Sometimes some people should just avoid modern communication and technology


Every once in a while I just need to share a rant with you all

You would think most people under the age of lets say fifty have a pretty good handle on social media or at least emails, right? If not emails at least cell phones and texting. I mean I have seen many seniors texting, skyping and using social media so learning is possible. I really get annoyed when someone wants to correspond with me via texting, email or social media and they really have no idea. I get that I use it every day, but if they suggest this method they should have a handle on it.

My annoyance started a few months back when I took my daughter in a snow storm at night to her swimming lesson to find out it was cancelled. Turns out the swimming teacher was in Mexico and sent a group email out. For some reason I did not get it. I was annoyed but chalked it up to error and forgot about it. The swimming teacher is a mom with teens and in her early 40s I would think. She is very nice but very busy so has been relying a lot on texting , emails and social media. When we first were introduced to her she would never return messages when I would call, she said her kids erased them without her knowing. My kids would know better but everyone is different and she suggested emails at that time. After the missed class thing she suggested texting and I agreed. I live on my smartphone and it is easy for me.

Swimming was taking up a lot of our nights and we took a session off, a break. The instructor told me to text her to find out when the next set of classes were to begin. She said they would start after March Break and to text her then. I texted her two weeks before March Break. Her response “I will send you the schedule tonight” then nothing for almost 3 weeks. Since March Break ended yesterday, I figured I should check in. I highly suggest this woman brush up on her social media and texting if she is going to use it for work , as I was angry and ready to take my daughter elsewhere after our last correspondence.


It went something like this

Me texting “Hi, I never heard back from you. Can you please tell me the schedule so I can register my daughter?”

Her “Are you on Facebook“?

Me “Yes

Her “Look up (swimming class name) on Facebook for an up to date schedule”

I go to Facebook and scroll through a bunch of crap and a bunch of new classes. Finally after what seems like forever I find a schedule. I text her back

Can you register my daughter for (date) please?

Her response “Classes are full, you will need to register for June. June is not posted yet

Me wondering what just happened in 20 minutes was extremely confused and feeling bad as my daughter loves her swimming. Why send me somewhere the schedule is no longer valid?

I respond “Oh, you told me to find the schedule on Facebook and I did. It said this was available. Did I miss something?

Her “Registration was in Feb. You are late and must wait”

I respond back and can feel myself getting a bit snippy “I have done everything you asked and you never responded. I touched base when you told me, went to FB and now you are tell me June? I will be looking elsewhere. I do not have time for this run around

Long pause then a response comes in from her. Obviously she was looking back at previous text messages between us “I am so sorry. I will fit her in next week. I can not keep texts straight


Why suggest it as a way to communicate?

Why send clients to Facebook to see a schedule that is no longer valid?

Why run a business and add additional classes if you can not communicate with the ones you already have. I appreciate that she fit us in. My daughter likes her and she does a great job. The schedule fits our life perfectly and coordinates with my other children’s activities. But if this lack of communication keeps up we will have to go elsewhere.

Maybe I should offer her my social media management services 🙂

Have you experienced similar with someone that just should not be using modern technology and social media? Why do they not get how easy it is? Some people should just stick to snail mail and land lines LOL


  1. Doris Calvert says

    I don't think it's an age issue as much as disorganized and rude! I would be going crazy!

  2. At age 64 I am not too bad at the social media thing and I am good at emails and IM's–just don't ask me to take a picture or text. I am just not interested enough to figure it out! I do prefer my landline and do respond to messages as soon as I receive them–as for cell phones—————lets just say I switched to a prepaid–and I rarely even found the messages left there–cell phones elude me–but then I grew up and there was no such thing as a computer or a cell phone–so I'm not really doing that badly am I?

  3. Treen Goodwin says

    I have no idea about any new technology , i always rely on my Kids to help me figure stuff out , i would be lost with my cell and computer lol

  4. Wow! She must be a good teacher, because shesounds like the most disorganize person!!!

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