Eating Disorders and the Support of Healthy Eating

Even healthy eating is a bad thing if you take a moment to look at the news. Some people have taken their commitment to healthy eating to a point where they are denying themselves foods that the body needs. This new eating disorder, Orthorexia Nervosa isn’t recognized by the professionals yet, but is a real issue.

Eating healthy is good for the brain and the body. Not only can eating disorders can cause malnourishment and vitamin deficiencies, they can also cause death. It’s important to know the signs and how to support healthy eating especially in children. Early learning can also help younger generations stay away from these health problems.

Eating Disorders

Orthorexia Nervosa, although still new, is a fixation on righteous eating. People suffering from this illness may start off just eating healthy, but it can spiral out of control. They become obsessed with eating specific foods that are “pure.” By doing this they are limiting themselves foods that they need to be healthy.

Anorexia Nervosa is diagnosed when the person doesn’t eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. They are very picky about foods, eat little and are very concerned about their weight. This leads to malnourishment and many other health issues. With this illness the sufferer doesn’t see what they are doing to themselves.

Binge Eating Disorder is what it sounds like. The person with this illness will eat a lot, like a whole box of cookies (or more) in one sitting, then force themselves to vomit to keep from gaining weight. They can damage their throat and their stomach doing this. The stomach acid from vomiting can also ruin their teeth. This sufferer feels guilty for the things they do with food.

Bulimia Nervosa is similar to binge eating. There are also different levels of these disorders.

Treatment for Eating Disorders

If you think someone you care about has an eating disorder it’s important to help them get medical assistance. Since eating disorders can lead to death, albeit slowly, those that suffer from any of these illnesses need immediate help. They also need you to be there for them. Don’t judge them but try to help them understand the importance of healthy eating for their well being.

Therapy, medications, and counseling are all ways that eating disorders can be treated. According to TherapyTribe, an online therapist directory, it’s important to find a doctor that specializes in eating disorders. There are many different kinds of eating disorder therapy methods and it’s important to find a doctor who knows which method will be most effective for you.

When it comes to children, they tend to learn how to eat from both friends and family. If you have children in your home or in your life lead them by example. Eat the right foods, teach them to try new things and explain to them why certain ways of eating are bad for their health and how they can make sure they get all the vitamins and minerals their body needs to grow up healthy and strong.

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