Stylish and Durable bowls for the family (Giveaway) US/CAN

My family is hard on dishes!

They do not mean to be, but we have had way more than our share of cracked and broken dishes over the years. I refuse to buy a new fancy set because I know they will not last. We have lots of odds and ends and mix matched tableware that is still in good condition. But we have a huge shortage of bowls. We have bowls and plates of every size for the adults and children to use but never the size I need. Still having younger children, I do prefer a non breakable bowl when possible. 

So how do you get plastic bowls that still look good?

Being an adult I am not really into the cartoon print dishware. But I do enjoy a bowl of cereal. 

Recently I was sent the Coza- 6-piece Set Bowls in white and a set in multi color. 

These bowls are stylish for non ceramic and very durable. They wash up great in the dishwasher and last in the microwave. 

  • Unbreakable polypropylene bowls- Set of 6. Perfect for Kids!
  • Perfect for soup, cereal and ice cream. Each with 17 oz capacity.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. 100% Recyclable
  • 100% Non-Toxic/ BPA Free
  • Exclusive COZA Design creation


These are the perfect size for cereal, snacks and soup. They are fun for the kids and can stand up to being dropped. No scratching or breaking down from the dishwasher either. 


You can buy these bowls through Amazon for $14.99

I also had the opportunity to check out the Coza- Modular Dish Rack -White Color that is available through Amazon for $59.99

As much as I love having a dish washer, I still wash some stuff by hand. When the kids are at school and it is just me, it is easy to wash my lunch dishes and have them air dry. Same as special items that are not dish washer safe. This cute rack is small but functional. It would not fit a large amount of dishes but easily fits enough from one or two people. It has good drainage as well for quicker drying. 

  • Exclusive COZA Design
  • The modular rack is composed by one slim rack, one dish holder and one retro organizer. Multifunctional parts that can be used together or separately
  • Made with Reinforced PP- 16 in x 13 in x 4 in
  • Non- Toxic, dishwasher safe, 100% Recyclable


Coza items for the home and kitchen fit easily into any decor. They are compact and easy to store away until needed. 

Shipping from Amazon is pretty low and on the bowls free if you combine with other items. Check out for more items for your home.

COZA DESIGN: From the world of our ideas comes the belief that design is for all.  For all moments, all spaces, all dreams, all tones. It is the democracy of design put in practice each day throughout Brazil and abroad.Everything began almost three decades ago, when plastic gained more creative forms, bolder colors and the Coza signature. From that point until today, hundreds of new products have been developed along with new possibilities. Ideas that always carried with the focus of being ahead, anticipating trends, launching concepts, listening to consumers, respecting the environment and stimulating more and more what is new. COZA DESIGN. Originally designed!

giveaway time

We have a fabulous giveaway for one lucky reader. One set of assorted colored bowls and one sick drying rack like above. Open to USA and Canada $75 value 


Disclosure- The above mentioned products were received free of charge. All opinions are honest and my own


  1. MY husband and kids are crazy for cereal and they are really really hard on bowls we never ever have enough

  2. Sarah Johnson says

    I have 4 kids, and the $1 store bowls just dont seem to hold up. I would love to try these out.

  3. Dishes for college! That’d be great!

  4. Broke a cereal bowl a while ago and need to replace it, this set would be great.

  5. I’m not going to use it myself. These would be given to my nieces and nephew. They’re pretty wild with their bowls after a good cereal session so having them break wouldn’t be an issue.

  6. I would like to win because my DH is constantly breaking bowls! I need to buy new bowls right now, but I can't decide what type to get. These look great!

  7. Why? We need an update. These are absolutiely up our alley. Love them.

  8. Monique Rizzo says

    Because this would be great for hosting parties.

  9. these would be super handy for the nieces and nephews that come and visit

  10. Juliee Fitze says

    I would like to win because I need bowls and like this style.

  11. I would love because i need new bowls

  12. SueSueper Sue says

    I would love to win because I think those bowls are super cool, I need to get away from my mama's old hand-me-downs that are lasting way too long.

    That drying rack is sheek for sure.

  13. We have kids of every age… from 4 to 20. We definitely need something durable!

  14. Wendy Hutton says

    I would love to win these as they would be great for snacks and I love the color they come it also

  15. Doris Calvert says

    Would love them for snacks, camping and individual servings!

  16. The Coza bowl set would be perfect for our family because of all of it's great qualities. I like that they're unbreakable, dishwasher and microwave safe and Non-Toxic/ BPA Free. We've recently welcomed our very first bundle of joy into our lives and he'll be eating solids before we know it. This set would look and work great in our home! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  17. Sharron Johnston says

    I'd love to win this durable set. My family is also hard on dishes and it'd be nice to have something new and stylish that could stand the test of time!

  18. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I find that you can never have enough bowls, whether it's for cereals, ice-cream or for food preparation I just never seem to have enough. Winning these would I believe solve that little problem for me 🙂

  19. Lisa Neutel says

    i need new kid safe dishes and these are the colours

  20. I'd like to win because I'm in need of small, non breakable bowls to use when my grandchildren come to visit. I like the bright colours of the ones pictured.

  21. Donna Allen says

    I would love to have those bowls for popcorn night that way we can each have our own bowl!

  22. Karry Knisley says

    Dishes for my daughter going to college in September

  23. they are bright, a serviceable, will undoubtedly survive in the kitchen environment here, and we need new bowls. thanks

  24. butterflyamyc says

    I have all kinds of miss matched dishes. I would like to win some that my kids couldn't break or chip.

  25. Angela Mitchell says

    I've never seen this brand of products before. We can always use plastic bowls in our house. The kids are always breaking the regular ones.

  26. Jennifer P. says

    I would love to win because I have been looking for some new ice cream bowls and these look like the perfect ones! I love that they would be durable too – perfect for our house with little ones!!

  27. abedabun dawn says

    I would love to win because these bowls are made of plastic and I would not have to worry about my grand daughter breaking one and getting cut on glass. So, I guess I would love to win for my grand daughters safety.

  28. Debbie Welchert says

    With five grandchildren running around, it's seems we always have a shortage of bowls. I am now down to all glass bowls and it would be so nice to have some non-breakable bowls in the house.

  29. I have moved a few times of lately and some of my bowls have gone missing, that's why I need to win these.

  30. I would love to win because they look like a colourful fun set of bowls and I need a pop of colour!

  31. crystle tellerday says

    we could use more bowls

  32. I want to win because we are missing lots of bowls in my house.

  33. edmontonjb says

    I would like to win because these bowls are cute and would be perfect when the kids have friends over and they are bringing snacks into the rec room. And the dish rack would be perfect for the few dishes I have to wash by hand.


  34. I would love to win because those bowls look great – I love the different colours!

  35. Alayne Langford says

    My family is crazy and I mean crazy about ice cream!! These dishes would be perfect for ice cream sundaes, banana splits, or just plain old vanilla. Plus they would look great on a summer afternoon!! 🙂

  36. julie_bolduc says

    I’d like to win this because we don’t have enough bowls in our house it’s like socks lol they go missing

  37. Lisa McLain says

    The bowls look cool and I can always use some new ones , kids are hard on them !

  38. Becky Moore says

    This would be great as I need new bowls.. all mine are missing

  39. truckerofbc says

    would like to win this for my family

  40. Lori Bazan says

    I would love to winas unbreakable and stylish bowls would be perfect for my family and kids

  41. this would be a handy and colourful addition to our kitchen; one can never had too many bowls – plus unbreakable ones are a bonus!

  42. I would love to win because we need some durable, kid proof bowls in our house!

  43. Sabrina Price says

    I'm always running out of bowls.

  44. I would love to win because I need some new bowls and these ones look amazing

  45. Kathleen Kinton says

    beautiful and practical these dishes would be an asset for me

  46. KELLY KROL says

    Those look like really nice bowls to have in my cupboard.

  47. Our household is a busy one and a few more bowls wouldn't hurt.

  48. We actually just discovered we have lost so many bowls we only have 2 left for a family of 4 lol this would be a great win for us

  49. brenda lacourciere says

    Id like to win because the bowls that came with our set are more decorative than functional

  50. Claire Quaile says

    These bowls look wonderful and I’m definitely in need of some new ones

  51. Nate Fuller says

    Lately my little people have been breaking alot of bowls, cups and plates so some durable ones would save me some momey lol

  52. I'd like to win because I am always running short on bowls and these are stylish, durable, and i love that you can put them in the dishwasher and microwave. Plus i also really new a new disk rack – mine is pretty old and also not very easy to clean/sanitize after each use. Thanks!

  53. I would like to win because my kids love to eat anything with a bowl in their hands so this will be perfect for them

  54. I could use a new set of bowls. I like the size.

  55. i could use some new dishes, mine are old and chipped

  56. our animals and kids are always breaking bowls. we need some bad.

  57. karinespace says

    I'm actually running low of bowls at the moment! hahaha but I love these!

  58. Jennifer L. says

    I'd like to win because I only have older, mismatched bowls.

  59. Love the colors, my grown guys could use these and I don't need to worry they are destroying my dishes so were all happy.

  60. Brenda Alden says

    These bowls would be great to have. Very durable and much safer than glass.

  61. stacey dempsey says

    I would love this for my son who is in college and he dosent have much in his apartmemt so I think he would love these cool bowls for his first home away from home

  62. I wouold love to win these because I think they would be great for fondue night and ice cream bar.

  63. alisonandles2014 says

    I need these bowls! We just got a brand new set of dishes, but our 8 year old is hard on dishes so this would be perfect! Plus he would love all the fancy colours!

  64. They look like they would last a good while!

  65. I would love to win as these are perfect for my kids meals!

  66. Looks like high quality products.
    Would like to snag these colorful bowl because
    they are Unbreakable polypropylene. That is such a plus.

  67. I would like to win because I am in serious need of some new dishes

  68. for my daughter's new family!

  69. this would be nice for my mom since most of her bowls have been broken by my sisters rowdy children

  70. sueboobadoo says

    we do alot of entertaining and most of it is for so these would be great

  71. Sarah Oswald says

    I would love to win this because I need a new dish drainer and this one is simple and looks compact enough for me thanks for the chance to win.

  72. Wendy Jensen says

    Bowls that do not break are great for our R.V. and the drying rack also as of course there is no dishwasher, except me of course!

  73. holly messana says

    We go through so many bowls. We could really use some new ones, and I love the colored bowls.

  74. sonia pinette says

    I need bowls and they look great.

  75. I would love to win this because almost all of our bowls have chips in them, it would be awesome to have some indestructible ones!

  76. I would love to win these bowls because they are BPA free and stackable.

  77. I'd love to win because these bowls are so bright and cheerful! I love how durable they are

  78. Angela Lim says

    They're fun bowls and I love them! We always need extra bowls for snacks and meals at my home daycare

  79. I need new dishes and these look great!

  80. I would like to win because we are always picking up after the kids dropping their bowls. Not cringing each time they drop it or worrying about broken glass would be a good thing.

  81. My BF is re-doing her kitchen and these would look great in it!

  82. dedezoomsalot900300623 says

    Every one of my bowls has a chip or scuff on it from the kids dropping it! I'd like to have some that I don't have to worry about.

  83. I'd love to win, because I need more bowls! And these look fantastic!

  84. unbreakable bowls would be great with a baby in the house!

  85. I have a day care and my own 2 kids these would be super helpful

  86. I would love to win because with 4 sons I go through a lot of dishes. Accidents are happening often

  87. love to win because so many of our bowls are in need of replacing. thankyou, ken

  88. Amanda Neilson says

    I think every single one of my bowls currently have a chip out of them. These would be wonderful! Lol!

  89. I would like to win this for my kids to put their snacks in-perfect size

  90. I'll admit, we need some new bowls! Been a really long while since I've even paid attention to what dishes we have on hand and bowls are in short supply!

    These look great!

  91. they look nice and cheerful!

  92. Gabrielle Danz says

    I need new dishes for my little one!

  93. I'd love to win because I would like to have the drying rack.

  94. Michelle H. says

    I want to win this because I think this set is cute and I would use it.

  95. We’re really tough on our dishes, and we’re down to three bowls haha! Would be nice to have a nice set of bowls that I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking!

  96. These would be great for all of my fruit snacks and veggies. This would keep me in the habit of reaching for something fresh in the cute bowls! 🙂

  97. mamabear6910 says

    I could really use some new dishes and I love the colours!!
    My recent post Sweet and Zesty Pork Tenderloin- Crock Pot Meals

  98. they look so cheerful and being unbreakable is a big bonus!

  99. I love this set, we use bowls so much, and 8 kids in and out, love they are unbreakable.

  100. Brigitte B says

    I would love to win this prize because I really need new bowls. My cupboard is currently filled with a lot of mix match bowls from the last century.

  101. sharon shafran says

    always seem to need new bowls thanks

  102. I love the colors!

  103. Marilyn Nawara says

    These look like great bowls that I could really use — mine disappeared.

  104. I would love to get more bowls, since I use them all the time – soups, cereal, baking, etc!

  105. I need safe, fun bowls for my kids. 😀

  106. these would be great for my daughter who has two very rowdy boys. This would be helpful to avoid broken dishes

  107. I much prefer to give the kids plastic, as I have swept up many a broken dish …DONE WITH IT. until they are 18 they will be eating off plastic.

  108. fourkidsrgreat says

    My bowls are chipped and awful right now. I'd love new ones.

  109. nathan nicholas says

    ohh I want them

  110. I would like to win because my kids (and hubby) are ROUGH on bowls!

  111. Cori Westphal says

    I've absolutely been on the search for some decent, durable plastic bowls for my kids! These look perfect!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  112. julie moore says

    These dishes would be so great for kids

  113. These look like great bowls and I've been looking for some new durable bowls for my daughter. lol

  114. I'd love to win these bowls because they're bright and colorful like the rest of my house, and I wouldn't worry about them being broken! For once!!

  115. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I would love to win because we can use some bowls that are hard to break! My kids are good at dropping dishes! I love the colors.

  116. They are great bowls for ice cream and many other things.

  117. amanda whitley says

    i would like to win to replace my cheap ones that break. these are cute and durable

  118. I would so love to win this as I have many kids of all ages at my house frequently and these would be perfect for them to use

  119. I would love to win these bowels because I am starting out with nothing once again and can use everything.

  120. kelsey harper says

    I would like to win this so i can take them to my boyfriend's house! He has no real bowls and I'm tired of eating out of storage containers! haha

  121. Theresa Smith says

    I especially need this size bowl. I have been looking for some good ones.

  122. jessie coward says

    The kids eat out of plastic bowls so we tend to eat out of spagetti stained bowls, would be nice to use glass and feel like a big girl! 😉

  123. Great set to have for cookouts and no worries or breaking.

  124. I'd like to win this package because we could use these products. They would fit in my kitchen perfectly.

  125. Stephanie Larison says

    These would be perfect size for my daughter to eat from.

  126. These would be so great when my grandchildren come over!

  127. The rack is great.

  128. I'd love to win this for my sister.

  129. Susan Smith says

    I'd like to win this because we always seem to be running out of clean bowls

  130. imaclutz89 says

    We only have a couple bowls and they get use up for cereal and soup! I need some for snacking to portion my amounts and for ice cream!

  131. I would love to win these because we are currently using some really old plastic bowls that have melted a little in the dishwasher.

  132. I would like to win these as they are the perfect size for cereal bowls for my two little ones. I am always so short when it comes to small sized bowls and I love the colors.
    Laurie Emerson

  133. Jennifer Reed says

    I would love to win this set from Coza Designs. The 6 piece bowl set would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen.

  134. Trisha McKee says

    I would love to win because these look like great bowls that are durable.

  135. Lisa Davis says

    I keep dropping and breaking the bowls I have

  136. All my bowls have broken or "disappeared"!

  137. Michelle Tucker says

    We are in great need of bowls. For some reason ours keep disappearing. LOL.

  138. I would love to win these to use at family parties, they are great bowls

  139. Beverly Metcalf says

    Nice size bowls. They would be great for cereal in the morning. Thanks for having this contest.

  140. Karen Drake says

    I would like to have these bowls to use for cereal in the mornings.

  141. Carolyn Daley says

    I would like some new bowls that are both microwave and dishwasher safe. I like that these bowls are durable and just the right size for things like cereal.

  142. Margaret MacKenzie says

    I would love to win because it's hard to find bowls that children can't break. The small dish rack would definitely save counter space which is a minimum in my house.

  143. Carol Godfrey says

    I would lie to win this prize package because I need more durable bowls in my kitchen.

  144. With teenage boys in the house we never have enough bowls. Seems they use them for everything. I could really use these.

  145. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would love to replace some of my cheap plastic bowls. I could use some new ones.

  146. We need a new cute set of bowls. Ours are getting warped, chipped, etc. Thank you

  147. I would like to win so that we can portion out food and snacks in the right sizes, not have to worry about toxic chemicals in the manufacturing of the bowls, and not have to worry about breakagel

  148. Maureen Johnson says

    My old mis-matched bowls need to go.

  149. I like how useful the bowls will be.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  150. I'm handicap and I can't break these if they drop.

  151. I'd love to win because these bowls look like a great size and I never have enough of the right size.

  152. Thank You for the giveaway…the bowls are perfect size for kids snacks, and plastic = unbreakable !

  153. I have a small kitchen, so I could use the rack

  154. Rajee Pandi says

    use it for my food control

  155. Vikki Billings says

    I would love to win this because I need some new bowls and a new drying rack…I do not like mine.

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