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Tracey had the opportunity to try out doTERRA Wellness, here are her thoughts

I have seen a few of my friends post about doTerra on Social Media and I have been curious to try them. When I was offered this opportunity by my friend, The Ranting Ginger, I jumped at it. Since I was first pregnant with my 7 year old, I have become very aware of toxins and other harmful ingredients that around.

I spent some time learning about the oils from Heather, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and I am sure there is still so much more to learn. Be sure to pop by and see all the great things these oils can do for you and your family. I received the Beginner’s Trio Kit to review and couldn’t wait to break it open. This included Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils. Valued at $70.67


I have the peppermint vial on my desk at work and it certainly helps me during those midafternoon slumps. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar for a quick pick me up I know find the Peppermint re-energizes me. If I am craving something sweet it also helps with that. And there are no calories involved by smelling the oil!

The Lemon has been great to add to my morning warm water. It saves me from having to worry about picking lemons up from the grocery store to have a t home so that I can squeeze them every morning. Lemon and warm water first thing in the morning helps to cleanse and detox our bodies. Another great use I found was for removing adhesive from a new picture frame that I purchased – it took it off in a snap.

The Lavender reminds me of my Mom. She also said lavender was relaxing and many times sprayed her pillow with it at night to help her sleep. I have tried this with the lavender oil and it really works. I guess I should have known she would be right. Another night after a very stressful day at work I added a few drops to my bath and it was very soothing. A couple of drops was all I needed.

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The doTERRA essential oils are therapeutic-grade and are pure natural aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants. I was happy to learn that they did not contain and fillers or artificial ingredients. To learn more about doTERRA be sure to visit Heather .

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  1. theknitwitbyshair says

    I want to go to my friend's lunch and learns she is having to really showcase how they can work for you!

  2. When lice was going around at my son's school I picked up a Lice prevention spray from someone who sells the Doterra oils. I use it on him a couple of times a week and so far so good!
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  3. I’ve heard so many great things about doTERRA recently. Really need to check them out further, as like many, I want to be more conscientious of what I use daily. My fave oil is peppermint; it always manages to make a yoga workout feel that more impactful whenever I include a bit on my chest and wrists, lol.

  4. I would love to try these essential oils, but they are to costly for me at this time, I have tried some oils from my health food store and I must say I am amazed by the oils!!

  5. Treen Goodwin says

    I would love to try The Lavender oil , i could use some help sleeping , i have taking pills 🙂 thanks for sharing and a great review as well 🙂

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