#PowerSmiles and the Holidays with Duracell this Season #Giveaway

Each year, thousands of children and their families spend time in Canadian hospitals over the holidays. To help ensure kids can still be kids, and enjoy the magic of the season even in the midst of illness, Duracell will be donating a year’s supply of batteries to hospitals across Canada. These batteries will be used to power the thousands of playroom toys and games that children and their families will be playing with this holiday season and beyond.

In addition, for eQuantum Batteriesvery pack of Duracell Quantum and CopperTop batteries that Canadians purchase at Walmart from December 1st to December 31st, 2014, Duracell will donate 20 cents to Children’s Miracle Network, with the goal to raise $150,000. To learn more about the campaign follow @Duracell on Twitter.

We all know there’s nothing more disappointing than a child receiving a toy on Christmas morning to find that it’s powerless. With your purchase, not only will you be powering your family’s holiday joy, you’ll also help make a child’s hospital stay a little brighter.



We have all been there either as a child or a parent. The perfect gift is unwrapped and everyone is excited to try it out. Just to realize that SOMEONE forgot the batteries. Don’t let that someone be you! 

Recently Hasbro sent us a Transformers: Age of Extinction Chomp and Stomp Grimlock to power up with some Duracell Quantum batteries. This great toy is sure going to be a hit in my house! (Age: 5 years and up, Approximate Retail Price: $89.99)

Your 20-inch Chomp and Stomp Grimlock figure is a giant robot with a mighty sword whos ready to take on any enemy. He changes in 1 step to a dino with a terrible, chomping jaw and light-up eyes! Power Battlers and One-Step Changes figures (sold separately) activate different lights, sounds and weapons, and his weapons pop out for battle!



This holiday season when you are out shopping for the perfect gift, remember the batteries! Everyone will be glad you did 🙂

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One lucky Canadian reader is going to win a Hasbro Transformers: Age of Extinction Chomp and Stomp Grimlock  + Duracell batteries. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. Good luck! 


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  1. stacey dempsey says

    My son will need batteries for a remote control helicopter that is under the tree

  2. Florence Cochrane says

    My grandson needs batteries for his remote car.

  3. You know what..I don’t think there are any presents under the tree that need batteries this year.

  4. We have a giant fire truck from Santa. Honestly can't think of what else needs batteries?

  5. My little guy's Leap Pad needs batteries.

  6. Jeannie Lam says

    My son's HW RC flying car will need batteries

  7. My niece will need batteries for her Fisher Price Chair.

  8. We do!…& my little cousins. We're constantly running out.

  9. My sons are getting Zoomer Dinos and they need batteries.

  10. The glow in the dark sleep aid (that's looks like an octopus) needs batteries

  11. Wendy Hutton says

    the only thing under the tree with batteries is a Innotab max tablet for my niece

  12. my brother! i'm giving him a flashlight (it's an inside joke)

  13. We have hand held radio. thankyou, ken

  14. Zoomer Dino and a Frozen wand

  15. Lynn mathieu says

    My boys need batteries for their monster trucks

  16. The Smart Stages Fisher Price chair that we are giving my nephew will need them.

  17. Doris Calvert says

    Oh what dosn't! We have helicopters, cars, bead machine's etc

  18. ps4 controller

  19. At the moment we don't have any that actually need batteries, they all came with them. We have two watches, and a Baby Alive.

  20. Zoomer Dino bot

  21. Dayna Wilson says

    I got my daughter one of those Fur Real Pandas, it needs batteries!

  22. I don't have a present under the tree that needs batteries but I do have some of my favorite Hallmark Snowmen collectables that need batteries so the kids can make them work.

  23. Erika Belanger says

    Oh boy, my daughters new singing Anna doll lol

  24. nenasinclair says

    I bought my granddaughter a singing Elsa doll and my grandson a RC snowmobile, both take batteries! I've still got gifts to buy still, too, and most of them will require batteries!

  25. We need batteries for Simon.

  26. My son will be getting an Air Hogs helicopter that need batteries


  27. butterflyamyc says

    We have a remote control car under the tree that needs batteries

  28. I got a KitKat Klock for a friend! It takes two C batteries!

  29. nicolthepickle says

    A flashlight head lamp. Not really a toy persay, but it needs batteries.

  30. We got our son a Boogie Board that will need batteries as well as hot wheels toys that need them too.

  31. for some son new remote controll truck
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  32. Susan Hanley says

    Dreamz to go Octo light for my grandson needs batteries.

  33. Elva Roberts says

    I gave my grandson the red siren police put on their car as he is planning on becoming a policeman. I still have to get batteries for it, as I try never to give a gift, requiring batteries, without supplying lots of batteries.

  34. My grandson would absolutely love this. With all the grandkids

  35. The Fisher Price Smart Stages chair will need batteries!

  36. my daughter needs batteries for her microphone

  37. Mostly remote controls for the new devices.

  38. Carol Denny says

    We have cars that need batteries.

  39. What doesn't need batteries..lol which reminds me I need to go buy some batteries before Christmas, I need batteries for a barbie doll, flashlight a shaver and a few more things

  40. Sarah Stickney says

    my son is getting a garbage truck with lights and sounds

  41. My hubbies new camera flash will need batteries

  42. we will need batteries for my son's robot toy!

  43. Bought a new TV for the family, and the remote control has batteries!

  44. The wii remotes with the wii u : )

  45. We have some XBox controllers that could use batteries.
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  46. The Zoomer Dino needs batteries!

  47. there are flashlights for everyone this year. thanks

  48. board game

  49. I got my grandson a Innotab Max that needs batteries.

  50. Cant wait to give this to my grandson ty for the chance, and way to go Duracell im going to need some for the rc firetruck under the tree to remind him grampa used to be a volunteer firefighter!

  51. There is a train for my grandson that needs batteries.

  52. We don't have batteries powered presents this year, but we have a flying fairy from a recent Birthday party that drains batteries like crazy. Unfortunately for us our kids love it.

  53. Monique Rizzo says

    The video game controller for my hubby.

  54. My niece

  55. The remote controlled car needs batteries.

  56. My son is getting Boomer the DInosaur for Christmas and he will definitely need batteries!

  57. nancy stokell says

    new phones

  58. RC car toy needs batteries

  59. My son is getting a VTech Go Go smart wheels amazement park for christmas 🙂

  60. Barbie Dream House

  61. The universal remote that I bought my husband needs batteries.

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  62. My nephew's new remote control car will need batteries.

  63. a clock radio

  64. Autumn Chambers says

    I'm sure 1/2 of them require batteries. That is why we buy super packs of batteries and put them under the tree too!

  65. There 2 remote control car that need batteries..;)

  66. Juliee Fitze says

    The bird and cage need batteries.

  67. billiondollarprincesss says

    I got some flameless candles.

  68. controlled car

  69. remote control car..and they go through a lot of batteries!

  70. a small remote helicopter – sabina dot edwards at gmail dot com

  71. We have a board game that takes batteries

  72. Miriam Wilton says

    my daughter is receiving a leap reader junior. and a few other things that need batteries this year

  73. Angela Mitchell says

    A Thomas and Friends toy for my son.

  74. Dianne Arsenault says

    The flashlight I bought for my daughter's fiancee

  75. zoomer dino

  76. the youngest has a ball popper that needs quite a few

  77. My son will be receiving Optimus Primal, which needs batteries.

  78. Sandra Watts says

    The tablet I bought my son will need batteries.

  79. Georgia Bell says

    would be fun to win to give to my grandson!

  80. George Meek says

    I have a little friend who would love this……

  81. My son's remote helicopter will need batteries.

  82. lots of stuff, from remote control cars, vtect smart car buildings, bears that talk lots and lots with the 3 boys

  83. My kids didn't get anything that needs batteries this year! Oh, actually my 2 year old got a little puppy that barks and walks so I guess that uses batteries.

  84. Most of the toys under the tree need batteries. A fisher price puppy train and a toy cash register.

  85. Amanda Bernard says

    We try our best to avoid toys with batteries lol so no toys under the tree that need 'em this year. This toy looks awesome and definitely worth needing batteries for!!

  86. We need batteries for a walking dinosaur toy & a remote control airplane

  87. Monique L.S. says

    We got my daughter a princess flashlight, that she loves to turn on and leave it, so we need to make sure to have lots of batteries on hand.

  88. leigha martin says

    ♡♥♡♥♡♥nead batteries ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  89. my silver men's watch needs batteries

  90. holly ogorman says

    The FurReal pet my daughter got.

  91. Universarl Remote

  92. A light sabre!

  93. The Leap Pad requires batteries.

  94. My son received a mini air hockey table that needs batteries.

  95. InezbyDesign says

    The WII need batteries constantly! As do most of the kids toys 🙂

  96. Bailey Dexter says

    My grandson's Scout uses/needs batteries, we wore out the first batch! lol

  97. The vtech kidibeats drum kit needs batteries!

  98. Rhonda W G. says

    L.E.D candles…

  99. sschool2010 says

    God more things than I care to admit (or even think about!)

  100. SEEMS LIKE ALL OF THEM!! …seriously! my in laws ALWAYS give my son remote control cars/panes/helecopetrs / motorcycyles – you name it! the controllers AND THE VEHICLES always need batteries!

  101. Not so much under the tree, but to keep us sane through the holidays. Our Wii remote so we can continue to watch Netflix! YAY!

  102. TAMMY DALLEY says


  103. LILLIAN BROWN says

    my husbands remote controlled helicopter

  104. dawn rader says

    my boys need batteries for their new xbox remote

  105. Jessica Cyr says

    My son needed batteries for his Yoshi remote control car that was under the tree

  106. Kristin Ashe says

    Sew Cool sewing machine

  107. Nate Fuller says

    We got an elmo car this year that speaks so loudly he makes the baby cry lol, we took the batteries out of that one.

  108. Donna Allen says

    This would be a great girft for my Grandson's Birthday Jan. 16th

  109. Jennifer P. says

    My toddler's Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Chair from under the tree needs batteries.

  110. Kate Hearn says

    Omg everything needed batteries. And Santa forgot to get them for the zoomer dino, meaning daddy had to go to the corner store and pay double for some lol.

  111. My niece and nephew will need lots of their toys

  112. we need batteries for our remote control helicopter

  113. My Grandson would love this his birthday is March 9th 🙂

  114. Lisa Neutel says

    what toy doesnt need batteries these days … i got my son a remot control car that needed lots of btteries

  115. karinespace says

    A flying helicopter!

  116. Lisa McLain says

    Zoomer Dino needs batteries !!!!

  117. Mike Dachuk says

    You can never have too many batteries.

  118. My daughters needs batteries for her furby

  119. fishinmom04 says

    I didn't have presents under the tree that needed batteries but I have some remotes for video games that need batteries now! Ugh!

  120. Our baby’s mobile needs batteries

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