You will not believe what was in our yard!

A few years ago my son got a Game camera for Christmas. This camera is usually used by hunters to see where animals are roaming during the day and night. He is not a hunter, but we live rural and often wondered what was in our yard at night. We back onto forest and live in a rural area and often hear animals in the distance.  When we set the camera up this time, we expected to see a few deer or wild turkeys walking by. What we saw surprised us and having two dogs we walk at night, kind of scared us too.

Since all we have ever caught on camera before was our own dogs and kids, you can imagine our surprise when we saw this!

We have been looking all morning online trying to figure out if this is a wolf or coyote. The paw prints left behind were quite large.  The body looks like a wolf but the nose has us stumped. If you notice the time stamp, it is not very late and hubs actually took the dogs outside an hour after this was captured.

There were actually a few videos on the camera from last night. This one a a couple of minutes earlier. Looks like it stayed for a while but was aware of its surroundings and kept leaving

So needless to say we are going to be more aware of our surroundings. Who knows what is out there in the dark at night. We will also be setting the camera up again to see what else is out there of if this visits again. I will be sure to keep you posted.

Can you tell if it is a wolf or coyote? We would love to know for sure.


  1. It’s a coyote, we see them a lot on our cameras in the woods. I’ll share a nice picture with you on Twitter we pulled on New Years weekend.

  2. Oh wow! That's great footage btw. I'm glad you know what's out there now so you can be cautious if need be, especially with children and pets.
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  3. I would guess a coyote too. They are really thick around this part of Ontario, and pretty ruthless too.

  4. That is CRAZY! Your kids must have gotten a kick out the footage.
    I can't tell you what animal it is, just wanted to comment that it's really cool you recorded this.
    At least you know what your dogs are up against now.

  5. whoa cool, it almost does look like a wolf or a well fed coyote!

  6. oh wow! That would freak me out for sure!

  7. mamabear6910 says

    check out Coywolf there have been a few of those spotted around Ontario. My friend in Innisfil had one in her yard last week.. I would prefer a wolf over a coyote.
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  8. Maybe it's a friendly werewolf. =)
    I watch a lot of movies lol

  9. Doris Calvert says

    It's a coyote, my mom has one that comes everyday, she puts out bread and buns for the birds and a stray cat , and the coyote comes gets a bun and leaves! The neighbours laugh their head off, he runs by everyday with his bun, they are hungry this year so be careful of small animals.

  10. When we moved from Toronto North to Arthur there was coyote. Now we live in Fergus and there is cougar's around. Hope I never meet one.

  11. He/she is beautiful! It's good you know to be cautious now though.

  12. that is so cool. love the images which the camera produces.

  13. multitestingmommy says

    Wow! Crazy! Hope your animals and your family stays safe!

  14. Oh my!! I think I would be scared to go out side!! 🙁

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