Lottie Dolls – Empower young minds and nurturing individuality #Giveaway

Whenever we have the opportunity to check out a new toy, especially dolls I am thrilled. My youngest is six and loves to play with dolls, She has a wonderful imagination and is quite a bit younger than her siblings. She has become very independent and can play alone in her room to keep entertained. Recently we were sent three dolls from www.lottie.com to play with and review.


We were sent two girl dolls and a boy, Fossil Hunter Lottie, Muddy Puddles Lottie and Kite Flyer Finn. My daughter was thrilled when she saw these dolls. She could not wait to open them up and play.

What is special about Lottie?

Lottie is a positive take on childhood – she doesn’t wear make-up, jewellery or high heels and she can stand on her own two feet (…always a useful life skill for all girls, big and small!)

She has soft, strokable hair and colourful clothes with high quality, quirky details.

Unlike other fashion dolls, Lottie’s body is also properly ‘childlike.’ Developed alongside leading British academics, Lottie is based upon the anatomy of a nine year old girl.

Lottie’s many adventures, from ballet, getting muddy outdoors and imaginative play to stargazing, horse-riding and robot building, have all been inspired by children.

Lottie is all about letting children be themselves, not growing up too quickly, and presenting a healthy view on body image.

Since launching in August 2012, Lottie has won 21 international awards, and is on sale in over 30 countries.

Price and availability

In Canada and the US, Lottie dolls are available at selected retailers including Mastermind, Toys R US and Indigo Chapters. Visit the entire range on www.lottie.com

Lottie dolls retail at $19.99; accessory sets and outfit sets retail at $9.99.


Having children you quickly learn what the world exposes them to. They pick everything up from around their surroundings and will often mimic looks and behaviors. I really like the natural look of these dolls and the positive message they bring with them. Each doll came with accessories that helped explain what they liked that peaked an interest for my daughter. These dolls are very beautiful and my daughter has had a great time playing with them. The real like hair and big eyes make them feel like actual children.

Lottie dolls

Lottie dolls are

  • Age appropriate
  • Normal proportions and features
  • Ethnically Diverse

My daughter loves to choose dolls that look like her and her friends so she can play out what they did at school that day. She also enjoys learning about each of the Lottie Dolls interests and hobbies.



Look for Lottie Dolls in stores near you or online next time you are looking for a fun and educational gift for the child in your life. There are lots to choose from and they are always adding more.

giveaway time

One lucky Canadian reader is going to win a Lottie Doll of their choice. Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!


Disclosure- The above mentioned product was received free of charge. All opinions are my own 



  1. Elva Roberts says

    I would choose Muddy Puddles Lottie because little ones love to splash in puddles.

  2. Judy Cowan says

    I would pick Autumn Leaves Lottie, I think my niece would love her.

  3. lyndac1968 says

    I would have to say Autumn Leaves Lottie or Butterfly Protector Lottie, they are all so adorable and my granddaughter would love them so much!!

  4. Brenda Lacourciere says

    Pandora's Box Lottie is so sweet. I would choose her.

  5. Dayna Wilson says

    I would definitely choose Pirate Queen Lottie for my daughter.

  6. Bailey Dexter says

    What adorable dolls! I would love the Stargazer Lottie for my granddaughter! What a different look as well as theme!

  7. Julie Bolduc says

    My daughter would love Autumn Leaves Lottie

  8. Jeannie Lam says

    I think I would pick stargazer Lottie.

  9. Florence Cochrane says

    I would pick Butterfly Protector Lottie.

  10. Suzanne G says

    I would choose Muddy Puddles because she is so cute and has same colour of hair as my granddaughter.

  11. naiddia p says

    I would choose autumn leaves lottie.

  12. My daughter would love the Snow Queen Lottie.

  13. Wendy Hutton says

    spring celebration ballerina Lottie

  14. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would pick stargazer Lottie.

  15. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My choice would be School Days Lottie, she looks so natural I'm sure my granddaughter can relate to her.

  16. i would choose ballet lottie 🙂

  17. dorcontest says

    Kite Flyer Finn sounds like a fun doll to have.

  18. Autumn Leaves Lottie for my nieces!

  19. Carole Dube says

    I would pick Autumn Leaves Lottie, my granddaughter would love her.

  20. Darlene Demell says

    If I won, I would choose Snow Queen Lottie because I think this is the one my grandaughter would like best.

  21. nicolthepickle says

    I like the Autumn Leaves Lottie.

  22. Carol Denny says

    I would choose Stargazer Lottie

  23. so many super cute dolls. I'd choose Muddy Puddles Lottie if I won. Thanks for the chance!!!

  24. Audrey Skinner says

    I would choose Lighthouse Keeper Lottie.

  25. These dolls are so cute, I'd choose Butterfly Protector Lottie for Karissa :). Tough choice as she'd love them all.

  26. I would choose Butterfly Protector Lottie or Stargazer Lottie

  27. Pony Flag Race Lottie

  28. Margaret Helgason says

    I would like the Muddy Puddles doll for my granddaughter

  29. julielaura1 says

    I would pick Autumn Leaves Lottie

  30. I love the LIghthouse Keeper Lottie. Cute!!

  31. I would choose the Stargazer Lottie!

  32. My daughter would love English Country Garden Lottie 🙂

  33. Susan Patterson says

    I would pick the butterfly protector Lottie – thank you!

  34. Pandora's Box Lottie would be my choice.

  35. Tricia Hope says

    I would pick School Days Lottie,thanks for the chance

  36. I would choose Butterfly Protector Lottie I love butterflies

  37. Maegan Morin says

    I would choose Autumn Leaves Lottie!

  38. I would choose Butterfly Protector Doll

  39. I would choose butterfly protector Lottie

  40. My granddaughter would want Snow Queen Lottie

  41. Theresa C. says

    I'd pick Stargazer Lottie!

  42. kathy downey says

    I would choose Butterfly Protector Lottie

  43. JennieWren says

    Pirate Queen Lottie!

  44. Juliee Fitze says

    I would choose the Snow Queen Lottie

  45. Dale Steele Nicolov says

    I would choose School Days Lottie .

  46. My granddaughter would get a kick out of Muddy Puddles Lottie.

  47. pandoras because of the hat http://www.lottie.com/collections/all/products/pa

  48. Monica Forbes says

    I would choose the English Country Garden Lottie.

  49. I would choose muddy puddles doll. I have a niece who will be 3 in may, and she would love it!

  50. Chris Stockford says

    Pandora's Box Lottie is so sweet. I would choose her.

  51. hmrcarlson says

    My girls would like Butterfly Protector Lottie, I think.

  52. Muddy Puddles Lottie would be my pick.

  53. I would choose Autumn Leaves Lottie! She is so pretty!

  54. Pandora's Box Lottie – cuz she's crazy.

  55. It depends on who gets to pick. I would pick Stargazer Lottie, as I love astronomy. My daughter would pick Pandora's Box Lottie, as she loves animals.

  56. Elizabeth C says

    I would choose Snow Queen Lottie,because,she is so beautiful!

  57. mommakoala says

    Stargazer Lottie

  58. Amanda Neilson says

    I think I'd choose Rockabilly Lottie! But they are all so darn cute it is hard to choose!

  59. Butterfly Protector Lottie

  60. I would pick the stargazer doll.
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  61. Victoria Ess says

    I'd choose Muddy Puddles for my niece!

  62. lucie landry says

    I think my 4 years old grandaughter would love Muddy Puddles

  63. cherdon says

    I would choose Muddy Puddles Lottie

  64. Autumn Leaves Lottie, my niece would love that one

  65. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I would pick the Snow Queen Lottie.

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