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It is not often I can personally attend an event in the big city, but when I do you know it is going to be a fun one! Recently Nintendo invited me and the kids to come hang out at the Mario Party 10 event in Toronto. It was a lot of fun for the youngest and the teens! This mama even had a chance to try out the game!


I, like many of you, grew up playing the original Nintendo games on the original system. It is amazing how many of the characters remain while the games and systems have improved so drastically over the years. One thing that you can always count on is that Nintendo is fun and appropriate  for all ages. I love that my teens and my little one enjoy playing the games.

The Mario Party 10 event was a chance for us to play the Wii U and check out Mario and Bowser and all the action of the Mario party 10 game. Large screens were set up for the kids to play and Mario himself was in the house!

Mario Party 10_Pack Shot

In addition to a power-packed lineup of new features, new boards and new mini-games, new revelers join the Mario Party fun in the game’s ground-breaking Bowser Party and amiibo Party modes. When bad guy Bowser crashes the party to playfully torment up to four additional players on Team Mario, the franchise’s social experience takes an unprecedented and deviously good turn. In amiibo Party mode, which requires at least one compatible amiibo figure to access, you and up to three other players can tap amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller to play with and customize your amiibo, and change a portion of the board to match your character.

To add more fun to the Mario Party 10 game, a new set of amiibo called the Super Mario series will also launch simultaneously on March 20. The SuperMario series features the amiibo debut of Toad, as well as new designs for Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach and Yoshi. The new “Super Mario series” Marioamiibo design will be available exclusively in a Mario Party 10 bundle that also launches on March 20 at a suggested retail price of $69.99.

In addition, on April 10 Nintendo of Canada will launch the Super Mario series Mario amiibo—Gold Edition figure, a shiny, gold-coloured Mario figure that will be available at retailers across Canada at a suggested retail price of $15.99.


Of course little one had to be Princess Peach and at one part she was Bowser trying to knock the rest off the board. The wand controllers were a bit difficult for her as they were not a point and click  play for this game (other than picking characters and settings) but to be held sideways. So the larger Wii U controller (GamePad) worked better for her. The system itself took a few minutes to get use to but in no time she was up playing against her older brothers and even beating them 🙂 I love that the Wii games get you up and moving while having fun. The original faves with fun new boards and a great system are a fabulous addition to any family room.  My kids had a blast!

For the first time in the Mario Party series, you can pick up the GamePad and have a fiery blast stepping into the trouble-making role of everyone’s favourite bad guy: Bowser. You and up to four other players can participate in this wild new mode, with four players joining Team Mario using Wii Remote controllers (sold separately) and one playing as Bowser using the GamePad. As Bowser, your goal is simple: Prevent Team Mario from stealing the Star at the end of the board. Trying to succeed is the fun part! By playing a series of mini-games exclusive to this mode, Bowser can spit fire, spin an electric wheel, shoot Bullet Bills and cause general mayhem. The welcome role reversal adds a new layer of fun and friendly competition to the Mario Party series.

In the traditional Mario Party mode, up to four players travel together around a variety of colourful and detailed boards like Mushroom Park, Haunted Trail and the high-flying Airship Central. Although you are traveling with friends, every player is still out for him- or herself, since whoever collects the most Mini Stars at the end of the board wins! Earn these coveted Mini Stars by winning a variety of multiplayer mini-games or by participating in events around the board. The easy-to-learn and highly entertaining mini-games break up the game play by letting you and your friends compete to race up a tower, dodge angry bees or quickly pump up a balloon. You can even team up in “2 vs. 2” or “1 vs. 3” games, or even battle bosses as a group.


Even after playing with amiibo in amiibo Party mode, crashing the party as Bowser or tackling the dizzying number of mini-games in classic Mario Party mode, Mario Party 10 still offers more things to do. In Toad’s Room, you can pose your characters in a Photo Studio and shop for new characters and vehicles to use in the game. In Bonus Games mode, challenge yourself to a series of Bowser Jr. Challenges and even experience the jewel-matching fun of Jewel Drop.

Mario Party 10 are available in stores, in the Nintendo eShop and at  now as of March 20 at a suggested retail price of $59.99. For more information about the game, visit

Wii U features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit

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The mini games were great fun allowing the players to change things up and keep the game fresh!



Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


  1. Oh, my kids would LOVE that party! We have some Mario games for our Wii, but we don't have the Wii U. I am thinking about doing the upgrade since the new games look so good.

  2. The Modern Mom says

    This brings back memories. I loved playing Mario Bros on the Nintendo 64. Of course, that's a while ago but I still enjoy them. Great post!

  3. Looks like such a fun event and man, does it bring back memories! 🙂 "Old School" Nintendo memories 😉 haha
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  4. mamabear6910 says

    I was never a Mario person, but have always played video games. I will be starting to play more with my little one. These looked like so much fun., Maybe time to check them out again… We have just been using our Wii for Netflix lately,
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  5. True story – just bought the kids a Wii U this month. I have heard great things about it and frankly it's a family gift and we love it. I am dying to see Mario Party 10. My kids would go crazy for that. They love Mario almost as much as Margarita Ibbott's son does. In fact Mario and gaming is his special area of brilliance. I will look for this one when it hits stores. We are big Nintendo fans here. Plus I love the idea of the Amibo interactivity with the new games. I am hunting those down too.
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