How to Minimize Family Vacation Expenses This Spring Break

It is hard to believe but spring break is right around the corner. If you’re starting to plan a family escape, chances are you’re a little stressed at the thought of expenses. The expense of just reaching your destination can be daunting! It’s possible to have a wonderful vacation without stressing about expenses.  Here are some ideas and tips to help you cut down on costs while still enjoying a wonderful vacation. If you save big money on a vacation you may even be able to afford to buy a new fancy dress for your holiday! 

Where to Go

The first question to ask is where to go. You may already have a destination in mind. Don’t give up on that choice but also consider other destinations as well. If you are hoping to visit a popular destination (think Florida, Mexico, or Hawaii) look into travel packages. Families can travel to the Caribbean and elsewhere and stay at all-inclusive resorts. Packages can even include airfare and entertainment. If you opt for a package be sure to price out each of the components individually to see if you truly are getting a better deal.

If you simply can’t make the finances work, why not consider taking one or two smaller trips close to home. Maybe one day you can explore something in your hometown, or nearby and then take one weekend to go to a location further away. Kids won’t likely be disappointed they’re not getting a week long holiday, they’ll be excited that they are getting two trips instead of one!

When you begin to plan an itinerary, include sight-seeing but also spending quality time together. Don’t go out to eat every night, plan for a few nights in or taking a picnic in a park.

Getting There

Ideally, hopping on an airplane, reaching your destination and picking up a rental car is the perfect way for families to travel. But when you have several people this can be very cost prohibitive. Check into train and bus fares as an option. It may take you a little longer to reach your destination but the savings may be worth it. Also driving is often less expensive than flying and you have complete control you’re your time. Gas prices have fallen dramatically. If last year you didn’t even think of driving due to the high prices, reconsider this year. If your car isn’t as reliable as you’d like for a long trip you may be surprised to find renting a car is an affordable way to travel. In many cases you don’t have to purchase extra insurance – your personal car insurance plan will cover any damage to your rental car.

Time to Eat

The biggest hidden cost of vacationing? Food. It’s deceptively easy to spend a hundred dollars a day or more on food. Don’t rely on eating out in restaurants three-meals a day to feed your family. Stop at grocery stores for snacks and drinks. Plan picnics. If you’re staying somewhere for an extended time, having a kitchen or kitchenette is a great way to save money by preparing your own meals.

It is possible to take a very fun, and enjoyable spring break vacation without going into debt. Get your family involved and start looking for creative ways to enjoy time away for the lowest price possible!

Do you have any other ways to save?



  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I am always looking for ways to cut back. We have a few trips planned this year.

  2. All Inclusive Hotels are a great idea. All you really need to think about is the Plane Ticket , Transport and money to pick up a few items. Come to Jamaica and feel alrite
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  3. These are such great tips for saving some major money! We have one big trip planned for the summertime.

  4. loisaltermark says

    These are great tips. Family vacations can add up so quickly.
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  5. becca112971 says

    Great tips. When we travel we always pack snacks and take drinks so we don't have to spend so much on food.

  6. Food cost definitely stack up after a few days on vacation. Stopping at a grocery store is a really good idea.

  7. Fantastic tips! I can't believe Spring Break is right around the corner. I'm ready for the weather to get nice and warm.
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  8. I like taking shorter trips. Double the fun

  9. We are thinking of vacations already too. I guess the snow gives us the wanderlust. 🙂

  10. These agre great tips. The more we save on travel, the more travel we can do.

  11. Great tips. My daughter and I just came back from a holiday and it can get expensive if you fly and eat out while away.

  12. I love all inclusives because I can pay ahead of time and not worry about overspending on the trip. Plus, I tend to overindulge on food on vacation, so it's all good! I love Jamaica, but it's a little out of budget right now. A few years!

  13. Great tips! We'll be doing a staycation this year!

  14. Such great tips! I am always looking for ways to travel more and spend less!

  15. While vacationing we are always doing things to make our money stretch. Good info!

  16. These are some absolutely great tips to saving some money while on a family trip.
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  17. These are great tips for planning a trip. You can save on family travel by planning a head.
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  18. nice trips planned this year

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