25 Canadian mom bloggers you should be following

I started reading blogs when I was on bed rest with my youngest. It was great to see how other moms across Canada did things and learn from them. Over the years I have added many to my “My read” list and try to pop in weekly to see what they are up to. Each one is unique and offers something different but I can relate to them all. As a Canadian mom blogger myself, I learn from these ladies and hope that if you are not already following them, you will be. You will not regret it!

In no order at all, here is my list of 25 Canadian mom bloggers you should be following

Canadian mom Bloggers

The Modern Mommy

I first discovered this blog a few months ago. I really enjoyed her passion for her children and her truck. Yes she loves her truck. She made me chuckle and her stories of being a “modern mom” are very easy to relate to. She is compassionate and feisty which makes her one of my faves.

Thrifty Mommas tips 

When Paula isn’t exploring the world with her family you can find her posting blogging tips and resources for women. I enjoy reading her blog and often find myself learning something new from her. Her very raw stories of adoption, infertility and experiences with special needs makes this blogger one all moms should be following (dads too)

Raising Healthy Kids

This moms passion for health is truly inspiring! I love following along reading tips and recipes for a healthy family as well as activities to keep kids active. No shortage of ideas on her blog for a rainy day or summer vacay. Check out Deb and her three girls to see for yourself.

Journey of the Zoo

My favourite part of this blog is their yearly adventures across north America to their other home in Mexico. Seeing updates about electricity and schooling that are so different than what we are use to here in Canada are not only educational but humorous at times. You can expect local (Ottawa) events and product reviews as well as fun giveaways over there.

They spend four months of the year in Mexico and the rest of the time in Ontario, Canada,  speaking English, Spanish and French.

Mommy’s Weird

Who says moms have to be all proper and G rated? If you want to follow a fun blog that allows you to laugh at motherhood then this is one for you. Kyla posts the funniest stories and I just love her videos.

Radio DJ trying to parent 2 kids. Problems? Lack of sex, sleep, sanity and an addiction to saucy chicken wings.

Curtains are Open

I just recently in the last few months discovered this blog. Being a mom to teens myself I find myself reading through her posts nodding my head and laughing at myself. Her real honest approach to parenting and blogging is so refreshing.

Sometimes, you have to take a few hits to figure out who you really are! Curtains are Open is about moving forward, accepting change and finding happiness in the craziest of places.

Simply Stacie

If you are looking for yummy recipes with great pictures this is the mom to follow. She also posts lots of tips on saving money and fun giveaways. I have been a fan for years.

Ontario, Canada mom of two girls, passionate about food, photography, DIY + coffee!

My Organized Chaos

I think this was the very first blog I ever read! At the time I entered a lot of contests and this blog always posts great ones. I love her stories about her twins plus one and their family travel posts best. You can also find product reviews and tasty recipes there.

My Organized Chaos is written by Tammi, a married Canadian work-at-home Mom to a 10 year old Princess named Isabelle and 6 year old Twincesses, Katelyn and Sophia {A big part of ‘The Chaos’!}. Aside from MOMhood, Tammi is a Canadian travel blogger, travel writer and print author.

Mom Vs the Boys

If you are a mom to boys you will want to check out this Canadian blogger. Jennifer is the only female in a house full of males which makes for some interesting stories. I love her sense of humour and following all their adventures!

Being a boy-mom to three, you’ll find crafts, stories, activities, adventures and even birthday cake decorating, all centered around a boy theme. Her other passions run in the realm of Photography and Travel, so be prepared to see lots of pictures of her gorgeous little men and follow along on their alligator holding, cooking monster hugging holidays!

Echoes of Laughter

You will give pinterest a break when you check out this blog full of crafts, recipes, home decor and pure family love. I can get lost just reading through all of her great ideas. Plus she is a super awesome lady!

Angie loves sharing ideas for helping busy families with projects in cooking, crafting, decorating and the holidays!

Happy Hooligans

Your children will never experience boredom again if you follow this fun blog. The imagination and creativity is very inspiring and makes me want to do more as a mom.

Happy Hooligans – a blog that centres around the daily activities of a home-daycare, and is dedicated to easy and affordable arts & crafts and good, old-fashioned play.

Whispered Inspirations

This fun blog is written by a blogger I have known for years. Her fun loving sass makes her one of my all time faves. Follow her life with her two girls and adorable dog as they enjoy traveling and sharing all kinds of great products and giveaways with her readers.

Whispered Inspirations™ is a lifestyle & family-friendly product review site!

Frugal Mom eh

If you are looking for recipes, giveaways and DIY projects then you will want to check out this blogger. This mom to two adorable little girls posts some incredible pictures and shares tips we all can use in our day to day life.

Elizabeth and her family lives in Urban South Central Ontario and was a successful IT professional before finding her true love for being a stay-at-home mom and of course, all things blog.

Baby & Life

You will never accept the excuse “I have a baby” again.  I started following Baby & Life a few years back after meeting Yashy in person while she was pregnant. Her energy and excitement for life was so contagious I knew I had to follow along with her city life and world wide travels.

Passions include wine, dining out, cooking, cocktailing, travelling, hunting for random fun events in the city and now… exploring all things baby related. With two kids under the age of three…

My Baby Stuff

Don’t let the title fool you, there is way more than baby stuff on this blog. Her product reviews are a delight to read as are her family travel posts.

focussing on great brands for moms

The West Coast Mommy

It makes me jealous to see all of her updates about the West coast 🙂 This mom blogger is always sharing the natural products , green living ways and paleo recipes that many of us know we should be trying.

a social worker, wife, and mommy to two little girls living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.

Maple Leaf Mommy

Looking for fun Canadian inspired content, look no further. This blog is all Canada all the time. Meaning everything posted is truly from a Canadian point of view. This mom of two’s honest posts and reviews are a must read! Her weekly giveaway linky is a great spot to find places Canucks like us can enter for a chance to win as well.

My Three Little Kittens

Kristen is one of my favourite bloggers online and off. She is a great person and I can not get enough of our fun conversations. If you love cats you MUST follow her social media accounts for all kinds of adorable pics. She posts yummy recipes, family stuff and blogging tips. This mom of three also shares some great giveaways.

Preshus Me

Like I mentioned above I enjoy reading mom blogs I can relate to. Bloggers I feel I have a connection to. I find this blog to have a lot of similarities to my own and enjoy reading her take on things. This mother of two tells it like it is and enjoys the same shows I do so she has me hooked 🙂

Ninja Mommers

Go right now and check out this blog! I will wait. I bet you read a post and had either a good laugh of a uh ha moment. I love how I can always find posts on day to day stories and happenings of this moms life. Very real and yet entertaining mixed in with great food pics.

Real Talk Moms

These anonymous moms post recipes, tips and more. I love how their real way of talking relates to what I am often thinking. They complain, they love, they swear and they are a lot of fun.

4 the Love of Mommy

You may recognize Jessica from a few reviews she has covered for me on here. This mom to four writes about life after divorce and remarrying as well as trying to conceive and more. I enjoy reading her stories about her family and how they manage as well as their struggles. If you have a blended family you will want to check out her blog.

The DIY Dreamer

Some may not consider this a mom blog, but she is a mom and she blogs.  I love reading about her latest projects and seeing what her family is up to next. If you need some inspiration around your home, you will want to check out this Quebec blogger.

Our Family World

Our family world is a fabulous resource for parents not only in Canada but world wide. You can find everything form home decor, party planning to arts and crafts and product reviews there.

Yee Wittle Things

This Canadian blogger is a lot of fun to read. Her reviews are always family friendly and you know you will find a giveaway there most days. I especially love her recipes as they do not intimidate me and look so good 🙂

She enjoys sharing recipes that her family loves and the occasional DIY project/activity.

Little Miss Kate

I know I said 25 but I truly love this blog and read it every chance I get. This baby wearing mama is so fun and full of energy she inspires me daily. Her children’s activities, local Toronto adventures and kid friendly recipes are great!

As you can tell from my choices I like moms who share tips, recipes and rants. If I missed your fave please feel free to tell me below so I can check it out and add to my reading list. I will be doing another list soon with my favourite Canadian family travel blogs soon. This list is just my faves not based on stats, as you can see there is a variety of size and age included.

Happy reading!


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  13. I am proud to say that I follow almost all of these great Canadian blogs. Such a diversity of stories and families out there to enjoy and learn from.

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    Glad that we could make you smile.

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