Chinese New Year fun facts


Chinese New Year

                In 2015, Chinese New Year is on February 19th. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this is the year of the sheep (or goat).  The celebration goes through March 3rd. In China, most workers take off 2-3 weeks in order to travel home and be with their families. You will also hear Chinese New Year being referred to as the Spring Festival.
                Family is the center of the New Year celebration. There is even a name for the special New Year’s Dinner- “Reunion Dinner”. This dinner is the most important meal of the year.  Many generations of a family can be found around the table.
                Fish and Chinese dumplings are almost always served at the Reunion Dinner.  Dumplings look like an ancient form of money, eating them is supposed to bring money and wealth for the New Year. The word for fish sounds like the word for extra. Eating fish is thought to bring a surplus of money and wealth in the coming year. This is why you see a lot of fish tanks in American Chinese restaurants!
                Small towns generally have more traditional activities to celebrate.  You will see dragon dancers and hear fireworks all around. Bigger cities also have dragon and lion dances, and many performances to watch.
                You will see a lot of red during the Spring Festival. Red is considered a very important and lucky color in Chinese culture. Every house in every town will be decorated in red.  Since 2015 is the year of the goat, there will be many decorations with goats on them, also. Markets will even be selling red underwear!
                Holidays are a time to exchange gifts in many countries, and China is no exception. Gifts are given to children and seniors. Working adults do not expect to receive a gift. Money is the traditional gift, but must be put into a lucky red envelope. Children’s eyes light up when they receive a red envelope.
                Now that you know about Chinese New Year, have your own celebration. Wear red and make dumplings. Share with your family and friends. Maybe even give the kids some red envelopes. Enjoy the celebration, however you choose.
Gong Hey Fat Choy!

          Do you celebrate? 


  1. mommytalkshow says

    Last year, my son's preschool had a big Chinese New Year celebration with red decorations. The little ones loved it.

  2. Yes, we celebrate. And it's so interesting how different the traditions are amongst Chinese. For example, my husband's family does things differently than some other Chinese families and vice versa. All depends on what you choose to do as there's way too many different variations and traditions to keep up with lol 🙂 Such a fun time!
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  3. We've never celebrated, but they do have a big festival for it where we live.

  4. We learned all about Red Envelopes when we lived in LA. Now we see them everywhere!
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  5. Sounds fun! I want to celebrate.

  6. We have never celebrated the Chinese New Year, I just kind have learned more about it the past few months! Soudns fun!
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  7. Darlene Schuller says

    This is very interesting & I learned a lot I didn't know! Thank you! I've always been curious about the Chinese New Year.

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