Free printable bookmarks for boys

Children’s love for reading is often fueled by the smallest things. My children always loved a special bookmark to keep their spot in their favourite book. Bookmarks can be printed on any thickness of paper you have and even laminated for safe keeping. Fun prints like robots, spaceships, astronauts and family pets are great for bookmarks. Colourful pictures to help keep their spot in the book and guide them through their stories.

Bookmarks are great for gift toppers gift bags and milestone rewards.

You can download yours here BookmarkBOYS


I realize many girls like this stuff as well. So feel free to share with the little boy or girl in your life!

Recently my youngest went to a birthday party and out of all the candy and toys in the loot bag, she loved the bookmark the most. Enjoy!


  1. hmrcarlson says

    These are so cute! My boys would love these.

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