It is all about the hunt! The Easter Egg hunt that is!

Even with all of the snow we have, seeing Cadbury Easter products in the stores is a sure sign that spring is on its way. Brighter, happier sun filled days are just around the corner.

Cadbury treats for Easter

When it comes to Easter, having children of different ages we celebrate the day in many ways. But one thing always remains the same, the hunt! Our youngest is six and she keeps the teens in the holiday spirit as they too enjoy the fun filled day. They may say they are doing it for her, but I can see in their eyes they are loving every minute of it.

Just like their mama my children love all things chocolate and there is no way they would want to be left out of the festivities! They all enjoy searching the yard, and house for chocolate eggs and treats. We usually stock up early and make sure there are lots of eggs for them all to find and share Easter morning. I often even toss a couple in their lunches ahead of time to help get them pumped for the big day!


To help with the enthusiasm we may have a couple pre-hunts with the kids leading up to the day. A few eggs for them to find before is always a nice surprise and gets them ready for the big hunt.

My motto is you can never have too much chocolate and it is never too early to stock up!

The hunt

Having pets we need to be creative when we hide our eggs for the hunt. My desk is always a great place as it has lots of great hiding spots. Book shelves, dressers and pots and planters are fun and safe spots for hiding. My daughter has some stuffies she likes to display so hiding eggs around them is always good too. I admit, I may have found the odd egg months later that was missed and forgotten, so now we try to keep better track. Plus it is a given the teens will leave no stone unturned and find most of them themselves.


No matter who finds what, they all split them evenly when done! I love how they share and help their little sis reach the eggs hidden higher than she can see.

Stocking up

As always Cadbury has a great selection of treats for Easter. You most likely have seen the stores starting to add them to their shelves. Seeing the eggs in store has gotten my kids so excited! The Creme eggs and Mini Eggs are perfect for filling baskets, baking and hunting. I am loving the new packaging on the Creme eggs, it is really nice and easy to remove yet safe for all.  The Mini Eggs can be purchased in a variety of bag sizes to fit your family and needs best.

cream filled eggs

Next time you are out and see the eggs staring at you, why not grab a pack and do a pre-Easter hunt of your own. I know we will be doing a few (any reason for chocolate) here!

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This post was brought to you by Cadbury, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit



  1. My kids love chocolate like their mama. My daughter's favourite ones are the mini Cadbury eggs. I always get her some in her Easter basket
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  2. orangeheromama says

    Such a good post to read after I wrote my "did the magic just end?" post this morning! I need to go and pickup some goodies before I end up working for the rest of the week! We're big Cadbury fans in this house 🙂
    My recent post Did The Magic Just End?

  3. lyndac1968 says

    Can't go wrong with chocolate, I no longer have to hide eggs or any of the other stuff, but it is sad and I do miss it at times, I loved being the Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, Santa Claus, you name it!!

  4. I have a bag of mini eggs that I've valiantly, so far, haven't ripped open myself to "taste-test" yet, lol. They are so yummy and fun to hide around the house for the great easter hunt! 🙂 Will be picking up a few creme eggs to add to the hunt collection sometime this week too. Hope your fam has a great hunt this year! <3
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  5. Mini Eggs are my favorite and they're special to me because they make me think of Easter. I have gone through a few packs already, it's only once a year so why not 😉 This is my son's first Easter where I think he'll "get it", I'm so excited!
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  6. Cadbury Mini Eggs are my absolute favourite. The "Easter bunny" always leaves them for me. We always have so many Cadbury chocolates outside for our annual Easter Egg hunt. The kids love them all and I like that they are available in so many stores. Happy Easter!
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  7. Florence Cochrane says

    The additive Cadbury Mini Eggs. I got some at Target to send out west to my adult children.

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