Stocking Stuffers from Hasbro


In my home the stockings are the first thing the kids all open. They love to unwrap the little toys, games and candies throughout their stocking. It is a lot of fun to see what gifts each child gets in theirs.

The tradition is thought to stem from a legend about St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas is believed to have helped three poor daughters without dowries by throwing bags of gold through an open window of their home and into their stockings or shoes that were drying by the fire. While most children won’t wake up to find gold in their stockings, many, if they have been good, will find treats and presents waiting for them.



Our stockings are usually filled with chocolates, fruit and small toys that the kids love. My Little Pony, Monopolynd other cool brands from Hasbro are always a hit. You can see the full line of stocking stuffer ideas from Hasbro here.

Marvel super hero characters, Playskool characters, Play-Doh and mini Disney figurines are some that will be filling the stockings in our home. All the Hasbro toys can be found in your local Walmart, Target, Superstore and Toys R Us. I bet you will find all kinds of great ideas in store. Not to mention they make fun gifts for friends children and neighbours. 

What do you find in your stockings Christmas morning? 


  1. Hasbro is always included here over the holidays! I've had the Play doh stashed away for a while and just picked up the Barrel of Monkeys for my girls stocking. Such classics!

  2. Playdoh is always in my children's stockings. I have to pick up a few more items today I will have my eye out for the mini potato head! I also put clementines in the stockings.

  3. Treen Goodwin says

    these are some great ideas for stocking stuffers 🙂 thanks for sharing playdoh is something i always put in my Grandsons stocking he loves it 🙂

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