Bus running but you feel snowed in? Why send your kids to school?

snowy road

Earlier this week we were under a weather watch then a warning for blowing snow and extreme temperatures. Like all Canadians, I know how quick the weather can change. We live near the lake and for some reason, it seems to hit us harder than other areas. We were certain there was going to be a snow day when we woke up. But there wasn’t. So strange as the roads were covered and they are never plowed right away, especially when still snowing.

Years ago they would call  snow day or fog day often. Maybe they used up their share? Because now they never do here.

I woke up and looked outside my window. Saw we had a bunch of snow and were still getting more. I could not see my driveway I could not see my mailbox. I looked online and saw that every other county canceled school or buses for the day. I then checked our school page on Facebook and it said open but if weather went worse they would close the school and call parents. The school is 30 mins away. How could anyone get their kids in a storm like that if there was an emergency?

We made the decision to keep them home for the day. But monitored the situation. You see, my teens are getting ready for exams. This means missing school is missing prep time.

The buses were 50 minutes delayed.This is plenty or time for exposed skin to get frostbite. Nobody knew how long buses were going to be delayed. So some were waiting outside. I called the school to find out most of the staff was away due to weather. They understood why I kept mine home. I called the elementary school and the high school.

The weather got worse as the day progressed. The municipality sent out an email canceling garbage pick up for the day due to weather.

The next day I hear the buses turned around as they could not make it to the schools. The drivers were scared and stressed. Parents were mad. students were confused and frightened.


Why not call cancellation? Why run the bus? Why send your kids if you yourself would not drive in it?

On the bus website it says parents need to use their discretion when it comes to sending their children to school. I did just that and am happy I did.

This morning was the same. However the roads have since cleared and the weather has improved, here. I am unsure what it is like 30 minutes away where the schools are.

I am unsure why the buses have stopped calling cancellations. I would think their insurance would want them to be safe. Maybe it is a budget issue?

So what would you do? Would you keep them home like I did?

I get we live in a snow covered area. But there is snow, then there is dangerous weather with limited visibility. I have had to fight through it to pick my kids up before. NEVER Again!



  1. here they have to have a certain temp for a cancellation. The buses leave here at 6am to go pick up kids, and generally jan is the month they miss out the most amounts of school. There has only been 2 days in the past 14 yrs that we were ever snowed in

  2. Tara Gauthier says

    I remember when I was living in Ontario and buses got cancelled during our exam time too, it can be stressful that's for sure. Out here in Northern BC the schools never close they simply have in days where kids are able to come inside right away and don't go out at lunch. They would at least like staff on site even if parents make the decision to not send kids. There was a child dropped off at a school in the Winter and the child did not realize it was an in day and sat outside for a while before someone noticed. He ended up with bad frost bite and airlifted to children's hospital. They do send out someone for patrols even more now when it is cold out and parents are cautioned to watch children go in the building.

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