RBC Kids Optimism Survey and Grants

The teen years are quite possibly the hardest years in any persons life. Teens are stressed out and need the support of their parents, and community more than ever. As a mom to four, two being teens and one being 20, I found this survey to be quite interesting! 

We have all heard of the mid-life crisis, which can strike adults in their mid-40s and 50s. A new poll from RBC shows that teens and young adults are having a “quarter-life” crisis of their own. According to data from the first RBC Kids Optimism Survey, youth aged 18 to 21 are significantly less happy, less optimistic, less excited about their future, and are less likely to say the things they do in their daily life are worthwhile compared to kids aged 10 to 17. Just 57 per cent of these young adults feel they can achieve anything they want, and only 59 per cent say they frequently smile, much less often than teens aged 14 to 17 (78 per cent).

Have a look at the infographics below. You may be surprised what is on the minds of Canadian kids.



The survey of nearly 2,400 Canadian youth aged 10 to 25 shows that although Canadian kids are optimistic overall, a dramatic shift in attitudes, behaviours and beliefs occurs as teens reach early-adulthood and the realities of life set-in.


A few Findings Among Those Aged 10 to 25

Attitudes toward life, future, family change in late-teens

  • As teens age, they’re less likely to say they have a good life, that their family believes in them and makes them feel good.

Girls are happier than boys, but boys are more excited about the future

  • When it comes to level of excitement about the future, boys (67 per cent) are more excited than girls (60 per cent).
  • While most Canadian kids would describe themselves as happy, a dramatic decline occurs in the late-teen years.
  • Most boys aged 14 to 17 report being happy (81 per cent), which drops 18 points to just 63 per cent among those aged 18 to 21 compared to 69 per cent of girls in the same age range.

Satisfaction with life and tendency towards optimism drop among late teens

  • While 95 per cent of teens aged 14 to 17 say they’re satisfied with their life, satisfaction dips sharply to 82 per cent among those aged 18 to 21, and 79 per cent among those aged 22 to 25.

Recently and continuing into 2015, RBC will make a series of announcements regarding grant commitments that will affect hundreds of organizations and thousands of kids across the country. A few recent announcements include, RBC and the Public Health Agency of Canada announced a three-year $8.2-million commitment to the RBC Learn to Play Project On November 20, 2014, RBC announced $2.86 million in funding to 109 community-based after school programs across Canada through the RBC After School Project

The RBC Kids Pledge is a $100 million commitment over five years to help one million kids and youth across Canada. These funds will go towards a range of programs supporting the well-being of kids and youth, including the RBC After School Project, RBC Learn to Play Project and the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project.


  1. Wow. Those are some scary statistics, but I get it. I can see why kids and teens are having a quarter-life crisis. The world today is more complex and stressful than ever. It's great to see such a great organization, like RBC, help out.

  2. That is awesome, getting involved in school activities make the whole school experience so much better. I loved participating in choir and student council groups during my high school years.

  3. thriftymommagogo says

    This is interesting. Boys are more excited about the future than girls!?? That's kind of odd in my opinion. I wish there was a bit more detail here actually. I think kids, tweens and teens in general are a lot more worried that other generations have been. That is unfortunate and it also speaks to the high number of kids with mental health issues. I hope that people take this information and act on it. Plug in more reasons to boost young women's self esteem and more supports in high schools and so forth.

  4. Happiness & Optimism decline in late teens ?! This was an eye opening graphic!

  5. Wow! What a wake up call. These are so scary statistics. I dread when my kids become teens. I want to lead them on the right path but there are a lot of outer issues they have to deal with that I can't help. I know them getting involved in school will help.

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