Transform your home into a hotel for the holidays Giveaway Canada

I love to travel and walk into a hotel room for the first time. A big clean beautiful room with yummy snacks and a comfy bed just calling my name. The smell, the textures and all the small details flood my brain as I stand in the doorway taking it all in. 

The holidays are a time to visit with family, and often this means hosting overnight guests.  Preparing your home for visitors can be an added stress during an already busy time, as this often involves extra errands to ensure you have everything you need to make your guests feel comfortable during their stay.

With a little help from P&G you’ll be known as the hostess with the mostess to your guests, as you add thoughtful hotel touches to your home.


The Bedroom

Sprinkle Downy Unstopables into your laundry to ensure sheets smell fresh and clean for their entire stay – adding a touch of luxury to their sleep!  To be sure your guests feel relaxed place a Febreze Sugared Cranberry Candle on their bedside table – the aroma is certain to put them at ease!

The Kitchen

Doing laundry can not only be a hassle for guests, but is rarely ever a priority.  With Tide-To-Go Pens, you can offer them the feeling of a crisp clean outfit instantly, in the event of a dinnertime mishap.

Harsh winter air and a sink full of dishes may sound like an unsavoury way to treat your special guests. Since they’re sure to be the first to lend a helping hand after dinner, show your gratitude and make dishwashing a pleasant, post-dinner tradition. It’s simple: swap out your favourite scented suds for Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay, cutting turkey grease and rejuvenating your guests’ hands in just five washes!

The Bathroom

Travel sized portions of body wash, face cream, shampoo and conditioner are the perfect items to keep in the full bathroom for your overnight guests.  As these products are often the first items forgotten when packing, guests will not have to worry when they see Olay Body Wash andOlay Regenerist waiting for them by the bathroom sink.

In the shower, add a couple shampoo and conditioner options to provide hair products that match your guests’ needs!  With Pantene Smooth, your guests will have hair that stays super-sleek for up to 72 hours and, with Pantene Volume, guests who suffer from flat hair will experience 24-hour volume to get them through that holiday party!

Last but not least, remember: before the doorbell rings, spray the house with Febreze Frosted Pine Air Effects. You may be noseblind to your home smell, but guests are not!

How do you prepare for holiday guests?

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To lend a helping hand, we’re excited to offer a lucky Canadian reader a Holiday host kit valued at $40*, including:

  • Downy Unstopables – $9.99
  • Tide-To-Go – $4.89
  • Olay Body Wash 50 mL – Sample Size
  • Olay Regenerist Sachets – Sample Size
  • Pantene Smooth Shampoo 50 mL – $1.49
  • Pantene Smooth Conditioner 50 mL – $1.49
  • Pantene Volume Shampoo 50 mL – $1.49
  • Pantene Volume Conditioner 50 mL – $1.49
  • Febreze Sugared Cranberry Candle – $7.98
  • Febreze Frosted Pine Air Effects – $4.79
  • Dawn Hand Renewal – $3.99

*Pricing at the discretion of the retailer.


Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.



  1. I prepare for the holidays by cleaning and doing lots of baking.

  2. I work all year, crocheting, beading, doing paper crafts and making ornaments. December is for shopping, decorating, baking and planning for the big day.

  3. Vesper1931 says

    We do very little – just buy each other presents. I feel people make too much fuss over what is really just another day.

  4. angie andrews says

    cleaning and decorating the house

  5. lyndac1968 says

    I clean my home, I do all the prepping the day before and always make sure I have lots of goodies and snacks for company!

  6. Erin McSweeney says

    I shop the whole year long, and as soon as the tree goes up i start wrapping so that i am not overwhelmed on one day

  7. dorcontest says

    I bake in advance so I am not spending all my time in the kitchen during the holidays.

  8. To prepare I make a list of all the gifts I need to get. A list of all the groceries I need.
    Bake early.
    Clean the house.

  9. I do everything early and finish shopping early to avoid the crowds.

  10. The house gets a major clean before the decorations go up, then the baking marathon begins!

  11. I actually take it day by day…buy ahead of the big rush and I don;t have to scrounge around later

  12. baking. lots of baking.

  13. Wendy Hutton says

    cleaning the house from top to bottom, cleaning all the bedroom bedding and I love using downy unstoppables on them as the scents lasts for a long time- freshens the room too

  14. Alison Braidwood says

    I do a big clean, put up my vintage ornaments, and bake bake bake.

  15. clean the house, decorate, make up the guest room, bake and make and freeze lots of goodies!

  16. I make sure the fridge is stocked and there is lots of vino.

  17. We give the house an extra deep clean.

  18. Brenda Penton says

    I deep clean a week in advance and then just keep it tidy

  19. jessica eapen says

    i prepare by baking lots of holiday cookies!

  20. Juliee Fitze says

    Have to start my cleaning tomorrow for the holidays.

  21. cleaning and decorating the house


  22. Doris Calvert says

    I always have a clean house not having kids at home and we just decorate and shop

  23. Run around like a mad woman and pray it all comes together in time!!!!

  24. sschool2010 says

    I clean the whole place and then I bake and bake and bake! (Suzi)

  25. Dayna Wilson says

    I do a deep clean, a bunch of baking, and set out holiday themed dishtowels and soaps and stuff.

  26. SweetPanda says

    I clean and tidy up my home, put up decorations and then start to bake

  27. the entire home is cleaned, top to bottom and back again. thanks

  28. Bake and freeze it all, clean, decorate and clean some more

  29. I try and prepare for Christmas dinner ahead of time as much as possible, that way I have more time to spen with my guests and the family.

  30. Kristi Renout says

    I make lists, lots of lists!

  31. Erika Belanger says

    Clean as much as I can and organize!

  32. We clean all the bedding & the guest towels, they're always clean but a little freshen up never hurts! We also use the holidays as an excuse for a full purge of the closet in the spare room, it seems to be the last stop for items before they they get donated! We also do a full-tilt-boogie "spring cleaning" in the spare room before the the holidays. We take everything off the bookcases & dust, vacuum (even under the bed! lol) & we take the curtains down for a wash to clean a years worth of dust away!

  33. Cahley Tod-Tims says

    I get all my shopping done in November so I can avoid the Xmas rush!

  34. Jeannie Lam says

    I prepare for the holidays by shopping early and cleaning the house before the holiday even begins.

  35. theepicdynamite says

    We usually don't have guests over because our house is small. We're usually guests at other ppl's houses!

  36. Karry Knisley says

    I make lists and follow them…what to bake, cook, buy etc

  37. Cleaning the house

  38. I clean the house 2 days prior to hosting xmas dinner, shop throughtout the year and. Prepare appetizers and bake a few days before and freeze them to help save time.

  39. we go to my moms for christmas i do bake up a storm
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  40. Carol Denny says

    I do a lot of baking and cleaning!

  41. I make sure we have enough food and snacks for friends and clean top to bottom. And decorate the house.

  42. I make a list of things that need to be done. Clean the house and do some baking.

  43. My daughter's birthday is right before Christmas too…so lists. Many, many lists.

  44. Miriam Wilton says

    i do all my baking a few weeks early and freeze my doughs so they are ready to rock. then i clean my house like a crazy person.

  45. Andrea Williams says

    Extra cleaning for guests coming and a big lists of to do's in preparation for cooking.

  46. I do as much prep as I can in advance including cooking and cleaning so I have time to spend with my guests when they are here.

  47. I prepare by starting early, making lists and asking for help when I need it!

  48. melanie barclay says

    Making a list and checking it twice!

  49. Stephen Gordon says

    Prepare early over time and relax and enjoy friends and family. Merry Christmas

  50. InezbyDesign says

    I prepare by making a list and checking it twice! Really, I do live by the list. It helps me to prioritize and organize what I need to do and what is most urgent.

  51. I plan and make lists to prepare for the holidays. I begin cleaning a month ahead with a good deep cleaning job.

  52. Lorrie Coleman says

    Buying things with coupons when they are on sale all year round I have just started this since July

  53. kathy downey says

    clean house / bake/ decorate /wrap gift / entertain

  54. fishinmom04 says

    I prepare by doing everything I possibly can ahead of time. Saves me from stressing out when the guests arrive

  55. Florence Cochrane says

    I get my shopping and baking done first. I clean and prepare for the big day.

  56. Linda Klages says

    tidy up often so the chore isn't too big

  57. We clean the house, do a lot of baking and decorate the house.

  58. I start with a list which includes gifts, groceries and household items.

  59. Elva Roberts says

    I plan early for the baking, decorating, gift giving, etc. I pick up gifts all year round so I won't be too swamped in December. Preparation is the way to enjoy the Christmas season.

  60. A lot of cooking and cleaning

  61. By cleaning and decorating.

  62. I do a deep clean at the end of November then I decorate, switch to festive scented candles and take out the cozy, festive throw blankets.


  63. Victoria Ess says

    I do a good clean of the house!

  64. I shop early and have everything wrapped ahead of time.

  65. nicolthepickle says

    I clean and cook a lot. And make food ready for the freezer.

  66. valerie theberge says

    I plan and make lists to prepare for the holidays 🙂

  67. cottagebunny says

    If I am expecting overnight company I like to wash the bedding and freshen their bedrooms with Febreeze spray.I do baking and tidy the house.

  68. Tammy Dalley says

    lots of baking and cleaning

  69. i clean as usual ,,bake cookies and desserts,and wrap gifts as I buy them!

  70. trisha kilpatrick says

    I prepare by decorating my mother's house for all of the family.

  71. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. Tons of baking, since for us all of December is a reason to celebrate and eat special Christmas cookies 🙂

  72. I prepare for the holidays by starting months ahead with a game plan and buying the right supplies a batch at a time and not all at once so things are manageable.

  73. I try to do my baking early and freeze it.

  74. I do a major cleaning through out November and then touch up during the holidays as I shop and bake.

  75. Belinda McNabb says

    to get ready I clean the whole house from top to bottom

  76. a big major clean before i dig out the decorations

  77. Lisa Neutel says

    i clean my home from top to bottom

  78. We go through the house and clear the clutter

  79. A lot of meal planning and ice box cookies.

  80. I bake and freeze Christmas cookies, so I have less baking to do near Christmas

  81. I make a list and try to get most of it done early

  82. Clean decorate then Bake bake bake.

  83. cleaning, decorations, baking

  84. thesteamingteabag says

    perparing for the holidays means i love to buy things shop shop shop. get the right size pans for the oven

  85. I always try to tidy as I go so that I am not stuck with a big mess during the holidays.

  86. well my daughter is coming home and she took her bed with her so we've got a futon going on now in the spare bedroom. I need to wash walls in there and I have to find a bigger floor mat as well

  87. Sarah Stickney says

    lots of appies and snacks

  88. I've been trying to cut out as many un-necessary tasks as possible to enjoy my time!

  89. decorate the house n throw a party

  90. I bake early and have cute decorations out

  91. Brenda Lacourciere says

    cleaning and cooking

  92. karinespace says

    Prepare in advance :)!!

  93. I do a deep clean of the house, and try to prepare my baking ahead of time

  94. nenasinclair says

    Writing on Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping gifts, cleaning and lots of baking!

  95. Kayla Gilbert says

    I like to deep clean the house a week or so before, that way it's easier to up keep.

  96. make food, clean….get out all the hotel soaps for bathrooms…

  97. julie_bolduc says

    I clean my house and prepare what food I can before hand

  98. I make a list of all the things I want to do from cleaning to decorating to baking etc….I usually have an order of tasks to be completed. It helps me keep on track, that way I can enjoy the holidays and not stressing trying to do so many things at once and in a panic.

  99. julie bolduc says

    I like to clean the house top to bottom and then prepare all the food I can,

  100. It's a busy time of year. I send my kids out to clean and set up the house for the big day.

  101. I prepare for the holidays by cleaning and putting away stuff to bring out the decorations and tree. I spend time making gifts and decorations as well as baking.
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  102. holly ogorman says

    Cleaning, wrapping!

  103. Susanne McCarthy says

    I try to get my baking done in advance and freeze (but that didn't happen). Steam cleaned the carpets and did a really good houseclean before I put the tree and decorations up. Not really ready, but at this point…..go with the flow!!

  104. Cleaning and lots of baking

  105. missbobloblaw says

    We prep for the holidays by scrubbing and sweeping everything! We also prep for our big meal a few days before so it is easier to deal with the rush on the day of!
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  106. Nate Fuller says

    I run around frantically tryong to clean and tidy so that for a couple hours on christmas morning the house is perfect! By the afternoon its a mess.

  107. truckerofbc says

    Clean the bathrooms, put out table cloths on the table and clean and tidy up the house of unwanted papers, things laying around, etc.

  108. Angela Mitchell says

    I do a lot of extra cleaning and washing of bedding and towels.

  109. I do a lot of cooking, decorating and cleaning

  110. I go to someone else's house!

  111. cleaning the house, making sure all the holiday baking is done in advance and having lots of wine on hand

  112. nikki robak says

    cleaning the house

  113. George Meek says

    My wife cleans , cleans, cleans…she is well organized and keeps our home spotless.

  114. cleaning and tidying
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  115. I clean the house, decorate, bake, and host a turkey dinner

  116. Tammy Hedden says

    by cooking and cleaning !!!

  117. I cleaned every room of my house, decorated & made lots of yummy food!

  118. I clean the whole house and stock up on toiletries



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