Do you know what hunger looks like? Join the #Toonies4Tummies chat Jan 27 @ 9pm ET

It was a cold winters day in Ontario about ten years ago. I saw a young boy who looked to be eight crossing the road in front of my children’s school. He had no coat on and no mittens. He was very cold but headed to school. I know kids are not always great about judging the weather, but this boy stood out to me. I went inside the school and mentioned it to the teacher. She said they were aware and often would give him items out of the lost and found to keep warm. That night my daughter told me more about him. This sweet boy would often come to school with no lunch and if he had a lunch, it was often left over potatoes. I asked my daughter more about this and she said his sister also came to school without a lunch. I called the school to see what could be done, how I could help. They were aware of his clothing issues, but had no idea they often had no lunch. They told me they would make sure to offer these children food daily as they had some set aside for these ‘situations’. But to me I wondered if that was enough. I hoped it would be offered daily but had no way to know for sure.

This is just one story of one child I have encountered over my years of being a mom. 

When you talk about children being hungry, many do not realize it is children in their schools or neighborhoods. Hungry children do not wear a sign and often to not tell people they are going without. Many do not know a child is hungry unless they watch closely or are told. 

I bet you too know a hungry child. Maybe you have had to send your child to school without a lunch. Hunger can happen to anyone at anytime.

Here is how you can help them with just a twoonie.

#Toonies4Tummies campaign runs February 5th until February 19th – available in participating grocery stores / chains in Ontario and Atlantic Canada but anyone can donate online from anywhere. 
For $2, a sample meal consists of: a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat, orange wedges, and a ½ cup of milk.
When you shop at participating retailers, you will be asked to consider donating a Toonie.  100 per cent of the monies raised at the till will be donated back to local programs.
To help ensure the funds make their way to schools in your community that will most benefit from your generous support, Toonies for Tummies are working with various agencies who oversee breakfast and nutrition programs to identify local schools in the neighbourhood of participating stores.  You can go online and see the various schools / communities that are benefitting.
This years goal in 2015 is to raise $1,000,000.
 ontario booklet
To thank you/shoppers for your donation sponsoring companies are taking part in a Toonies for Tummies Campaign coupon booklet which you will receive following your donation.  This coupon booklet will give you incremental future savings off sponsoring company products.  
Currently, Canada is the only G8 country without a national nutrition program in schools. Program that currently exist are funded by sources such as Breakfast For Learning & Breakfast Clubs of Canada.
Twitter chat time!
Supporting this important cause can be as easy as drawing awareness, join the chat to learn more about what is happening in your community and how you can help. 
Hashtag #Toonies4Tummies 
When- January 27 @ 9pm ET
Hosts- @ShashersLife @HartGala @FoodBloggersCA with @groceryfndtn
No RSVP required
For more information check out he links below 
The Grocery Foundation website –
Toonies for Tummies website where you can donate online
The Grocery Foundation Twitter Handle – @groceryfndtn
The Grocery Foundation on Facebook 
Retail partners in Ontario and Atlantic Canada
Chelsey Grocery Store Colemans Concord Food Centre
Co-Op Atlantic  Coppas Fresh Market Fiesta Foods 
Food Basics  Foodland Freshco 
Galati Market Fresh Galleria Supermarket Highland Farms
Longo’s Brothers Fruit Market Metro Ontario  Michael-Angelo’s 
Mike Deans Super Foods Stores  Oak Ridges Food Market Powell’s Supermarkets
Price Chopper Rabba Fine Foods Sobeys
SunRipe Farms Urban Fresh


Hope to see you come out and join the chat! 


disclaimer This post is sponsored by SPLASH Media Engagement on behalf of The Grocery Foundation. @GroceryFndtn is asking you to help support feeding hungry kids in Canada. #Toonies4Tummies. 


  1. I Love the toonies for tummies campaign and will be donating every time I go shopping! I can’t wait to join the chat. Thank you so much for sharing about it. 🙂

  2. This is a great initiative and I will be looking out to donate.
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  3. Jodi Mitrovic says

    This is such a great cause! Thank-you for sharing your personal story and for looking out for those children!

  4. This sounds like a great program. A toonie is not much to ask for! If they had this campaign going where I live I'd absolutely donate.
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  5. I remember *while* in high school doing a lot to help out Breakfast club Canada, but once I left, it wasn't something I thought of any more. I will definitely be donating once the campaign starts, thanks for the heads up. Its truly disheartening to know that many of our children go to school without basic necessities. I hadn't realised we were the only country in the G8 to not have a nutrition program; I'm thinking this needs to change.

  6. Hunger is too often right in front of us. We all have to help each other! Great campaign!
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  7. Treen Goodwin says

    this is for great cause … i donated at our local co-op the other day and i got the coupon booklet which will come in handy 🙂

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