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About a week ago my washer broke and as much as we tried, it was un-fixable. So we have been making trips to the laundromat until we get a new set here. If you have not been to a public facility lately to do laundry, let me tell you, it is not fun! They are not always the cleanest and usually quite busy. So sorting and fussing is not very easy. You are limited for time as there is always someone waiting for the machine too!


I had a huge pile of laundry to wash. Both colours and whites. But way more darks and colours than whites. So I ended up throwing it all in together in a few machines without sorting *cringe* I was not really worried though, I had OxiClean. I used my regular liquid soap and tossed in a couple of scoops of OxiClean with the wash. Everything came out brighter and whiter than you would expect. No running or fading from mixing either.  This made my kids happy as they had thrown in a few white T Shirts.


I also tossed in some towels, a tablecloth and other laundry from the last few days. Stains on our laundry always include sweat, dirt and oils. Sometimes makeup and juice stains will be on our laundry as well. So far we have not had a stain that OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover could not get out.

Look how white my whites came out!

laundry after

To add OxiClean to your laundry:

  1. Begin filling washer with proper temperature water for your load (see garment care tag).
  2. As with detergent, add OxiClean to the wash water BEFORE adding laundry.

laundry folded

To pre-treat (for more powerful stains like wine or blood)

For extra stubborn stains, pre-treating with or soaking in a concentrated solution of OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover can provide amazing results.

  1. Remove as much of the excess stain as possible.
  2. Mix OxiClean powder with water (as directed on packaging) until completely dissolved.
  3. Apply solution to stain, making sure to completely saturate the stain. Rub and wait up to 10 minutes. Do not allow to dry on fabric.
  4. For laundry, wash as normal with detergent and OxiClean.
  5. For non-laundry water-washable fabrics and surfaces, blot well with a white towel. Rinse item thoroughly and allow to dry.
  6. Repeat as required.

tables setting

The great thing about OxiClean is that it is great on more than just clothes.  The perfect partner for cleaning up messes before guests arrive. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, is Canada’s #1 trusted stain fighter inside and out.

Next I have a few stains on the carpet I am going to tackle! Between kids and pets there always seems to be something!

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover is oxygen-based stain fighter that’s chlorine free and colour safe.  It boosts detergent for better overall cleaning and whitening. You can find it in different sized containers to fit your needs.

You can find it Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada. OxiClean has over 101 uses on multiple surfaces like carpet, upholstery, kitchen and bath surfaces, and even works outdoors on gutters, unfinished decks, and patio furniture.

For more tips and info be sure to check OxiClean out online and on Facebook

What would you use OxiClean on?


This post was brought to you by OxiClean Versatile Stain remover, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit


  1. Masshole Mommy says

    My boys are FILTHY, so I need this in my life. Your whites came out awesome, so it clearly works awesome.

  2. I'm always hesitant to use these hard core cleaning products…I prefer natural ones. Although I'm sure this is a great product, I have to say that white vinegar works amazingly for me!

  3. I've never tried Oxyclean, but I'll have to give it a try. It sounds like it really works!
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  4. I use Oxiclean all the time. That stuff works just as well as advertised!
    My recent post Seeking Heartwarming Family Friendly Movies? Catch AWAY & BACK on the Hallmark Channel!

  5. Oxiclean always reminds me of those commercials where the guy is basically screaming the words the entire time.. I miss those commercials! I don't think I've ever actually used oxiclean but I hear it's a great product!
    My recent post My Favorite Makeup

  6. We use that with every load of laundry.. it really does make the clothes brighter and whiter!

  7. I use Oxi Clean every now and again to brighten up my whites 🙂

  8. I love oxiclean! I used to use it in laundry when we lived in an apartment. I haven’t in a while, I wish I could clean with it too (can’t because of our bird we can’t use anything!) buy it’s really great stuff!

  9. I love Oxiclean. I love using it with my laundry. It helps keep them fresh and clean. I never really thought about using it with anything else.

  10. Michelle de Guzman says

    I love Oxy Clean. I have two boys and a husband that can find stains everywhere they go. Oxy clean helps keep everyone looking fresh and clean.

  11. My family is definitely a fan of Oxi Clean. It's our most common brand.

  12. Oxi clean is so reliable compared to some of the other products. I usually have some around the house!

  13. Elizabeth O. says

    I use Oxiclean all the time! Love how it deals with stains I need removed!

  14. You, Baby and I says

    Wow this sounds like an awesome products. It's so needed in my house since I have a toddler whose always messing!

  15. I have never heard this brand before, but look so nice and really love to having it.
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  16. I've never tried Oxy Clean before but now I'm interested. I am so thankful to not have to go to a laundromat….those places are scary (although it is nice to wash multiple loads at once).

  17. I love Oxyclean! I love to see that it really works on things I haven't tried it on yet!

  18. I love using Oxi clean . It works great . Right now I am using the individual packs in with my whites.

  19. I will definitely try it for laundry. AND I have quite a few coffee and pet stains on my carpet–if it works on those-I'm sold for life!

  20. bradleyfinnearty says

    Oxy Clean is the bomb. We should take stock in the company with as much of it as we use.

  21. I love Oxi. LOVE LOVE LOVE Oxi. Best invention since the washing machine. 🙂

  22. justamom8225 says

    We haven't used Oxiclean, mostly because of personal preferences and my own skepticism with products that are similar to it. However, it does look like it works very well.

  23. I love Oxiclean and use it regularly. I haven't been to a laundry mat in a while but I know what you mean about it not being very fun.

  24. I've been looking for a stain remover because the last one we bought was no good at all. I'll check OxiClean out.

  25. WIth 4 kids we have stains everywhere. I love oxy clean to get everything looking great.

  26. I love oxi clean!!!! Its my secret to having the whitest of white clothes! People never wanna believe its something this simple

  27. Oxy is awesome. I use it as a paste and clean so many things with it. I am sensitive to a lot of cleaners and their smells cause my skin to break out in hives and burns my nose. Oxy doesn't do that. I also like to use it in my laundry to boost the cleanser.

  28. Sounds like I need Oxiclean in my life but I don't think it's available here in the Philippines.
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  29. I love using Oxy Clean in my laundry. My clothes always come out clean and without stains.

  30. I always hear about how great OxiClean is but haven't ever given it much thought when I'm at the store, usually I forget. However I did just make a reminder for when I run there in the morning because I'm so over throwing away the boys white socks that I assume were white at some point.

  31. i love oxy clean, we use it a lot when we do laundry. It's also good on carpet spills.

  32. I am a big, big fan of Oxy Clean. I received a sample about a year ago and now I always keep it in my laundry room ready to go. Love it!
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  33. Rebecca Swenor says

    This is awesome indeed. I love using Oxiclean and use it for everything. The bottom of socks is a pet peeve of mine and my sons love walking outside in their socks. I love how Oxiclean gets them clean along with the through rug in front of my front door. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I love Oxy Clean. With 2 messy little boys, I need all the help in the cleaning department that I can get!

  35. ascendingbutterfly says

    Need to try this on the white sweat socks! They never look white enough to me and I end up ditching them quick and buying new ones!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
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  36. I always keep Oxy Clean around. It's the only thing that can handle those really tough stains.

  37. Sara Phillips says

    I'd use OxiClean on everything my kids needed washed – they are a MESS and stain everything!

  38. Every piece of white clothing my husband had from before we got married is a terrible dingy beige. He ALWAYS mixed his colors.

    Hopefully, some oxiclean can help!

  39. ninasaysblog says

    Oxi Clean is a life saver in my house. We would go through clothes way too fast without it.

  40. There are so many great ways to use Oxy Clean. It was really eye opening when I started using it.

  41. I love Oxy Clean. It's one of my favorite things to use for laundry and cleaning around the house.
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  42. I need this in my house,I hardly ever sort the whites from the coloured and never have any problems but could still use some oxy clean.

  43. asmithblogs says

    We have been using Oxiclean for gosh – 15 years? Maybe pushing 20? It's good stuff!

  44. savingsaidsimply says

    Wow, what results for your whites! I definitely get quite a few stains in this busy household!

  45. Oxy Clean is my favorite cleaner. I make a paste to clean stains on counters, tubs, even clothes. I use it for cleaning. I use it for laundry boost. I love that it has no chemical smells so I dont break out in hives.
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  46. I love Oxi-Clean. I love to add a scoop to my laundry in addition to detergent. I also love using it to clean. It has so many uses and is great for almost everything.
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  47. I do use Oxiclean and I love it on colors and whites. It is the best!

  48. Your laundry looked great when it was finished – awesome! I've never used Oxy, but it's nice to see the results

  49. Marvelous Mommy says

    Ugh, I hate having a broken washing machine. Ours died once with clothes inside. We use OxiClean regularly.
    My recent post Project 52 | Week #4 – Shadows

  50. I love OxiClean. I have used it on clothes and carpet. It works fantastic on red wine stains.

  51. I LOVE OxiClean! Comes in handy when you have three kids!

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