5 Super Bowl Party Game Ideas #SuperBowl

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party this year and want to keep guests entertained long past half-time, add a few party games to your plans!  Jennifer Carver, of Spaceships and Laser Beams, has put together an exciting list of winning games to keep the super in your Super Bowl party.

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Game Idea #1:  Play Super Bowl Bingo.  Make up some Super Bowl themed bingo cards with football related actions/words and have guests mark off those squares as they occur during the game.  Here are a few suggested words:  touchdown, quarterback sack, first down, false start, off sides, illegal block, 4thdown conversion, tackle, field goal, punt, kickoff, 2nd down, Hail Mary, reception, and so on.  Let guests fill up their own cards with their chosen combination of terms to make the game more exciting! There are tons of free Super Bowl printables online to help your out with this.

Game Idea #2:  Guess the score.  Prior to kick-off, ask guests to write down their score predictions.  To make things even more interesting, include a few extra questions like, “who will score first” and “which team will lead at halftime?”  Have a prize for the guest who comes closest to predicting the actual game score and correctly guesses the most outcomes.

Game Idea #3:  Play Super Bowl trivia.  Put together a trivia game to be played during timeouts and commercial breaks.  Questions can be based on current teams playing in the Super Bowl, football in general, or past Super Bowl games.

Game Idea #4:  Organize a game of football charades.  Have each guest write down 3-5 football or Super Bowl related words on slips of paper.  Compile all of the slips of paper into one bowl or bag.  Divide your guests into teams and take turns allowing guests to act out the football terms chosen.  Terms could include things like:  coach, cheerleader, touchdown, quarterback, sack, tackle, holding, penalty flag, referee and fan.  The losing team gets to serve the winning team refreshments during half-time or refill drinks during the length of the game.

Game Idea #5:  Put on your own half-time commercials.  Put together some simple bags of props and one key product guests must advertise in their commercial.  Products could include a bag of chips, a particular brand of soda or a favorite candy bar.  Or, add a few funny products to the mix such as adult diapers or nylon stockings (keep the items appropriate for your audience).  Add a few random household props and costume items to each bag. Guests are required to use them during their commercial.  Some ideas include: a bathrobe, spatula, shower cap, backscratcher, mixing bowl, fake flowers, baseball cap, and so on.  The more random the items are, the better!  Mix up the teams to include both men and women or make things interesting with a men vs. women competition.  Give teams 5-10 minutes to put together their commercials and take turns presenting during the night.

With a few of these party game ideas up your sleeve and a little preparation, guests will be talking about much more than the Super Bowl game post party!


  1. Doris Calvert says

    Great ideas! I love Guess the score, we will definitely add it!


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