Pancake Tuesday Round Up

Pancake Tuesday is coming fast! We love Pancake Tuesday don’t you? Who doesn’t LOVE an excuse to eat Pancakes? I know we do and we just can’t wait! My little one even gets to enjoy them at school with her friends.

In honor of Pancake Tuesday, we have been searching for some awesome Pancake recipes to share with our readers and we have found some great ones.

Pancake Tuesday

Pancakes are a delicious breakfast food, or dinner, or whatever you want. Kids love them, adults love them, it seems that everyone loves them! Which, is why we are so excited for Pancake Tuesday!

Enjoy Pancake Tuesday with these awesome recipes from amazing bloggers! There are recipes with fruit, recipes with chocolate, even some recipes with Egg nog! To my surprise there is even a gluten free slow cooker recipe! All photos were used with permission. Make sure you pin this for later too. Your tummy will thank you.

Great Pancake Tuesday Recipes


Red Velvet Pancakes from Mba Mama Musings


Nutella Pancakes from Family Food & Travel


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Mom Vs. The Boys


Bacon Eggnog Pancakes from Mommy Moment


Pumpkin Pie Buckwheat Pancakes from Cooking for Kiwi & Bean


Mini Pancakes from the DIY Dreamer


Cottage Cheese Pancakes from Mommy Moment


Weekend Pancakes from Mba Mama Musings


Corn and Bacon Pancakes from The Thrifty Couple


Funfetti Cake batter Pancakes– Tastes of Lizzy T


Peanut Butter Nutella Pancakes– Uncommon Designs


Caramelized Banana Biscoff Pancakes– Who Needs a Cape


Pancake Fruit Kabobs– In The Playroom


Gluten Free Slow Cooker Pancakes– Around my Family Table


Apple Pancakes– Cleverly Simple

All the Pancake Tuesday Recipes look beyond delicious and will serve well at your table! Pick one, make a few different recipes, it’s totally up to you!

No matter what you decide, I am sure you will enjoy!

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Do you Celebrate Pancake Tuesday?


  1. My son also got to enjoy Pancake Tuesday at school, what a totally fun lunch! My preference is incorporating meat with them– the bacon ones, or stacking them with breakfast sausage rounds! Yum!

  2. Elva Roberts says

    I love all these great recipes. I think that the Peanut butter and Chocolate chip ones would probably be my favorite. On Shrove Tuesday, I made up my batter from a recipe in one of my cookbooks. This was a plain recipe but, with crushed strawberries or Real Maple Syrup, they were scrumptious. They could also put both toppings on them. I did not have whipped cream or that would have been available as well. I love pancakes and thank you for all these wonderful recipes.

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