10 things you should absolutely do when visiting Rio

Rio is a beautiful destination for all, of course sports fans everywhere have their eyes peeled on this spot. Rio de Janeiro Brazil has been a travel destination for sun seekers for years. If you love music, food, culture and relaxing by the beach, this is the place to be!

10 things you should absolutely do when visiting Rio


*    Go on the top of Cristo Redentor and look down to Rio’s dramatic landscape of mountains, forest, sea and, the different neighborhoods  – shaped by the interaction of the natural elements and a rich culture.

*    Walk the beautiful Copacabana and Ipanema’s beach to mingle with Rio’s amazing people, commonly referred to as Cariocas, and to experience a friendly and sociable atmosphere.

*    Visit Jardim Botanico (Botanic Garden), which has retained its original neoclassical design. Created in 1808 by Dom João VI, it displays rare species of the tropical flora.

*    Go to the Aterro do Flamengo to walk the landscape designed by the famous designer Roberto Burle Marx and visit the Museu de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Museum)

*    Have a happy hour at Lapa, the birthplace of Brazilian bohemia movement,  to experience all the rhythms of Rio de Janeiro and the diversity of the city. Rio is the city of music, and its history couldn’t be narrated without the Samba, Bossa Nova, Funk and Chorinho.

*    Stop at a local bar to taste the “Comida de Boteco”. There’s nothing more carioca than having an iced choppe in a bar, or boteco, accompanied by appetizers such as chicken fritters, jerked beef and fried cassava. As a tradition, on Saturdays, you can also taste the famous feijoada with a caipirinha.

*    Explore Santa Teresa, a district situated in the center of the city and on top of a hill. The neighborhood is home of numerous museums and art galleries.

*    Visit the iconic Maracanã stadium, considered the temple of soccer

*    Get an aerial view of the city and its beaches, either via helicopter or hang-gliding.

*    Attend a samba school rehearsal and get a glimpse of what is like to experience carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

What is on your things to do list for Rio?

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I'd love to visit Rio, I doubt that I ever will this late in life but it would be marvellous if I could 🙂

  2. mommakoala says

    This destination is on my bucket list. I have vacation envy for all those that can get away.

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