Child Internet Safety – FamilyTime Claims to Empower Parents to Fight Cyber-Crimes

It is getting harder day by day to protect kids from multitude of online challenges. They have multiple ways to connect to the Web 24/7 and are living amidst online and offline threats round the clock. Just discussing cyber-ethic with our kids isn’t enough. We have to safeguard them from bad digital influence and avoid cyber crimes. There are apps like FamilyTime that can help parents to ensure that their children get a safe online experience. Child Internet safety is the next step so step up and make it a bit easy.

mobile safety for kids

Interesting Interface

Many parental controls are available, but FamilyTime’s unique specs set it apart. After installation, it displays your family members on a dashboard with different options to view reports, change settings and lock phone etc. It is not limited to only Web monitoring, instead, you could even use it to prevent cyber crimes by putting harmful sites on your watch list and stay updated.

Parental Controls

FamilyTime Features


It has different packages – free and premium. FamilyTime Premium has further three modes of paying. You can either get their monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. In any case, you get a free 15-day free trial with all Premium features so you can get the best idea of what the app is capable of doing.

High compatibility

FamilyTime is compatible with all Android phones, iPhones and Kindle Fire Tablets.


Its user interface is very simple to use for both parents and children. It has two versions – FamilyTime – Dashboard for parents and FamilyTime for children. FamilyTime – Dashboard is the parent’s online portal where they can view and manage their child profiles and add more. FamilyTime app for children sits on children’s mobile devices and logs online activity, location details and other phone logs and makes it accessible to the parents via FamilyTime – Dashboard.


What is worth noting is that FamilyTime does not log any data from Parent’s mobile phones or tablets. It only gives them an online dashboard to view and manage their child’s devise usage and whereabouts. FamilyTime – Dashboard can also be accessed via web. Parents don’t necessarily have to install the app on their phone.

How can FamilyTime help fight cyber-crimes?

FamilyTime basically puts parents on the driving seat when it comes to ensuring a safe Internet experience for their kids. Installing this app on children’s phones makes more sense as more and more kids are becoming smartphone-first Internet users.

FamilyTime – Complete Web monitoring

Ft covers all aspects of Internet monitoring for parents as it lets you:

  • Check their entire Web history.
  • Check their bookmarks and favorite websites
  • Check the most visited sites
  • View how long they visited specific sites

Other Features

It’s always good to keep a safety check on your teens’ activities. FamilyTime also lets parents to keep tabs on their:

Mobile monitoring features

  • Call logs
  • Phone contact

GPS location

  • Track current location
  • Check where they have been all day long
  • View check-ins and check-outs
  • Get Geo-fencing alerts

You can get:

  • Panic alerts
  • Location-based alerts
  • PickMeUp alerts

Safe Internet

FamilyTime made Internet safety easier

Child Internet safety is fast becoming No. 1 concern for parents these days as teens are more vulnerable to getting influenced from any misleading or violent content. And FamilyTime can help parents make it easy. Moreover it’s not limited to Internet monitoring, parents can also get help from other parental controls and GPS tracking features.


  1. I tried Family Time app, though I switched to Kidslox. Kidslox has more features for iOS and I like its pricing policy more. It is just 4 dollars per month and allows controlling up to 10 devices. Family Time has a very tricky policy, though both have good support teams.

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