.ca to find out where to drop it off to be recycled.

What would you re-gift?


Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by RecycleYourElectronics.ca All opinions are honest and my own


  1. Masshole Mommy says

    I have passed on some old Leap Frog hand held things to my nephews and nieces, but I give them to the kids – not gift them.

  2. sweetmomma says

    Hmm, I would re-gift a new never opened gift but I wouldn't give try and pass off something old for new.
    Color me funny that way.
    I have given a ton of stuff way but I would never wrap it up.

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  3. I think it is ok to regift something that is new and unused as well.
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  4. I don't regift – I donate. I think it is okay to regift – I just never do it.

  5. loisaltermark says

    I've re-gifted new items that I never opened but anything that's already been opened or used is just given away to those who can use them.
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  6. I think you kind of just know what you can re-gift and what you can't. Most of my gifts are from family so I keep them around though!

  7. I have regifted items l like gift sets with lotions to teachers or to coworkers. I also will divide them apart and create new gifts.

  8. Christina Berry says

    I'm really big on giving away things I can no longer use or need, especially if it's something that someone else can put to good use. In my opinion there's absolutely nothing wrong with me giving my old iPhone to my 13 year old niece when I get a new one. But I'd never dream of wrapping it up as a holiday present.

    An interesting story: a few years ago for Christmas, my uncle gave my dad a DVD of a popular movie – but not before he watched the DVD himself. I just thought that was kind of tacky, buying a brand new DVD and then opening it and using it before gifting it. What if my dad already had that DVD? He wouldn't have been able to return it, even for an exchange, because it had been opened.

  9. The thing is that technology changes so fast, it not only is costly to keep up but it's hard to keep up. This is a wonderful idea!
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  10. I think regifting is a great way to save money and still get someone something they will really love! For instance, I think getiing your 3 year old the previously used ipad was a very smart idea. That way, you don't have to worry as much when she has little accidents with it.
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  11. I've never regifted before, it sounds like a good way to save money!
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  12. I plan to regift some ideas that I have never used this year. I know others who have done the same. If the item is still new I don't see a problem with it.
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  13. My daughter has some old electronics that she could donate! Great idea!

  14. I regift new things that I don't want. It's usually kitchen stuff and sometimes I regift the kids video games if they get 2 of the same. I do regift my old electronics to my kids though, I can't possibly see gifting them new ones with the way they are rough on things.
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  15. If I get something I'm not going to use, and I know someone else will really enjoy it, I'll re-gift. Doesn't happen often, but it happens and I have no guilt. 🙂
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  16. I think re-gifting is a great idea for many reasons. After all, one girl's trash is another girl's treasure.
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  17. multitestingmommy says

    I only re-gift unopened, unused items that I have received and have no use for. I also will donate those types of items.

  18. I did the same with my daughter, she loves to play with app so we gave her an old iPhone to use her favorite apps on. She's 3 so she really doesn't care if its older, as long as she gets to play with her apps! So yeah, I wold def re-gift electronice to little ones. They can't tell the difference! =)
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  19. I never thought about donating to a senior citizen. One of the forgotten populations.

  20. I regift a lot of items. It sometimes makes it easier especially when I know that the other person would appreciate it
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  21. I think we all have more than we could possibly use at times 😉 And I love the idea of recycling electronics, I'm so happy to hear that services like this exist!

  22. What a great idea to donate your older, unused electronics to someone who would use them!

  23. This post couldnt have came at a better time! I am thinking of regifting my laptop to my dad because he wants one for Christmas.

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I think it is ok to re gift items that are new and never used. I don't re gift often as I really like all the gits I get.

  25. My son sells his old electronics often. I’m shocked because I thought he’d want to save them all and go back and forth!
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  26. I regift – depending on the item. If I regift it I have repurposed it first. Now years ago I was known to regift something to the person who gave it to me if it was a ridiculous gift to begin with. Oh how I have grown.
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  27. we as adults do it fully knowing its something that we've had that we no longer have a use for or its not up to our expectations …for instance I HATE the nesspresso I have but my BIL wants it, and it still has 12 of the samples that came with the machine ..he's more then willing to accept that as a Christmas gift this yr (and no wonder, its a pricey machine) I had a Tassimo but liked the Keurig betterr so we swapped that with them as well (I only need to use the machine when husband has stole all 12 cups in our Bunn machine) And with good brand names like little tykes, you bet we regifted (But I got them all back) our little tykes car went thru 4 children and is in great working order after 20 yrs, the cottage has gone thru just as many kids (and even fell out of the back of the half ton on the way to the third child) and is in great condition, as is the climber!!!

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