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A few months back I went on a trip for my blog. While traveling for my blog, I am required to tweet and share what is happening on social media. Being from Canada I try to use the WiFi whenever possible so I do not go over my data limits. It can get expensive quick! Most restaurants, attractions and public places have WiFi available to use. You just sign in, accept the terms and share on social media as needed. If they do not, I will take pics and share once I am back at my Hotel room. Well what happens if the WiFi in the Hotel is not working well? Hard to do social media promotion with no internet, right?!? What if you travel for other types of business and your WiFi is cutting out? Dropping signals is very common when so many people are using it. Nobody wants to miss a deadline and disappoint a client. There is a solution though from NETGEAR. The NETGEAR Trek amplifies your WiFi and eliminates dropped connections. No worries, no hassle, no stress.


This compact device can be used as a router, range extender, access point or bridge to keep you connected wherever you trek, with a simple wall plug design, or convenient USB power options for use with laptops.



It is small so travels well in your carry on. It is easy to add to your laptop and only needs to be set up once. Once you have the WiFi connection in the room you are good to go. We have been using this on our travels for a few months now. We are very happy with it. We can stream videos, chat on Twitter and upload pics quick and seamlessly. The other great thing about this in hotel rooms, is it is one device you link others to. Often you are limited to a certain amount of devices. Now your laptop, phone and tablet can all use the signal from the NETGEAR Trek. Saving you money by not having multiple connected to the room.


Secure, Share and Extend WiFi. Wherever You Go.

Instantly share any public Internet connection and stay secure with firewall protection for public hotspots with NETGEAR Trek Travel Router and Range Extender. With a powerful flip-out antenna, you’ll enjoy increased range whether you use it on the go, or at home. This compact device can be used as a router, range extender, access point or bridge to keep you connected wherever you trek.


This must have travel partner is available at stores everywhere. You can find it at Walmart, Staples, Tiger Direct, Best Buy and Amazon to name a few. Price varies but seems to be around the $45 mark. So affordable to buy.

NETGEAR N300 Trek Travel Router and Range Extender:

  • Instantly share any Internet connection
  • Create a private WiFi network with firewall protection on public hotspots
  • No longer pay multiple access fees for each device
  • Convenient USB power options for use with laptops or wall-plug design
  • High-performance flip-out antenna
  • NETGEAR genie App

If you are traveling and need to do some work while away, I suggest you pick one of these up and make sure you are connected! Happy travels!


  1. This would be an awesome router to have!!!

  2. thriftymommagogo says

    That is totally affordable and also it is a business expense for many people so easy peasy.
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