March in like a Lion out like a Lion

I thought the saying was March, in like a Lion out like a lamb or the opposite. Not both?!? If it comes in strong and fierce it usually goes out calm and peaceful!


My day during the weeks starts at 6 AM as this is the time I get my boys up for school. However today a text came in just before my alarm went off. It was from the bus driver, she wanted me to know buses were canceled.

Canceled due to weather.

Usually morning buses are canceled and afternoon will still run, but today they were all canceled. I went back to bed and did not look outside. I figured a touch of snow, maybe they had unused snow days they could use up. After all there were a few days they should have stopped the buses from running over the winter and did not. I really did not expect much.

I woke up at 9AM enjoying my lazy morning, looked outside and OMG!

Snow! Lots of it too!

What is going on? It is Spring? Tomorrow is April and this is not a light dusting. We were just at the park yesterday and the beach. For a few days last week it was sweater weather and the snow was almost completely gone. I even commented how I was surprised there was no flooding with the snow melting so quickly.

Now we have snow again. A winter wonderland like we would expect in the middle of January.

I am tired of winter.

I am tired of the snow.

I want the sun to shine through and the birds to sing. I want the Spring showers that we see in April and May flowers.

I want to walk on the beach and not wear a big heavy winter coat.

I want the cold yucky weather to go away for at least 8 months.

Please tell me I am not the only one experiencing this crazy weather.

March started out cold and windy and it is ending the same way. Feels like a sick April Fools day joke to me 🙁


I just stepped out on my back deck and took this picture. It looks like the snow has stopped and is starting to melt. Maybe there is still hope after all!


  1. Florence Cochrane says

    No April's fool joke here. We are getting snow in Newfoundland tomorrow night into Thursday. I think we are all sick of winter.

  2. nicolthepickle says

    I was thinking the same thing. The weather has been wintery all the way through.

  3. cgrandy823 says

    I'm tired of snow too. It's been a looong winter. And more snow is predicted for this week..

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