JABRA MOVE WIRELESS for Valentine’s Day

Men are always so hard to buy for when it comes to gift giving. Especially during Valentine’s Day as they are not really ones for flowers, chocolates and all that romantic stuff us ladies may like. So what do you do? 

Make your move this Valentines Day with Jabra Move Wireless

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make your Move. Jabra Move Wireless is the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. Whether your sweetie is a music aficionado, tech junkie, or gym buff Jabra has you covered.

With up to 8 hours of music, talk time, and the added benefit of wireless control, the Jabra Move Wireless keeps your music pumping no matter where you may find yourself.



When these arrived, I knew who would LOVE them! My bother has ear buds but not full size headphones and is often borrowing ones from my teens. As you can imagine, they are never pleased with sharing. 

Upon opening we noticed the packaging was really modern and allowed us to view the headphones easily before opening completely. We took them out and right away noticed how light they were. He tried them on and found them to be very comfortable and fit nicely. With soft padding around the ears they are comfortable for wearing long term. 

These wireless headphones charge easily via USB cable and have a talk time of 8 hours. This is great for anyone wanting to Skype, watch movies, listen to music or surf Youtube. They can also be synced to your mobile device by Bluetooth and switched seamlessly when needed to take a call. They have a twelve day stand by time as well, so no need to charge daily if not in use. 

Do what you do as normal without worrying about discomfort or losing sound. We found the sound to be really clear and crisp. The volume we can control on the side and was better than we expected. NO fuzzy breaking up, just clear sound and constant volume.

The retail price of these Jabra Move Wireless are $109.99 and available at The Source. 


These are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! In a way they were a gift for me too, as I no longer need to listen to the tutorials he is watching on Youtube. 

Move Wireless is engineered with several handy features, including:

    • A big sound for a big world – Jabra Move™ Wireless provides unrivalled sound quality in the wireless headphone category delivering a crisp digital sound that is bound to bring out the true depth and clarity of the music you love.
    • Designed to inspire, but built to last – Jabra developed the clean, simple, Scandinavian design of Move Wireless to encompass a powerhouse of sound and functionality. The colours are inspired by the lights and colours of a modern metropolis and the ultra-light, adjustable headband is designed for a more comfortable fit and maximum durability.

    • It’s time to leave the cords at home – Wireless technology has never been so liberating. Move Wireless is easy to connect and allows you to leave your phone in your pocket and easily control your music and phone calls from your headphones. This is life on the move – the easy way.

Life is busy and we are all using technology more and more these days. These Jabra Move wireless headphones are perfect for anyone in your life who is on the go! Plus they look really cool with a variety of colours to choose from (depending on country)

Check them out as well as other products from Jabra online www.jabra.ca


  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    My 10 year old was just asking for some new headphones. Those sound awesome.

  2. These would be so great for travel. No cords means easier to take on the go. So… that red pair… Has my Name On It.
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  3. kristentoneycampbell says

    Those are nice! We don't even get each other V-Day "gifts" anymore – we normally just spend the day together 🙂
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  4. Coach Donna says

    These do look great – I have 2 sets of headsets similar now – but…I will take a look at these soon, I'm sure – Happy Valentine's! 🙂

  5. These look like the perfect headphones. I like this kind so much better than the earbud style.

  6. My teen would love to have these headphones and me too. I am always listening to music.. I am sending this to hubby…

  7. I've been eyeing their earbuds. I need something good for the gym!

  8. aimeefauci says

    These look quite fancy and a very good product. I will definitely have to show these to my adult sons.

  9. Those look like awesome headphones. Would love to get these.
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  10. These would be perfect for my oldest! He goes through so many headphones because I’d the cords breaking… These would be absolutely the answer we have been looking for!

  11. These are even more awesome now that they are wireless. I love how stylish and modern they are too.

  12. coolchillmom says

    I don't want flowers or chocolates either! I want these wireless earphones!
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  13. My daughter has been asking for new headphones. I am going to take a closer look at this brand. I think these are exactly what she is looking for,

  14. loisaltermark says

    These sound like great headphones. We could use some new ones.
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  15. These look like some awesome headphones! I love the look 🙂

  16. These look really cool and the price tab isn't terrible.
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  17. My husband listens to tutorials on YouTube, but he listens to them at night (while we're going to sleep). Math of all things. I feel like the math tutor on there is family. -_- I need the headphones. Can you sleep in them? Hahahha

  18. I've heard of the headphones, they are really great! I may get a pair
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  19. These look AWESOME!! I would love to try them out sometime .

  20. This would be an excellent gift for my husband. He loves to listen to music.
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