6 Hidden Gems to Discover When Visiting London



If the prospect of visiting London isn’t interesting you too much, maybe you just have the wrong idea of what London is. It isn’t all looking up at big, ugly, gherkin-shaped buildings and navigating tight, busy street. There are hundreds of exciting things the city has to offer too. London is a city of hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered. You can find some of the most interesting shops, cafes and museums down little, innocuous-looking side streets. Here 6 of my personal favourites.

Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

It doesn’t even look like an art gallery, but the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art is one of the nation’s greatest collections of art. You could walk past it and not know it’s there because it’s disguised as a nice three-story townhouse. Make sure you seek it out though, some of the last century’s greatest art is housed within its four walls.

London Film Museum

The London Film Museum only opened in 2008 but managed to instantly fill a huge gap in the market. Britain has an incredible cinematic heritage. So, if you’re going to London to see some of its film locations and incredible arthouse cinemas, don’t forget to visit this celebration of the British film industry too. From Chaplin to Bond, they cover it all.

Lower Marsh

Simply a street in Waterloo, Lower Marsh is one of the most eclectic and delightful locations in London. It’s packed full of great little shops, places to eat and theatres. It’s a little pocket of Bohemia, still holding firm against the prevailing trends of the city. Check it out!

Visit Highgate Cemetery

When you think about going on holiday, you’re probably not thinking about visiting a cemetery. But, if you don’t, you’ll be missing out! It’s one of the most beautiful locations in London, listed as a park of special historical interest and serving as the final resting place of some interesting people. You can visit the graves of literary icons like Radclyffe Hall and George Eliot. Or political and philosophical heavyweights like Karl Marx and Mansoor Hekmat.

Located in the trendy Highgate, North London, you’ll be able to rent a London apartment nearby and enjoy the cafe culture while you’re there. It’s a great part of the city, incorporating contemporary conveniences with areas of historical fascination.


A Gresham College Lecture

Holidays can be educational too, you know. Why not take advantage of a free public lecture at Gresham College? Where else can you get a free lecture? The college has been putting on these lectures for about 400 years. Past lecturers have covered diverse topics; from politics and history to music and literature.

London’s Roman Amphitheatre

Yes, there is a Roman Amphitheatre in London! Not many people realise this. Maybe that’s because it’s pretty well hidden. The amphitheatre is located underneath the Guildhall Art Gallery. So once you’ve seen all the paintings, you can go downstairs and catch a glimpse of ancient history. It was only discovered in 1999, until then it were just lying there in wait, which is quite extraordinary when you think about it. Once upon a time it would have been used for executing criminals and watching animal fighting shows!



  1. Laurie P says

    Great suggestions! I have a friend who's moved to London….her posted photos show a lot of hidden gems, beauties really. One day I'll get over there….

  2. psychsarah says

    Great list-I missed all of these on my trip to London in 2003 🙂 I would add that the War Rooms were fascinating and we would have missed this museum if not for a suggestion of my uncle who is a history buff. They have preserved the actual rooms that Churchill and his colleagues lived and worked in while fighting WWII.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    London has so much to offer, spending a fortnight there isn't long enough to take in the sights and treasures. I once spent a week there but only managed to see half of the things I wanted to see.

  4. victoriag1 says

    We've visited graveyards during all our trips – Tombstone was the best 🙂

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