5 Things to do in Washington DC

I had the pleasure of visiting Washington DC in the Fall. I honestly had no idea what to expect of the city upon my arrival. Most of what I thought I knew, I saw on movies and television. I was pleasantly surprised during my visit. Staying in the downtown area everything was close to walk to. There was a huge park, museums, bike trails and lots of historic buildings. If you do not feel like walking there are other transportation options like cab or bus, but there is also carriage rides and rickshaws pulled by bike. The area felt very clean and safe to me. I did not notice a huge amount of security or police but felt safe walking at night and through parks and side streets. Everyone was pleasant and the area was busy.

If you are planning on going I suggest you bring some comfy shoes and go walk around and discover the area. There are many vendors, restaurants and shops to check out in between the attractions and historic sites. Taking the tour is not as simple as just showing up. There are security measures in place. You can see all the info needed here 

The White House tour

You can walk by the White house and have a look. There is security around the perimeter every few feet in front of the tall fence. You can also see press conferences held by the President and staff on the lawn. The area all seems to enjoy watching when the president lands by helicopter as well. But the real fun is the White House tour. With enough notice and planning this will surely be one for the travel bucket list. 


National Monuments and Memorials

In just a few hours we were able to see more history than I have seen in years. Monuments and memorials larger than life itself. In honor of the the generals, politicians, poets and statesmen who helped shape the United States of America you will find these attractions people from all around the world come to see. These sites are surely going to take your breathe away. Here are a few we saw

The Washington Monument

One of the nation’s most recognizable structures, the Washington Monument is located at the center of the National Mall, in between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, and just east of the Reflecting Pool.


The Lincoln Memorial

The memorial honors the “Great Emancipator” and 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Designed by Henry Bacon in the style of ancient Greek temples, construction began in 1914, with the memorial opening to the public in 1922.



We visited at night as the site was open late. Bus tours were still showing up and there was a souvenir store there. The was a Ranger onsite happy to answer questions if anyone had them.


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most prominent leaders of the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, becoming an icon through his incredible speeches and his use of nonviolent resistance.



Just because you are not home doe snot mean you can not enjoy a little shopping. Washington has some of the best boutiques and thrift shops. There are many souvenir stores and brand name retailers as well. We noticed street vendors set up around parks and a couple of markets as well.  Definitely something for everyone!


Like any city there is a variety of casual dining , fine dining and ethnic foods for all. But the one place that stands out in my mind is the Lincoln restaurant. If you are interested in American history this restaurant is one to visit. Not that it is part of history, but because of the way it showcases a big part of history, Abraham Lincoln. The interior design contains unique art work, a floor covered on pennies and other copper touches throughout. A great place to eat and enjoy your surroundings. 


LINCOLN’s seasonal menu showcases simplistic market fresh dishes by Chef Demetrio Zavala crafted from fresh ingredients supplied by local farmers, daily seafood catches by local fishermen, and artisanal meat from ranchers around the region. Our Chef includes many nods to Abraham Lincoln’s favorite foods including oysters, gingerbread and chicken fricassee.


National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

In Washington there are many museums to walk around. Some of history, some of art,and then there is the Smithsonian. 

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum maintains the world’s largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts, encompassing all aspects of human flight, as well as related works of art and archival materials. It operates two landmark facilities that, together, welcome more than eight million visitors a year, making it the most visited museum in the country. It also is home to the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies.

There is so much more to do in Washington DC. I hope to one day bring the kids there as I think they would love it. Have you been? Where do you recommend going when visiting?


  1. So many great ideas! I would love to visit Washington, D.C. someday, and especially tour the White House! The Lincoln memorial would be a must as well 🙂
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