Goldfish Crackers making snacking and smiles easy #GoldfishSmiles Giveaway



Every single time we go to the grocery store my youngest insists on getting a package of Goldfish crackers! This picky eater loves the Cheddar ones most. We have tried the others but they are her fave by far.

Last week we had an unexpected fog day and the kids were home from school. A fog day means that buses are cancelled and the kids are home from school. When these days are unexpected, they are often boring for the kids. I figured it was the perfect time for little one and me to enjoy a snack and a movie. We enjoyed watching her original Disney Cinderella movie and ate a yummy party mix I mixed up.

Goldfish party mix

  • Chocolate chips 1/2 cup
  • Goldfish Cheddar crackers 1 cup
  • Goldfish Pretty in Pink crackers 1 cup
  • Popcorn (microwave) 2 cups
  • mini marshmallows 1/2 cup

Add them all together in a large bowl and mix around. Serve in small individual bowls. This colourful treat is sure to make smiles for your kids too.


Suddenly our boring day got a little more fun. I think making this party mix was just as much fun as eating it 🙂

Goldfish crackers are a fun snack to add to soup, casseroles, snack mixes, chili and to eat on their own. They are also so fun to play with and tasty to eat the possibilities are endless. My daughter loves to play tic tac toe with these cheesy little guys as the pieces.

Goldfish crackers are baked with REAL cheese, contain no artificialcolours or flavours, have 0 trans fat and are low in saturated fat –so, you can feel good about eating your favourite snack that smiles back.

Goldfish crackers are the original soup cracker, but can be enjoyed in so many other ways. They’re a fun and wholesome way to make celebrating life’s little moments simple.

Create your own smile worthy moments

Here are some fun, easy ways to create smile-worthy moments with your

  • Play, create, and use your imagination to make snack-time a learning experience: Use Goldfish crackers to practice counting, sort colours or play tic-tac-toe.
  • Host a princess party with dress-up clothes, tiaras and magic wands and serve new Goldfish Princess crackers with tea. Even make believe royalty will love these bite-sized cracker snacks!
  • Pack a serving of Goldfish Crackers in a re-usable container in your child’s lunch for a mid-day smile that will warm their heart.
  • Need a quick after school snack? Goldfish cheddar crackers are also available in individual serving sizes (28 g) – perfect for on the go, too!
  • Milestones, like the first solo spin on a bike or an A in math, can be celebrated together with your child’s favourite Goldfish characters; FINNTM, GILBERTTM, XTREMETM and BROOKETM. They are featured on every package of Goldfish crackers and often appear alongside a fun game or puzzle for your child to

My little princess loves the Pretty in Pink Princess crackers! They are the same taste as the original cheddar but pink (no artificial colours) They are available for a limited time.


Other Goldfish products

Original, Cheddar, Cheddar made with Whole Grain, Cheese Trio, Colours, Pretzel, GIANT Cheddar, FLAVOUR BLASTED, Atomic BBQ, Screamin’ Salt & Vinegar, Xplosive Pizza, Xtreme Cheddar, Vanilla Cupcake Grahams, Honey Bun Grahams, and Chocolate Brownie Grahams.

No matter what your preference Goldfish has you covered. Add them to cupcakes or ice-cream as well as enjoy them on those road trips that seem to take forever. Make a game of it. Every time your child sees a fish on a sign they can eat a goldfish.

Find them in the cracker isle of your grocery store.

Learn more about Goldfish crackers and all the fun you can have with them

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well. Follow the conversation on the #GoldfishSmiles hashtag

giveaway time

One lucky Canadian reader is going to be creating smiles with their family. I have a great giveaway valued at $40, including:

  • Goldfish Princess Crackers
  • Goldfish Cheddar Crackers
  • Disney Cinderella t-shirt
  • Disney Cinderella temporary tattoo
  • Disney Cinderella bracelet
  • Magic wand (to make dreams come true!)

Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!

How would you use Goldfish crackers to create smiles?

Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Goldfish Canada, all opinions are my own 


  1. Sunshine G says

    I'd make a mini aquarium on her plate with Goldfish and plants made of veggies.

  2. edmontonjb says

    I think I could get some smiles if I used Goldfish for the crushed crackers on top of my scalloped potato recipe


  3. i would make a cute olaf snowman using goldfish crackers.

  4. Great ideas and fantastic post! That patty mix sounds amazing.that would indeed make any fog day seem a lot less f9ggy!!

  5. we buy all the different varieties of Goldfish and mix together for a treat on a rainy day. thanks

  6. Dayna Wilson says

    I've used leftover goldfish to make a crunchy cheesy shell for a chicken bake! It was a huge hit.

  7. lyndac1968 says

    We like to sprinkle the goldfish on homemade hamburg helper and in our chicken noodle soup!!

  8. We love using small snacks to play "guess how many" at birthday parties and sleepovers, so i think the Goldfish crackers would be great for that too.

  9. We bring Goldfish with us to restaurants, on the plane, etc to keep our youngest entertained. We make letter shapes with them and then she gobbles them up – always with lots of smiles. We just tried some new flavours on a recent flight with her – mom and bubba approved! 🙂

  10. I actually created some smiles this afternoon with the Honey Bun Grahams Goldfish when I met the grandkids when they got off their schoolbus. We had a 'fish party.' Yup, the bag is gone!

  11. erin mcsweeney says

    I make a broccoli casserole that crushed goldfish crackers would be a great topping on.

  12. My grandson likes to eat goldfish while watching Dora the Explorer.

  13. butterflyamyc says

    We like to make goldfish art. We glue them onto the paper and draw a picture around them.

  14. Florence Cochrane says

    My grandchildren love goldfish. Goldfish in their lunches or for an afternoon snack always puts a smile on their faces.

  15. I put them in my kids bowl of soup so it looks like they're swimming 🙂

  16. Victoria Ess says

    I would bring them as snacks on a hike!

  17. Susan Hanley says

    My two grandsons love Goldfish. I always have a package of them in my pantry. My youngest grandson and I often play fish in the ocean with his Goldfish. We use plastic sea creatures and the Goldfish to pretend.

  18. They're a fun "extra" topper on home made pizzas and tasty for blind taste tests.

  19. SweetPanda says

    I have put lots of Goldfish in a square (like a chess board) and then my two kids would act like Pacman to eat the Goldfish and see who eat is the fastest and eat the most Goldfish

  20. Jeannie Lam says

    I think we would make a game out of the fishes. I would set a bowl at the centre of the table and then try to get the kids to throw their fishes in. The winner will get some popcorn and have their fishes swim with the popcorn.

  21. Have a blind taste test and see who can correct guess the different Goldfish flavours.

  22. Doris Calvert says

    I have no imagination but my niece and nephew are happy with eating them out of a small container along with other snacks!

  23. I would create a smiley face with them in a bowl of tomato soup

  24. Carol Denny says

    We put them in their lunch box to make them smile

  25. All it takes for smiles in our house is fun designs on my little ones plate. One of the previous comments mentioned making a fish aquarium using goldfish and veggies for plants. I absolutely love that and I'm going to try it.

  26. Audrey Skinner says

    I actually use gold fish as the cracker crumbs on my casseroles and I place some whole ones on the casserole before I serve and the kids actually eat it.

  27. nicolthepickle says

    We would have a dress up tea party. My kids would love it.

  28. kathy downey says

    Everytime I take out a bag of Goldfish at snack time I make loads of smiles,we always count them for a math lesson

  29. Susan Patterson says

    We have a game for every correct math question that they answer, they will get a goldfish cracker ( up to a limit). Thanks so much

  30. My daughter loves the cupcake goldfish with nutella. lol

  31. Lori Jackson says

    We love to do an ocean scene on our plates using goldfish! My Son is becoming quite creative!

  32. I would make goldfish drops! They are so delicious

  33. We just like to make shapes and pictures out of our Goldfish

  34. I would create smiles with goldfish by making a cheese sauce to dip the goldfish in. It would be like the fish going swimming!

  35. andrea amy says

    I take goldfish with me as a snack for the kids when we're out and about. Easy, not messy, and always fun 🙂

  36. Wendy Hutton says

    by cutting fish shaped cheese to go with the crackers

  37. hmrcarlson says

    I use Goldfish Crackers as a topping for tuna casserole. My kids love it.

  38. i make an underwater scene on bread with the crackers and cream cheese rafflecopter charityk

  39. I would create smiles with Goldfish Crackers by adding them to a bowl of soup and let eaters big and small enjoy their soup while looking at cute crackers float around.

  40. Tic- tac- toe , with different colour goldfish 😀

  41. danielle nantau says

    nothing is better than tomato soup with goldfish crackers floating

  42. Kate Hearn says

    I’ve actually been using Goldfish crackers to help my little guy understand addition and subtraction. Yummy math you get to eat lol.

  43. I`d out them in with my soup,and that wold make me smile 🙂 I love Goldfish!

  44. Treen Goodwin says

    I would use goldfish in our homemade Chicken noodle soup , my grandson would so love that , he loves goldfish 🙂

  45. I like to mix one or two vanilla cupcake Goldfish in with the rest, when giving a snack. A fun surprise!

  46. Would have kids fish for them in a bowl of milk

  47. BobbiJo Pentney says

    I could have my kids tally how many goldfish with smiles they find, then they will eat and enjoy.

  48. Just adding them to tomato rice soup brings a smile to the my granddaughter's face!

  49. I think we would probably make up our own game of go fish…

  50. Juliee Fitze says

    They would good to use as chips when playing cards.

  51. lynnbeanie23 says

    i potty trained my son with goldfish lol he was stuburn refused t use the bathroom but the catch the fish worked well. id out a few in the toilet and hed aim. potty trained in a week

  52. Goldfish swimming n homemade cream of tomato soup always gets smiles.

  53. Lindsay T says

    We like making goldfish trail mix with goldfish, pretzels, shreddies & cheesies!

  54. Goldfish are in my purse at all times to keep all the little ones happy.

  55. The little girls I babysit have made a game of seeing how many goldfish they can poke into their piece of cheese-until it is completely covered-you can no longer see it-lots of giggles-lots of fun!

  56. Brittney House says

    We will mix some gold fish in some cheese dip.

  57. Last night we made a pizza and my girl made a face on it using her Goldfish crackers….

  58. Put some tasty goldfish in zip lock bags or saran wrap and
    hide them around the house for a hide and seek game. cute

  59. I think it would be fun to create a "fishing pond" by putting some goldfish into some tinfoil and twisting it to look like a fish. You could hook them with a bent paperclip hooked onto a regular paperclip on the foil.

  60. GoldFish checkers!!

  61. jessica eapen says

    i plate the goldfish into an aquarium scene!

  62. Karry Knisley says

    Play tic TAC toe with the goldfish

  63. mommakoala says

    I would add them to my party mix.

  64. prairiebelle says

    I would add it to my nuts and bolts recipe to make it more exciting!

  65. aarone mawdsley says

    I would make them into an art project. how fun!

  66. SueSueper Sue says

    I like you count them you get them, great for little kids. Always happy after the count.

  67. I'd put them in my bits and bites mix I make at home!

  68. I'll teach them poker and use goldfish for the chips. Winning at Parenting! 🙂

  69. My kids love when I make tomato soup and they place gold fish in it !

  70. Terri Baker says

    Make a pan of Rice Krispy treats; dye the marshmallows blue so it looks like water. Place Rainbow Goldfish on top so it looks like they are swimming.

  71. Tammy Dalley says

    we like to play tic tac toe with different colors of goldfish!

  72. For kids birthday parties make a goldfish ‘bar’ with dips

    Graham fish with chocolate dip

    Pretzel fish with Mustard or queso

    Birthday fish with icing

    You get the idea 🙂

  73. different varieties of Goldfish and mix together

  74. Just packing it in my kids' lunches creates a surprise from my kids 🙂

  75. Create surprise cute snacks

  76. Julie Bolduc says

    I put goldfish on chicken the whole family loves it

  77. I like to have goldfish in pudding with my niece.

  78. lucie landry says

    My grandaughter would be so happy!

  79. Jennie Yuen says

    I think my little one and I would make patterns with the Goldfish mix

  80. crafts with goldfish

  81. we like taking the rainbow goldfish and using it as a math game… sorting colors!

  82. chris arnott says

    goldfish always brought smiles as soon as I would take them out of the cupboard,

  83. Our game will be putting them into Easter eggs (plastic) for our son to find!

  84. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My grandchildren all love Goldfish and in any flavour, I just have to offer them some and they're all smiles 🙂 I love them too, a nice snack for when I'm a bit peckish.

  85. Wanda Bergman says

    I would pop them into a lunch bag to surprise my loved ones!

  86. We use goldfish crackers as markers for bingo

  87. I would create fish stories with my daughter.

  88. Silvia D says

    love to eat right out of the bag but we also use them in our chicken nugget coating, I crush up Goldfish and add to coating mixture for the nuggets.

  89. Brandee H says

    We like to fishing for our goldfish. Or we sing 'a slippery fish' while we eat them.

  90. Monique L.S. says

    I don't have to work too hard to make my daughter smile with Goldfish. As soon as I bring them out, shaking the bag, she is smiling and happy.

  91. Brenda Lacourciere says

    I would play tic tac toe with my grandson. Its his favorite game right now.

  92. counting games have been a fav with the little fishies

  93. We mix in all of the different types of Goldfish and sprinkle with a little olive oil and some spices then bake it until it gets hot. The we serve it up and get a lot of smiles.

  94. We make goldfish pudding cake. It is tedious and takes much longer than using soda crackers but so worth it and so tasty
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  95. Use them in place of croutons in caesar salad

  96. cartersmom89 says

    I would make a little snack mix. 🙂

  97. We love it in our tomato soup!

  98. I love arranging goldfish in soups and stews

  99. Helen Kempster says

    I always have some around when my niece visits. She is a huge fan of vegetable soup with fishies swimming in it 🙂

  100. naiddia p says

    I like to put them into soup for the kids.

  101. Susan Stirling says

    Just bringing out goldfish makes my grandkids smile! I always keep them on hand and they ask for them right away! I always serve them on a blue plate (water) and sprinkle raisins (air bubbles) around the plate!

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